Question: My son died a few years ago and I am still missing him.

Sri Chinmoy: You have to feel that there is Somebody who loves your son infinitely more than you love him. In this incarnation you had your son for twenty years or so. Now he is with his Heavenly Father. But if you go deep within, you will see that God loves him much more than you do. Let us say that your own husband is travelling somewhere. He has to work in India for some time. He is very affectionate to your son, and you are very affectionate to your son. Because of your oneness with your husband, you allow your son to go and stay with his father.

So now, instead of India, think of another place, Heaven. Your son has gone there to be with his Heavenly Father, who is everybody’s Father. So if he is with my Father, your Father, everybody’s Father, how will you become angry with the Father? Because of His Affection, because of His Compassion, because of His Love, because of His Concern for your son, He has taken him to be with Him. So if somebody has more affection, more compassion, more love for your son, then will you be jealous of that person? No, you can be very happy that the one who is dearest to you is also dearest to Somebody else.

Let me tell you a story — not a funny story, but an illumining story. I used to have a dentist. He would talk for fifteen minutes and work for five minutes. One story he told was so illumining. There were two brothers who were extremely close to each other. They loved each other so much. When one brother passed away, the dentist asked the other brother, “Do you not miss your brother, who was so close to you? How do you feel?” This brother replied, “Why should I miss him?” The dentist got the shock of his life. He said, “You do not miss your dearest brother? I thought you were so fond of each other. You were all the time together. It seemed you had such love for each other.”

The brother said, “You do not understand. My brother had so many friends, but he loved me most intensely. His love for me far surpassed his love for others. He would not have left me had he not found Someone who loves him much more than I do. I know that my brother has gone to Someone who loves him infinitely more than I do. So if I have real love, genuine love for my brother, then I should be very happy that my brother has found Someone who loves him much more than I do.”

When our dear ones pass away, we suffer. But we have to feel that Somebody is there, either in Heaven or in our hearts, who loves our dear ones infinitely more than we do. When our time comes, we shall also go to Him. Now the time is right for that particular person.