Part III

SCA 624-626. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions in Jamaica, New York on 10 March 1990.

Question: Tremendous events have occurred in the world this past year, especially in Eastern Europe. Will the world someday recognise that these events were due to the presence of some illumined spiritual Masters on earth? Will it recognise it in an outer way?

Sri Chinmoy: I feel that the world will give full recognition to the spiritual light. Whoever embodies the spiritual light will be recognised, either in the near future or in the distant future. There are a few spiritual figures who are able to work through receptive, extremely receptive instruments like President Gorbachev. They do not have to be in the land of the living. Some may be on the physical plane, while others can send their light from the higher planes, from Heaven.

It is not who has done it, but whether the thing has been accomplished that is of supreme importance. Most significant things have already been accomplished this past year. There will be a few more which will far exceed the previous achievements, for in the process of evolution only brighter, more illumining and more fulfilling experiences the world will get or the world will give. While the world is getting these sublime experiences from Above, the world will offer either gratitude or at least recognition to the divine forces that operated patiently and successfully in and through earthly human beings. The world will become consciously aware of these spiritual forces.