Part V

SCA 631-633. Sri Chinmoy made these remarks and answered questions on 21 August 1990, at a meeting of his disciples who were organising the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run.

On the Peace Run

Our Beloved Supreme is omnipresent; He is everywhere inside the life of His own creation. But this earth-planet has a very, very special significance in His Universal Heart and His Transcendental Soul. The Peace Run is absolutely the most beautiful Dream of our Lord Beloved Supreme for His own perfect manifestation here on earth. In the name of our Beloved Supreme, I wish to tell all my spiritual children that those who work consciously, soulfully and self-givingly for our Lord's choicest Dream-fulfilment in the entire universe will unmistakably be cherished by His own Pride-Ecstasy-Satisfaction-Breath.

If you think that so far you have done nothing great, nothing good, nothing aspiring, nothing illumining, nothing fulfilling, then here is the golden chance for you to do something extremely great and to become someone extremely good. Your participation in the Peace Run will please your Inner Pilot in His own Way — in the way that your soul-bird has been pleasing the Absolute Supreme from time immemorial.