Question: Do you actually need a photograph to concentrate on someone's soul?

Sri Chinmoy: If I have seen the person, I do not even need the name. Again, it does help me if I know the name.

So, why do I ask for a picture of your parents or dear ones who are suffering, or who have gone from this world? It helps, but I do not actually need it. I can help the person by concentrating on the soul that I already know. If I did not know your father or mother, and if they have passed away, I will concentrate on your soul and ask your soul. Your soul knows your parents’ souls. Your soul will act like a messenger. Either your soul will come to me or I will work through your soul. Like that, thousands of times I have concentrated on individuals only with the help of the souls that I already know.

Many, many times when the parents and other relatives of my disciples die, I ask for their pictures. If I get pictures, it becomes easier for me. But the real help comes from the souls of the ones that I know well — the dear ones who are still on the path.