Question: Sometimes when we tell you that a person is doing something wrong, that person gets furious. Once someone would not speak to me for two years because I told you something that he had done wrong. What is the best way to deal with that?

Sri Chinmoy: Did you come into the world for the forgiveness of Tom, Dick and Harry, or did you come into the world to be loyal to your Master? Ask yourself! Will you get your God-realisation by being loyal to your Master or by being afraid of so-and-so? If you had not confided in me, would that person not have gone from darkness to deeper darkness to deepest darkness? Would he not have entered into the abysmal abyss? Who would have been responsible at that time? You would have been responsible. God would have blamed you.

I chose you to be the leader of one of our Centres. Is it not your bounden duty to inform me about what is happening in your Centre? Who gave you the authority? Sri Chinmoy. Who gave Sri Chinmoy the authority? The Supreme. Did you come to our Centre to be loyal, faithful, surrendered and devoted to me, or did you come to please someone else in his own way?

You did absolutely the right thing by telling me. Even if that person does not speak to you throughout Eternity, you are not going to lose an iota of your spirituality. But if you do not tell me what you are supposed to tell me, then you may lose all your spirituality. So ask yourself if to be loyal to the Master at every second is not of supreme importance in your life. Is there anything else as valuable? No. You have done the right thing. If that person does not speak to you for one year, he is not living in the heart, he is not living in the soul.

By telling me, you have proved that you care. In a family, if somebody has cancer, then what happens? If the sister knows that the brother has developed cancer, she will go running to the father so that the father can bring in a doctor. But what happens in the spiritual life? Fear, fear, fear comes into the picture. One person is doing something wrong, and the other one hides it. Then it becomes a hopeless case.

You have to ask yourself if your loyalty, your faithfulness, your devotedness, your surrender to my will is of supreme importance or is the only thing you need. The answer will definitely be positive. Just forget about the person who is not going to speak to you for a year. So much the better! If he does not speak to you for a year, you do not have to look at his faults or his misdeeds. Then he will be all by himself.