Part I

On Mother Goddess Mahalakshmi1

Sri Chinmoy: We have worshipped the Mother Goddess Mahalakshmi, who is an aspect of the Transcendental Mother Absolute. Mother Lakshmi is the Mother of beauty, harmony, plenitude, prosperity and infinitude. She is the Mother of Compassion infinite. She is the only Mother who can and will be patiently, compassionately and eternally ready to walk — if necessity demands, even crawl — with the slower than the slowest child to reach the destination.

Mahalakshmi is the Mother of affection, Mother of fondness, plus Mother of, to a great extent, indulgence. At every moment from the earth-consciousness She expects only one thing: harmony, harmony, harmony. Disharmony tortures Her creation-heart. Therefore, She always expects harmony in Her human children. Her Lotus-Consciousness-Heart Universal is for all, especially for those who are weak, slow, unfortunate and deplorable in various aspects of their lives.

Some of the Cosmic Goddesses are worshipped only by the brave. They also have Compassion, but their standard is very lofty. They expect or demand a certain amount of self-discipline. And according to the evolution, according to the progress of each individual seeker, they demand self-giving, more self-giving and most self-giving. But Mother Lakshmi is for all. Her message is: "I am ready; I shall always remain ready. No harm if you are weak, no harm if you are slow. You are My child. You can claim Me and do claim Me as your own, very own. My sweet, sweeter, sweetest children, come to Me with what you have and come to Me with what you do not have. I shall give you My Heart's bounty. You just come to Me with your purity, with your impurity, with your strength, with your weakness, with your willingness. And if you fail to bring Me your willingness, just come, come to Me, even with your unwillingness. I shall transform your unwillingness into willingness, your weakness into strength, your impurity into purity. Your insufficiency in your heart, in your mind, in your vital and in your body will be replaced by My Heart of Plenitude and My Transcendental Vision and My Universal Reality of Infinitude.

  1. SCA 645. Remarks made by Sri Chinmoy after a performance by the Sri Chinmoy Bhajan Singers honouring Mother Goddess Mahalakshmi at Aspiration-Ground in Jamaica, New York, 28 October 1990.