Question: Is it possible for mountain climbers to conquer altitude sickness spiritually?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely, if the mountain climber is a spiritual person, he can conquer altitude sickness spiritually. How? As I always say, imagination is a world of its own. You can imagine that different altitudes are like succeeding steps of a ladder. When you step on the first step of a ladder, definitely you get joy. Then when you step on the second step, you get more joy. Try to carry the joy from each step upward to the forthcoming steps. Real joy is free of all sickness. So if you can climb up with the heart’s abundant joy, the altitude problem cannot be serious. Naturally, the discoveries of medical science you will carry with you. But you will also carry spiritual light in your heart.

Each time the altitude changes, with a new delight you can enter into that altitude. This is how a spiritual person can conquer altitude sickness.