Question: Sometimes I have my most powerful meditations when I am teaching meditation classes. I am wondering, do you intervene there? Are you always present in the classes?

Sri Chinmoy: I have countless inner beings. My physical mind may not know that you are holding a class, but my inner beings do help people to serve the Supreme in me. In this case, it is not necessary for my outer mind to know what you are doing. But if something very serious is going to take place, something most important, then one of my inner beings will inform me immediately. Again, if you give these classes soulfully and devotedly, then you will get extra blessings. But if you give them mechanically, then my inner beings only observe. Something is better than nothing. You could have stayed at home and watched television instead of giving the class.

Again, you may not be in your highest consciousness, but you are inspiring someone else to be in their highest. In this way, you can also get the blessingful gratitude of my inner beings, by being the instrument to raise somebody else’s consciousness. If you were not there to offer the class, then perhaps those people would not have come to meditate. They would have spent their time in a restaurant or somewhere else. So my inner beings are always observing, guiding and helping all my disciples.

It is not only my disciples who are being helped. There are many, many people who are not my disciples and perhaps will never become disciples, but just because they are praying and meditating and doing the right thing for the same God, our Supreme, my inner beings help them considerably. Countless times my inner beings have helped people who are not my disciples and will never become my disciples but who are doing something good for mankind. But if you are my disciple, then I will take more responsibility, infinitely more responsibility for you, and you will also have more feeling of responsibility towards me. So we depend on each other. I depend on you to serve and manifest God, and you depend on me for your highest realisation. Like this, we shall grow together.

Again, there are many, many others whom I help every hour of every day. Outwardly they will not know, and outwardly I will not know, but inwardly I do know. Through my inner beings, in a fleeting second I know how many are getting help from me. Some are not going to be my disciples, but they are still God’s children. They are my brothers; they are my sisters. As long as they are praying to God to become better citizens of the world, it is more than enough for me. In a big family or a big club, you do not know everyone by name. If you are studying at a university, there are thousands of students. You do not know them by name, but if they do anything significant, immediately you claim that they belong to the same university as you do. This is our oneness. So here also, if somebody is really trying to do something for God, then my blessings, my gratitude are there for that person. They do not have to be my disciples.