Question: Everyone asks Narada how to make it, what they need to do in order to be a success. How would you answer this?

Sri Chinmoy: This question I am going to answer on behalf of Narada’s soul. Two things we have to depend on: God’s Grace and our own patience. The human in us needs abundant patience, infinite patience. But inside patience we have to feel the supreme necessity of God’s Grace. God’s Grace is like the rain; the rain has to descend. Again, the ground has to be fertile, and this comes from patience.

Success does not come overnight. When I tried to lift up 300 pounds, God knows how many times I failed. But I did not give up. Similarly, if you want something, you must not give up. Today you have failed miserably, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you are bound to succeed, for the idea to achieve something has come directly from God; that you have to know. It is not a mental hallucination when you think of achieving something. The dream comes from a very high plane. So you have to offer your entire being to fulfilling this dream until you reach your goal. Again and again and again, every day you have to try. First you sow the seed and then you water the ground. Only in this way will you value what you achieve. You are not going to create more hurdles along the way, but if you encounter hurdles and cross over them, you will be truly happy. It is only when you work for something that you really value it.

As human beings, if we want perfection and satisfaction, we need patience. Nothing valuable, nothing momentous can be achieved by the human in us in the twinkling of an eye. Again, the divine in us is always bringing down God’s Grace from Above. The divine in us is our heart’s inner cry. So the child in us is crying for God’s Love and God’s Compassion while, at the same time, the mature human being in us knows the supreme necessity of patience. If we are not given something today by our Lord Beloved Supreme, we know that there is a special reason why He has not given it to us. God is not cruel. God knows that if He gives us something today, we may misuse it, whereas tomorrow we will properly use it.