Question: During the twenty-seven years that you have been in this country, what has been the biggest change that you have seen?

Sri Chinmoy: I feel America has changed for the better. When I first came to America, some Americans wanted to realise God in an absurd way. The hippies formed a God of their own, and the word ‘freedom’ was used in so many different ways. Now I see more discipline coming to the fore. When I came here, many good qualities I found, but I did not find discipline.

What I am seeing now is that each and every human being has a new hope for peace, and this peace-flower is blossoming. Five, ten, fifteen years ago it was not like that. Today every human being not only feels the necessity of peace, but also feels that peace is something attainable. Before it seemed impossible — it was something to be found only in Heaven. But today, no matter how many serious mistakes we are making, no matter how much we are quarrelling and fighting, we still feel that there is something called peace and that we can achieve it. We feel something divine and fulfilling is there and that we are being prepared for it. This is the greatest progress that humanity is making, and it is giving me the greatest satisfaction.