Part VI

SCA 669-679. Excerpts from an interview with Boston Cable TV, which took place at Aspiration-Ground in Jamaica, New York, on 4 May 1991.

Question: Many people feel today that there is a growth in spiritual influence in the world, and I wonder how you feel about this. Do you see this as a time of spiritual expansion for humanity?

Sri Chinmoy: Since the beginning of creation, there has been spirituality. God and God’s creation cannot be separated. God the Creator and God the creation are one. People have been praying from time immemorial. There are various ways to pray and meditate, and there are various ways to reach one’s destination. Spirituality is not the sole monopoly of any individual or of any country. Spirituality is universal. I take each individual as an instrument of God, and those who consciously pray and meditate are chosen instruments of God. There shall come a time when everybody will be awakened. Very often, we say that now spirituality has come to the fore and many people are practising spiritual life. But my inner feeling is that there has not been any time when there was no spirituality on earth.