Question: Can you tell us something about your experience and understanding of the nature of angelic consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: From the spiritual point of view, angelic consciousness cannot transform human nature. Angels are like flowers or beautiful children. A flower as such is not going to make me beautiful or fragrant. But it can give me the inspiration to pray to God to make my heart as beautiful and as fragrant as the flower. So angels can be a source of inspiration, but they cannot actually transform our consciousness.

If you sit in front of an ocean, you can see and appreciate the vastness, but your consciousness will not automatically become as vast as the ocean. The consciousness of the ocean, the vastness of the ocean, we will get only by praying to God. So, the angelic consciousness is a source of inspiration, but it cannot help us to realise our goal.

Angels have a sweet, childlike consciousness, but for you to get rid of your forty-year-old consciousness and come back to your four-year-old childlike consciousness, you have to pray and pray. Angels do give us inspiration and joy, but to become what they are, a childlike, sweet consciousness, you have to pray and meditate.