Question: What would taking human incarnation add to an angel that they don't already have?

Sri Chinmoy: If they enter into human consciousness, then they become more reliable, dependable and efficient instruments of God. Let us say you have a small ferry. If you want to keep that ferry, you can carry me and a few other people across the river. But if you have an ocean liner, you can take hundreds of people. Why do spiritual Masters come into this world? They could have remained in the soul’s world. They come into this world to carry millions of people in their big ocean liners. So it depends on the individual. Either you want to help one or two individuals to become good, or you want to inspire countless people to become good, illumining and fulfilling. From where they were in Heaven, the angels can deal with only one or two individuals. But if they take human incarnation and inspire countless people, then they are doing greater service, infinitely greater service to God.