Question: Thank you. That's a useful distinction to make. Some traditions or some teachers have used the notion of the path of the mind to mean something like jnana yoga.

Sri Chinmoy: The mind needs illumination. There are two rooms. One is the heart-room; one is the mind-room. The heart-room already has light in it. So we have to enter into the heart-room and then take the light from there to the mind-room. But if we enter into the mind-room first and find that the mind-room is unlit, how are we going to bring light into it? We have to be wise. If we enter into the mind and stay there, we will never come to the heart-room. But if we enter into the heart-room, we will get illumination in abundant measure and then finally in measureless measure. Then only shall we enter into the mind-room. We are not going to neglect the mind-room. Only we have to be wise. For the time being, we have to remain inside the heart-room in order to collect light and bliss. Then there shall come a time when we shall enter into the mind-room. Nothing on earth will remain imperfect. But we have to be very wise. Only the things that are inspiring, aspiring and illumining we have to accept in the beginning.