Question: Your accomplishments in almost all spheres of human life are tremendous. What is the source of your exceptional productivity and creativity?

Sri Chinmoy: Whatever I have done is entirely due to Grace from Above. True, I often do things on a very large scale; what I do grows into a very large quantity or number. But I must say I am only listening to the dictates of my Inner Pilot. I try to listen to Him devotedly and I try to execute His Will lovingly, devotedly and gratefully. So when I do things on a very large scale, it is not out of a sense of greed or out of a desire to show the world that I have accomplished something very great. No, I am doing it to please God in His own Way — of course, according to the receptivity and capacity that He has bestowed upon me.

I do not pay any attention to quantity or even to quality because I feel, in my case, both these things depend on the Will of God. I try only to become a devoted instrument of His. If it is His Will that I paint something beautiful, I will be very happy. If it is His Will that I not do something beautiful or extraordinary, I will be equally happy. Again, if it is His Will that I do thousands of paintings or drawings, I will be extremely happy and grateful. And if it is His Will that I do not paint any more in this incarnation, I will be equally happy. Him to please in His own Way is my life's choice and goal.