Question: Is there anything in particular that I can visualise to increase my receptivity?

Sri Chinmoy: Anything that helps you increase your humility will automatically increase your receptivity. You can concentrate on a blade of grass or a small plot of green grass — anything that you feel is humble. Or you can look at a tree. How humble a tree is! In spite of having countless flowers, fruits and leaves, a tree is always self-giving and serves with such compassionate humility. Anything that makes you feel humble, you should visualise and concentrate on. If you know someone who is sincerely humble, then try to think of that person from time to time to increase your humility. If you increase your humility, you will be able to make the fastest progress. Humility is absolutely necessary, not only for you, but for everybody. Everybody needs to be humble, sincere and pure. In your case, anything that immediately inspires you to develop humility will help you make the fastest progress.