Question: What is the best way to develop oneness?

Sri Chinmoy: We have to go to the right place. If we want light, we go to a room that is already illumined. We do not go to a room that is unlit. Oneness is only in light. The nature of light is to spread and to unite. Darkness can also spread, but it cannot unite. It only divides. Inside the mind there is darkness. That is why the mind enjoys division. Inside the heart is light. That is why the heart enjoys only expansion. So consciously, as often as possible, when you are talking to someone, when you are reading or working, try to feel that your existence is inside your heart. You have to feel that each thought is coming directly from your heart. Each time you can feel that a thought is coming from your heart, then you will automatically feel that it is coming from the Source, which is all light, all oneness. Oneness you can develop only by having the right thought blossoming from the right place. The right place is inside the heart.