Part V

SCA 732-748. Sri Chinmoy answered questions asked by the staff of Annam Brahma Restaurant on the occasion of their 21st anniversary, 16 March 1995.

Question: Dearest Guru, do you have any special message for your discouraging and disappointing child, Annam Brahma?

Sri Chinmoy: I am more than ready to give you the Nobel Prize for your assessment of my Annam Brahma. To the radiating soul of Annam Brahma, to the blossoming heart of Annam Brahma and to the serving life of Annam Brahma, I am offering my constant blessings, constant love, constant concern and constant gratitude.

How I wish I could be proud, abundantly proud, of each and every worker who is trying to serve the divine purpose and the supreme mission of Annam Brahma on our path!