Question: Why can't I see God?

Sri Chinmoy: Why can’t you see God? Because you keep the door closed. If your mother and father are inside a room and if you stay outside, naturally you will say, “Why am I unable to see them?” You can see them only if you have the key to open up the door. Then you will see that they are already there. Exactly the same way, you have to have the key in order to see God. The key to open an earthly door is made of metal, but the key to God’s Heart-Door is made of tears, streaming heart-tears. When you become the possessor of streaming tears inside your heart, you get that key. Then easily you can see God. If you want to see a human being who is inside, either you knock or, if you have the key, you open the door. In the case of God’s Heart-Door, knocking is praying and meditating. You will knock and knock, and then God will come and open His Heart-Door.