Daibel Faye: That is very well said. We have seen people who use worldly material power to do wrong towards people. Thank God that those who have the divine power know how to manage that power and will hopefully do what you are doing, which is to promote peace and unity in the world.

Sri Chinmoy: There are two kinds of power. One power divides, the other power unites. When we use our mind-power, we try to exercise our superiority. We say, “I am superior to you; I am better than you.” This becomes our philosophy at that time. We divide ourselves completely from each other. When we live in the heart, we become inseparably one with others. Your good qualities and your bad qualities become part and parcel of my life and vice versa. My good qualities and my bad qualities belong to you in the same way.

The power of oneness is infinitely, infinitely stronger than the power of division. There shall come a time in the near future or in the distant future when we shall grow into the power of our oneness-heart, and this world of ours will be transformed. Now mind-power is trying to lord it over the whole world. But there shall come a time when heart-power, which is all oneness, will be found everywhere. We will have a world of universal oneness. At that time, there will be no destruction; it will be all fulfilment.

Now we are not fulfilled. We have one house, but we want to have two houses, three houses, four houses. We have one car, but then we want two, three, four, five, six. Each time our desires increase, we feel miserable. But when we aspire, pray and meditate, we know that if it is absolutely necessary, our Lord Supreme will bless us with a car or a house. Anything that we need, He will supply. In that way, we can have peace. Whatever we need, God will definitely bless us with, but He is under no obligation to please us by giving us whatever we want.

Right now the whole world is expecting and demanding from individuals, from countries, from humanity because we live in the mind. But if we live in the heart, then we will not demand. We will only grow and glow together. As I said before, when I pray and meditate, when I go from one country to another, when I give peace concerts, when I compose songs or write poetry, I have only one aim — to be of service to mankind. I want to serve mankind according to my very limited capacity, lovingly, prayerfully, soulfully and self-givingly. While I am doing this, I feel abundant peace in the inmost recesses of my heart.