Quite often I used to go to the park in front of the Ashram dining hall in Pondicherry. Daily at least once I used to walk there. On either side there were trees. It was very beautiful and very simple in those days. Now it has become so modern! There are so many statues, children’s recreation areas and exercise machines. In those days it was so soulful and pure.

One time, late in the evening, I went to the foot of a particular tree and deliberately stopped my heartbeat. Yogis can do that. They can stop their pulse and remain for some time without breathing. I did it for three or four minutes. Still I worship that particular tree. It is still there. So many times I have taken a picture of that tree. So, in my case also, I have had a few significant experiences with trees. Is there anybody who will not have high experiences with trees?

SCA 785. Additional comments were offered on 11 December 1999.