Interviewer: What is this peace mission? What has been your contribution?

Sri Chinmoy: After giving talks on spirituality at various places, I was invited to open up centres where people come to pray and meditate and read my writings. Since I also happen to be a musician, I have offered many concerts all over the world. I have been offering meditations at the United Nations for twenty-nine years. Every Tuesday and Friday I have been going there between one and two o’clock to meditate in silence, and those who are interested in the spiritual life come to meditate with me. I have also given many talks at the United Nations. They have come out in a book called The Garland of Nation-Souls. My talks at various universities have also been published in books, such as Beyond Within, Eastern Light for the Western Mind and The Inner Promise. These are some of my major works. From these books people have come to know about me.

Our mission is like a plant, growing and growing and growing. The seed was sown when I came to America. Now from all over the world, seekers have come to me, and if get a chance, I go to visit their countries.