Interviewer: So you feel that peace is going to come about by offering goodwill to each and every human being?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, that is the only way. If I offer goodwill to you, and if you offer goodwill to me, we shall not quarrel, we shall not fight. Because we do not offer goodwill to one another, this world is full of conflicts and misunderstandings. If we pray and meditate, we shall not misunderstand one another because prayer makes our mind pure. If we have purity inside our mind, inside our heart, then we are not going to quarrel, we are not going to fight. So that is my very simple philosophy. The main thing is the acceptance of life. Do not enter into the Himalayan caves. Do not neglect your duties on earth. You must perform your duties.

I live in America. My sister passed away recently, and I came here to see my brother. I could have said, “I am praying, I am meditating. I have thousands of disciples. I do not have to go to India.” No, my duty is to come and be here with my brother, so I cancelled my activities. I was supposed to go to Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Poland, but I said, “No. Right now, my sister is dearest to me. Those things can be taken care of a few weeks later.” In my case, duty is of paramount importance.

My philosophy is the acceptance of life. We have to accept life — not run away from life or enter into the Himalayan caves. Here on earth we have to offer goodwill, inspiration and aspiration. We have to love and serve mankind. Then only this world of ours can be transformed. There are many, many who are outwardly known as politicians, but inwardly they are most sincere truth-lovers and God-lovers. That is why they are my friends. We are sailing in the same boat.