Interviewer: I understand that one can appreciate music without knowing the language. But what I wish to understand is how it helps your peace mission.

Sri Chinmoy: When people are happy, then they do not quarrel. Peace and joy go together. If I am really happy, then I shall remain peaceful. I shall not quarrel with you. I shall not fight with anybody. A saint is peaceful. He does not quarrel with anybody. He is only praying and meditating. When a singer is singing very soulfully, most hauntingly, do you think he has any kind of animosity inside him? No. People who are singing very soulfully and most hauntingly are inspiring us.

As I said before, our task is to inspire each other. Music, art and other things inspire people. When we enter into a garden, we see the beauty of the flowers. We smell the fragrance. Then we have joy inside. When we have joy inside, we are peaceful. If we do not have joy, then we will feel that the world is full of conflicts and misunderstanding. Spiritual music helps us considerably because it has joy in it. Real joy and peace are inseparable. If you are peaceful, you are happy, and if you are happy, you are peaceful.