Who am I not?

Sri Chinmoy asks a guest if she has any question.

Guest: When everything is fine, there is nothing to ask.

Sri Chinmoy: That is absolutely true. Questions come only when we are in the mind. When we are in the mind, all the time thoughts attack us — good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, comely, uncomely thoughts. But when we live in the heart, we have the experience of fulness. Fulness means our heart has established its oneness with God’s Will. When we are one with God’s Will inside our heart, there can be no questions. The moment we are inside the heart, questions disappear. But the moment we live inside the mind, so many questions come without any answers.

Again, even if the correct answers come, the mind doubts the answers. Then afterwards the mind doubts even the questions. The mind is asking the questions and the mind does not agree with the answers. Then the mind starts suspecting its own questions. But if we live in the heart, we experience fulness. There everything is complete. There we find that even the questions carry answers. If you live in the heart, one question will come: “Who am I?” Then, when you repeat “Who am I? Who am I?” ten or twenty times, God will add one more word: “Who am I not?” Then the answer is already there. The question of questions is “Who am I?” and the answer of answers is “Who am I not?” By adding one more word, everything is answered.