Question: Will God give us any warning before He runs out of His Patience?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely! God gives not one warning, but several. Even in one single day you can get four or five warnings. At the airport they announce the first call for boarding, then the second call, and then the last call. Many times I have seen that after ten or fifteen minutes, again the last call is announced. Two or three times they announce the last call. Similarly, God gives not one, but many, many warnings. His last warning also He continues to give over and over. At the airport only two or three times do they announce the last call, but God gives the last warning a minimum of twenty-one times. After twenty-one times, He feels it is enough.

In the meantime, we are not taking it as a warning. When God’s warning comes to us, our doubt nullifies it. Our doubt convinces us that this is our mental hallucination. Doubt says, “No, it is not true. I am not doing anything wrong.” At least twenty-one times God will give His last warning. If you are conscious, if you are aware of your inner existence, you will definitely feel it.

If some people hear God’s warning five or six times, they will change, while some other people, although they hear the warning, are too lethargic. They say it is too late to change. They go on and on doing the wrong thing and then, after one year or two years, even if they try to change, they find that their inner strength has gone away. They surrender, saying it is too late to change.