Question: Why is humanity so far away from God? If God is inside everyone, why are we not seeing that?

Sri Chinmoy: You are lucky. You are trying so hard to see God. God has put in front of you two fruits. The colour of the fruits is the same. God says, “Now you pray and meditate. If you pray and meditate, you will take the right fruit.” But many people are not ready to pray and meditate. They are so greedy that immediately they grab one fruit, and the one that they have taken is called ignorance. The outer skin of both fruits looks so beautiful. We feel that both of them will be equally delicious. God has told us to pray to Him to grant us the wisdom to choose the right one, but we have no patience. We say, “No, no. I am sure both of them are equally good.” We choose one, only to discover that it is all ignorance. Then we suffer. When we take that fruit, we go farther and farther away from God. But if we had prayed to God to choose the right one, we would have taken the one which is wisdom.