Part IV

SCA 920-925. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions in Brasilia, Brazil on 29 January 2000.

Question: How can we best deal with the anger that comes with dynamism?

Sri Chinmoy: Anger can easily be separated from dynamism, but only if you are in a good consciousness. If you are in a bad consciousness, an animal consciousness, then anger may appear not only in dynamism but even in the slowest movement.

When you are running at your top speed, is it not dynamism? At that time are you angry? No, you are running at top speed to win the race. So much dynamism is involved. Only if you are a very bad person will you curse someone else who is going ahead of you. Otherwise, you will have no time to think of others.

So many things you do fast, very fast, with tremendous dynamism. At that time there is no anger involved. Only if pride enters while you are running very fast does anger come into the picture. Pride can take the form of anger. Again, this pride can easily be humiliated. If somebody is going ahead of you, your pride may be smashed.