Nils Lodin: Are you quite sure that your advice is always right?

Sri Chinmoy: My advice is not coming from me as an individual. I have no personal motive. I do not want to gain anything from my students. I am like a bridge between this shore and the other shore. Or you can say that I am the messenger boy. I carry the heavy load of suffering from this shore, and I bring back the Smile from the other shore. I am one with the suffering of my students and with the suffering of humanity at large. I go upward with that suffering and then, when I come down again, I bring the Smile from Above. When I am on this shore, I take the cries from my students, from my friends and dear ones, from humanity. Then, when I pray and meditate, I go to the other shore, where I get the Smile and bring it down to those who are suffering. The best way to describe what I do is to call me the messenger boy, carrying messages to and fro.