Nils Lodin: But can I not reach that experience without any God?

Sri Chinmoy: If you have faith in the creation, then will you not look for the Creator? If you see that a wristwatch is giving the time correctly, then you can be satisfied with the wristwatch and go no further. But if you want to understand how the wristwatch operates, then will you not go to the watchmaker? Similarly, there are millions and billions of people on earth who are satisfied with the world as such. But again, there are some people who are not satisfied. Those who are not satisfied want to dive deep within and find the source or the cause of the suffering in this world. When they go to the Source, they see that it is all light and delight.

It depends on you. You can be satisfied with what you get. Then again, you can say, “Who is giving it to me?” Suppose Sunday was your best marathon and it gave you joy. You can say, “Now, who has given me this joy? Who has given me the capacity to run?” If you say that your own body, vital, mind and heart have given you the capacity, then who has given them the capacity? Somebody else has done it. Once we look for that somebody else, we see that He is none other than our own highest reality. A deer runs here and there searching for the source of the musk that it smells. But the musk is inside the deer itself. Now we are looking for someone. We feel that it is a third person. But when we see that person, we realise that it is only our selfsame reality in its highest form.