Question: Will ignorance ever leave me?

Sri Chinmoy: If ignorance does not leave you, then God will be a true failure, and God can never accept failure. Once we accept the spiritual life, it becomes God’s problem to make us perfect. True, if we ourselves try to become perfect, it helps God to expedite our progress. Otherwise, once we accept the spiritual life, no matter how slowly we walk, even if we crawl along the path, God will always be there for us.

Ignorance is bound to leave you, to leave me, to leave everybody because God is there for us. The life of ignorance can never be permanent. That is for sure. No matter what kind of disciple we are, God has infinite Patience for us. With His infinite Patience, He will definitely lead us to our destination. But if we co-operate with Him, if we listen to Him devotedly, then our ignorance-life comes to an end much sooner.