About Payton Jordan

Payton Jordan is that rare combination of doer and teacher, a record-breaking runner and a great coach whose inspirational teachings and knowledge have helped countless athletes bring out the best in themselves. Equally significant, Payton Jordan is a man who has proved the mastery of spirit over body by returning to competition after 30 years of teaching to stretch man's very conception of speed.

One of the top-ranked sprinters of his time, his dreams of Olympic immortality were interrupted when World War II cancelled the 1940 Games, but he showed his greatness two years later by defeating Harold Davis, then considered the world's fastest man.

Payton Jordan has consecrated most of his life to coaching, serving as head coach on U.S. Olympic teams and various international teams in World Game meets. He also was the highly revered coach at Stanford University.

During his early sprinting career, his best times were 10.2 seconds (unofficial) and 10.3 (official) for 100 metres and 20.5 for 200 metres in the 1930's. He also set the world record in the 440-yard relay in 1938 with a time of 40.5. In the late 1970's Payton Jordan began competitive racing again setting many new masters records. Following is a list of his current records: