Sri Chinmoy: When I started my career as a runner, it was as a sprinter. But there is such a difference between your speed and my speed.

Mr. Jordan: That's all relative.

Sri Chinmoy: Is it not true that your best time for 100 metres is ten seconds?

Mr. Jordan: 10.2 for 100 metres, but not any more.

Sri Chinmoy: Jesse Owens' best was also 10.2.

Mr. Jordan: Yes. In fact, his record was the record that I equalled when I ran 10.2.

Sri Chinmoy: Could you kindly tell me your best timing for 200 metres?

Mr. Jordan: My best for 200 metres is 20.5, which is not as good by world-class standards. But when I did it, it was close to the record, which was in the neighbourhood of 20.4, I believe. I really don't watch the records as much as I watch the competition with people. The challenges and the records take care of themselves.