Sri Chinmoy Centre meetings

Question: What sort of meetings do you have at your Centres?

Sri Chinmoy: We have quite a few Centres, but most of the time I stay at the New York Centre. Let me speak about our New York Centre, which is our main Centre.

On Thursdays the disciples come to our church and I hold a very high meditation. For about two hours, sometimes more, the disciples sit in front of me and meditate. At that time I go into my highest consciousness and enter into them. I enter into each individual soul and see what that soul wants from me: Peace, Light, Bliss. Whatever the soul wants I offer in utmost silence. There is no talking at all. The disciples receive according to their inner receptivity. Some may be extremely receptive, while others are not so receptive. On Sundays we also hold a high meditation, but I also give a short talk on the spiritual life, answer questions, tell stories, read poems and do many other things.