Question: But Jesus Christ had long hair.

Sri Chinmoy: If I see Christ I will run to him and touch his feet. But when I see the consciousness that some of today's hippies are offering me I will just run away. The Christ was simply radiating divine spiritual Light, but they, unfortunately, are not. Also, at the time of Christ long hair was the norm for men. Today very long hair on men is often a sign of social discontent and rebellion. Even the cleanest, neatest and nicest young man, if he has very long hair, will unconsciously be housing arrogance and rebellion in his consciousness. Needless to say, these qualities will seriously hamper his spiritual progress.

In India you will see many spiritual Masters with long hair. But look at their eyes and see what vibration they are giving. Their eyes are glowing with peace, with purity, with inner light. Now look at the hippies with long hair. In most cases they simply create fear and disgust all around them. In the spiritual Masters you will see tremendous purity, but in these hippies you will see the perfect embodiment of inner impurity and outer uncleanliness. You have to realise that the length of your hair does not make you comparable to Christ. Consciousness is the main thing.