Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 160

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God invited me to ride with Him
In His non-stop Satisfaction-Train
Because He knows that
My heart’s aspiration-flames are burning
High, higher, highest,
Bright, brighter, brightest.


A self-giving life
Is the perfection-smile
Of a universal friend.


My purity-mind
Is not even a half-step away
From God’s Heart-Door.
My oneness-heart
Is always inside
God’s Heart-Room.


I am sure that one day
The doctor-mind will be arrested
For his illegal malpractice
By the faith-nourished police.


God always likes
A charming but challenging joke.
Do you not believe me?
Then just try one!


God has written a best-seller.
Do you know what it is all about?
It is all about
My heart’s aspiration-cries
And my life’s dedication-smiles.


Tell me,
Who has seen
A mind-garden
Without any weeds?


When hope makes friends
With patience,
Hope will be able
To live indefinitely.


Desire-storm has no respect
Even for my heart’s
Tallest aspiration-tree.
It just uproots everything.


Because your mind
Is liberated from doubt-clouds,
God is blessing your mind
With His Delight-flooded Sun.


When we look at
A genuine God-lover,
We clearly see
That his heart is synonymous
With boundless gratitude,
And his life is synonymous
With unconditional surrender.


The proud mind boasts:
“O world,
I have a top secret
To save you.”

The humble heart whispers:
“O world,
I have a top secret
To share with you.”


Every morning
My heart reaffirms
Its willingness and faithfulness
To its Lord Beloved Supreme.


When I told God
About my most disheartening
Experience in life,
He smiled at me and said:
“My child,
My Heart is all concern for you.
I shall see that
That particular experience
Is not repeated in you.”


God is eagerly waiting
To show you His Compassion-Eye.
Are you eagerly waiting
To show Him your gratitude-heart?


If you can take
Your aspiration-heart-medicine
Every day,
You and your life
Will not suffer
From dissatisfaction-nightmares.


When your heart melts
Into God-gratitude-tears,
You are ready to study
At God’s own University.


Attachment shows its emptiness
And then gets ready
For its own perfect transformation.


A seeker’s peace-dream
Has another name:
A seeker’s God-manifestation
In God’s own Way.


Is quite often mistaken
For manifestation-life.
Is nothing other than


May my aspiration blossom
Only in my heart’s garden
For God to bless,
For God to caress,
For God to utilise.


Do not pursue
Earthly desire-dreams.
Pursue only
Your heart’s aspiration-realities.


He who has abiding cheerfulness
In his heart
Has already covered
A very long distance
In his spiritual life.


If you can remain
Like a pure child,
Untouched by world-temptation,
Then you will grow into
God’s most perfect instrument
To manifest Him on earth.


There is no fruit
On your aspiration-tree.
Do you know why?
Because you are starving
The faith-plant inside your heart.


Alas, alas,
My mind-existence on earth
Has been totally disfigured
By ruthless doubt-scars.


I always keep my heart-key
Inside my soul-safe
So that I will use it only
To please my Lord Supreme.


If your life is deficient
In dedication,
Then how do you expect
God to multiply
Your heart’s aspiration-flames?


Every day
Try to stretch your tolerance
In your body, vital, mind and heart.
Your inner and outer progress
Will surprise you,
Far beyond your imagination.


May my mind
Be a citadel of purity,
So that my life
Can become a choice instrument
Of the Lord Supreme,
Him to manifest
In the heart of each human being.


O my mind,
Don’t be a fool!
Do not resist God’s Compassion-Eye.
You are bound to sink.

O my heart,
I appreciate, admire and adore
Your ever-multiplying


Life’s ignorance-monopoly
Is destroying human progress,
And God’s Satisfaction-Smile
Is receding most speedily.


There are too many
Choices in life.
But make the right choice,
The absolutely right choice:


God does not mind
Even if you have serious flaws.
But He does mind
If you do not have faith
That He can transform your flaws
Into His Perfection-Smiles.


What is the difference
Between your self-giving heart
And your God-living life?
No difference!


God is always eager
To introduce you
To the world-audience.
But are you ready
With your receptivity
To have Him smile
Inside the depths of your heart?


My sincerity-mind and purity-heart
Are bound to seek God,
My Lord Supreme,
Here, there and everywhere,
Throughout the length and breadth
Of the world.


Man’s conscious problem:
He does not know
Whether God is pleased with him
Or not.
But God tells him,
“Do the right thing,
Feel the right thing.
Then you are bound to please Me.
And the right thing
You definitely know
From the wrong thing!”


My heart’s inner cry
No human being cared to hear.
But my Lord’s Compassion-Eye
Cared for, blessed and caressed
My heart’s inner cry.


Will not only my next action,
But any action in this mind of mine,
Ever please You,
My Lord Supreme?


When I tell myself
That I desperately need God,
Only God,
Then He gives me
A most powerful forward push
Towards my destination.


The depression
Of our vital and mind
Has only one way to go,
And that way is always downward.


If you are not ready
When God calls you,
He may wait for a short time.
But do not think
That He will indefinitely
Wait for you.
No, He cannot, for He has
Infinitely more important things to do
Than to wait for you


My surrender-life,
According to my Beloved Supreme,
Is worthy
Of His blessingful Applause.


I have searched every corner
Of my mind-room
To see if there is
A tiny peace-plant.
Alas, there is none!


Your purity-blossoming heart-smile
Is serving God and pleasing God
In God’s creation
Of unconscious and unwilling minds.


There can be
No lasting satisfaction
When actions themselves
Are not perfect.


When God sees a human being
Full of patience-light,
He feels that His earth-creation
Will someday definitely become
Absolutely perfect.


God’s Compassion-Eye
Will always lead you and guide you
To the Golden Shore of the Beyond.
Just follow it
Sincerely, devotedly,
Sleeplessly and breathlessly!


My heart’s aspiration-sunrise
I have seen many, many times.
But I have never seen
My life’s dedication-day.
Without my life’s dedication-day,
How can I be an intimate member
Of God’s inner Family?


God wants
Each and every human being
To become a totally
Illumined and transformed
Soul-star of his own life.


May my heart,
May my life,
May everything of mine
Become a never-ending


We all must start
With small things.
It is inside the heart of the finite
That one day
The Infinite will smile
Perfectly and satisfactorily.


There are no real limitations.
Limitations we create
To enjoy ourselves
In a self-centred way.


Simply because you were afraid
Of God the Justice-Light,
God the Justice-Light
Could not approach you.
Be not afraid
Of God the Justice-Light!
He only does the right thing for you,
For your own perfection-satisfaction.


Do what you can,
Do what you must!
And then devotedly,
Most devotedly and soulfully,
Leave the rest
To your Lord Beloved Supreme.


My earthly duty
Is not my life-guiding mentor.
My Heavenly duty
Is my oneness-fulfilling friend.


I have two questioning eyes.
These two questioning eyes
Are destroying my mind’s peace.
But I have one God-answering heart,
Which is pleasing me
And immortalising my aspiration-life.


No seeker
With a heart of sincerity
Is ever destined to fail.
A sincerity-seeker is bound to win
In the battlefield of life.


A self-controlled mind
Has the power to transform
The imperfection of the world
Far beyond what any human being
Can ever imagine.


You will triumph
Only if you have
A heart of implicit faith
And a mind of bright clarity.


Every morning
God whispers into my ear,
“My child,
Reclaim your Source:
Infinity’s Delight.”


When we enter
Into the spiritual life,
We consciously see
That in our heart-garden
Every day
New opportunity-plants
Are growing.


The divine in us
Always stands in between
Our heart’s perfection-cry
And our life’s imperfection-tears.
But why does the divine
Stand in between?
To transform the human,
Which we have,
Into the divine,
Which we are.


You must ignore
Your ego’s loud voice
If you want to become
A choice instrument
Of God’s Silence-Delight.


When I see my aspiration’s
Appearance and disappearance,
I feel that I am still far away
From my inner goal.
But there shall come a time
When I shall only
Run and run and run,
And never stop
On the way to my God-realisation.


Worry, anxiety, insecurity:
You will never find me
Alone again,
For I have made friends
With my soul-power,
Which can fight against you all
And bring me
Supreme victory’s crown.


Anything that separates
Has to be discarded
Without any hesitation,
For hesitation ends in utter failure.


I only have time to be
At the Feet of my Lord Supreme
With my heart’s gratitude-tears.


Earthly pain,
I must take you
As a most significant teacher.
From you, many things I have learnt.
And when I leave you,
I will carry from you
Wisdom-light in boundless measure.


In God’s Eye
We are all progressing.
Do you know why?
Because God, our Beloved Supreme,
Never runs short of


Each good thought,
Each illumining thought,
Is undoubtedly a descendant
Of the cosmic gods.


When conviction becomes mature,
It grows into
Adamantine faith.


The mind’s purification
Is absolutely necessary
If one longs for life-perfection.


If you deliberately turn your back
On God,
How do you expect God
To once more awaken you
And bring you again
A spiritually normal life?


O my mind,
Can you not see
That insecurity-darkness
Has totally enveloped you?
Is it not high time for you
To pierce the veil
Of ignorance-insecurity
And become one
With the vastness of oneness-joy?


I will defy and defy
The failure-life
Even until the last moment
Of my Heavenward journey.


We all must learn
Sooner or later
The art of making others
Divinely happy, supremely happy.


God does not care if He has
Ten thousand friends or one friend
On earth,
As long as He has one particular friend,
Whom He loves the most:
Our heart’s unconditional surrender
To His Will supreme.
As long as He has this friend,
He does not need other friends.


It is a most difficult task,
But not an impossible task,
To listen to one’s soul
And abide by the soul’s
Divinely and supremely inspired dictates.


Every day, every hour,
We must try to be attentive
To our heart’s aspiration-needs,
For this is the only way
We can please the Divine in us,
The Supreme in us.


Is there anybody
Whom God does not want to become
His Masterpiece?
But to become God’s Masterpiece
We have to show Him
Our heart’s sleepless surrender
And our life’s constant
Eagerness-cry for Him.


The unknown future can be
Our super-excellent friend,
If we sail in the boat
Of our soul’s oneness-light.


We have to make it a point
To clean out our mind-attic
Every morning
So that with our clarity-mind
We can see the beauty of truth
And feel the fragrance of satisfaction
In us.


I have been attending courses
Given by my mind,
And now I see I am engulfed
By confusion-night.
What shall I do?
I must take a course
Given by my heart,
And receive my illumination
From the heart-course.


Unless and until you have developed
A true friendship
With your own self,
You will not find a real friend
Anywhere on earth.


Every day
Consciously and forcefully
Cast away the ignorance-garments
That you have put on yourself
Over the years.


My heart’s gratitude-tears
Have built a beautiful nest
For my Lord Supreme,
And my Lord Supreme stays there
Most lovingly and most cheerfully.


If you cry for the satisfaction
Of your desires,
It is you who will feel miserable
At the end when they are fulfilled.
But if you cry for the perfection
Of your aspiration,
Then at every moment
Joy from the world unknown
Will inundate you.


Always run
Faster than the fastest
Along the soul’s sunlit path.


My Lord,
Only one desire I had,
I still have
And I am sure
I will always have:
Wherever You go,
Take me along with You!
I am dying to accompany You


My Lord Supreme
Was so disgusted with me
That finally He had to ask me
To take Him seriously
Once and for all.


Even if God
Is not popular
In your mind-country,
God is not going to leave.
He will definitely stay
And eventually illumine your mind-country.


I have received
An important message
From ignorance-night.
Ignorance-night has become frightened
Of my love of God
And has finally agreed not to return.


God has given us
The freedom to choose.
But alas,
We choose what we want
And not what we need.


If we want to climb up
To our soul’s highest heights,
Then at every moment we need
A cheerful and self-giving


When we mercilessly criticise others,
What do we actually do?
We insult unconsciously,
Or even consciously,
God the creation.


Each Compassion-Tear
That falls from God’s
Vision-flooded Eye
Fights the human mind
And feeds the human heart.


God never stops telling us
To do the right thing
And to become the right person,
No matter how disobedient we are.


If seeing is believing,
Then at every moment
Keep your heart’s eye
Wide open
And see the divine reality
In everything.