Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 19

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Each soulful thought
Enjoys a weightless flight
To its unparalleled destination:


Indomitable will-power,
Universal oneness-love,
Sacrifice of peace, light and joy
In boundless measure for humanity:
These are his soul’s qualities
That are being manifested
In and through his life on earth.


When your soul’s qualities
Come forward and start manifesting,
Then not only your world
Of outer running
But also your world
Of inner running
Will acquire a very special significance.


In the outer consciousness
You have already established
Something immortal.
Now you must do the same
In the inner consciousness
With your heart’s cry for mankind
And your life’s love for mankind.


The loving and soothing zephyr
Of my Lord’s Compassion-Sea
Has time and again saved my life
From its hidden destruction-imperfections.


Everybody is appreciating,
Admiring and adoring
Your outer achievements.
But you have to know
That this outer glory
Lasts only for a fleeting moment.


When we think of the outer man,
We are fascinated
Because he has shown something great
To mankind.
But when we think of the inner man,
We are illumined
Because he has done something good
For God.


When the outer man does something,
The world immediately gets
Tremendous joy and ecstasy.
Then the outer achievement
Fades into oblivion.
But when the inner man does something,
It forever and forever lasts.


Why do you dwell
On the past?
The past does not determine
The future.
Only your prayer and meditation
Will determine your future.


Like your fellow seekers,
Can you not also try
To become good?
Just try.
You will undoubtedly succeed.


My Lord,
Do allow my present
To pay the penalty
For my undivine past.
I do hope in the future
I will have the capacity
To march along the road of sainthood.


Are you in life’s prison cell?
Then can you not take God’s Help?
He will purify and illumine your nature
So that you can enjoy
Your soul’s freedom.


It may take the outer man
Many, many centuries,
But finally
At God’s choice Hour
The outer man
Will definitely
Grow into the inner man.


The outer man
Collects the quintessence
Of countless experiences
During his earthly sojourn.
But the inner man
Already has the infinite wealth,
The inner wealth.
In fact,
The inner man eternally is
What the outer man
Is so desperately longing for.


Each time the mind
Goes beyond the confusion-barrier,
It sees immediately
The perpetual dawn of the heart’s awakening.


He is the greatest champion
Of the world.
But inwardly
He is something
Infinitely more powerful
And infinitely more beautiful:
The supreme hero-warrior
To fight against humanity’s ignorance.


He has proved
Something unprecedented:
The outer man
Of unparalleled name and fame
Can soulfully bow
To the inner man,
Who is eternally the ambassador
Of the Absolute Supreme on earth.


The outer man
Says to the inner man:
“What I have
Is all for you.”

The inner man
Says to the outer man:
“What I am
Is and will forever be
All yours.”


In his highest meditation
He became what his outer life
At times consciously,
At times unconsciously,
Had been searching for.


If you want to discover
Your inner life,
You have to walk along
The path of the heart,
Where there is
Universal Love, universal Peace
And universal Light and Delight.


Achieve something great outwardly.
Many on earth will admire you
And even adore you
For what you have done.

Achieve something good inwardly.
Countless people will get
A tremendous inner uplift
From your very presence on earth.


There are two roads:
The road of the mind
And the road of the heart.
By God’s infinite Grace
Right from the start
You have chosen the correct road:
The road of the heart.


I am grateful to God,
For His world-family
Is quite happy
To receive my affection, concern,
Love and oneness.


Like the offering of a world Saviour,
The self-offering of the inner man
Elevates the consciousness
Of each individual on earth
And of each soul yet to come
Into the world.


Why do you need to search
For outer beauty?
The beauty of your soul’s colour
Permeates the entire world.


When you become the inner man
You establish a constant
And sleepless reality
That lasts for Eternity.
You build something immortal
For the earth-consciousness,
Something for its permanent use.


Each human life will eventually
Be perfected and fulfilled
By a world of bitter and sweet dreams.


You are approaching the spiritual life.
Do you know what you want?
You want to be
The dearest, closest and most perfect
Instrument of God.


When are you going to believe
That God is using you
As a supreme instrument of His?
I can clearly see that in and through
Your outer existence
God is offering a new Vision
To the world.


Undoubtedly you are a good soul.
But in the heat of the moment
Even a good soul
Can do something very bad.
So, be careful!


Why do you feel
That you are very bad by nature?
Unless you feel
That you have come into the world
To do something good,
You may go from bad to worse,
And then finally
You will be washed away
Both in the inner world
And in the outer world.


There was a time
When you had many divine qualities.
But now what has happened?
The undivine forces have caught you
And made you their instrument.
You have yourself become
Nothing other than
An undivine force.


If you want to make
Illumining and fulfilling progress
Then do not cherish yesterday’s dreams.


Even if you have done something
Very wrong,
Do not give up hope.
Your inner divinity
Can once again come to the fore.
Just consciously become
A student of God.
You and God will cheerfully
Be able to claim each other.


Inside me there is Someone
Eternal, infinite and immortal.
Who is that Person?
God, and nobody else.
Now you want to know
Who my God is.
My God is my own
Transcendental Self.


Dreams never to be born:
I love God more than He loves me,
God needs me more than I need Him.


Joy and oneness
Are inseparable.
Fragrance is beauty’s joy.
Flower is purity’s oneness.


Where is our Eternity’s joy?
Inside our oneness-perfection.
Where is our oneness-perfection?
Inside our sleepless


Concentration gives us victory,
But we need meditation
To maintain our victory-joy
When fear and doubt
Threaten to take it away.


Some seekers do not yet have
Any inner wealth.
They have just started
Acquiring it.
But you have a great advantage,
For inwardly you already have
Something very special:
Your selfless oneness-heart with God.
Now you only have to become
Fully aware of it.


The beautiful life of detachment
Has powerfully and gloriously given him
A heart of enlightenment.


Is the midday sun-power.
As soon as you see this sun,
Your entire being is flooded with strength.

Is the moonlit peace.
As soon as you see this moon,
You can feel peace within
And peace without.


His mind was not accustomed
To the Eastern meditation-philosophy.
But his beautiful and soulful heart
Of love, goodwill, fondness and oneness
Was fully prepared
To follow the already familiar


Why are you waiting for your mind?
Your mind will take years and years
To discover
What your heart already has
In boundless measure.


Sing a song
With words having tremendous
Prophetic power.
Lo, you have become
Part and parcel
Of the universal harmony.


My Lord,
Inside Your Songs
I feel my happiness,
And this happiness of mine
Has at once
Your Power and Your Love.


My heart is all gratitude
To music,
For it keeps me all the time
In tune with my Universal Self.


God has told me
That He grants me special Blessings
When I compose soulful songs.
He has also told me
That He then stays beside me,
Not ninety-nine per cent
For me
But absolutely one hundred per cent
For me, for me.


If you want to have a full-time job
In God’s Palace,
You must give up staying inside
Your unlit jealousy-mind.


You are hiding from God
Because you are afraid
Of failing in His Life-Examination.
Those who at least stand
Before the Examiner
And want to pass His Examination
Are far better than your useless self!


If you can accept
Soulfully and cheerfully
The inner Decision of your Lord Supreme,
Then you are absolutely
The best seeker.


Accept cheerfully
What life is offering you,
And you will see,
There is no such thing
As humiliation.


Yours is a vast, translucent wisdom-light
Because your heart is completely impervious
To the world’s insecurity-invasion.


The slave was turned
Into a master
By a miracle.
Now he is criticising
His very saviour.
Is this not the height
Of his ingratitude?


Where is your sympathetic
And devoted attitude?
In the name of perfection
You are criticising others
Do you not see
That what is coming forward
Is not your sense of perfection
But your unconscious,
Unwanted self-imposition
And self-glorification?


A man of the mind will say,
“Here is an ugly dry log.”
A man of the heart will say,
“Even now how beautiful
Is this sapless tree before me.”


Each beautiful
And illumined thought
Is a God
In another world.


The ordinary human eye
Sees the world’s outer barrenness.
A spiritual heart
Sees the flowers and fruits
Of the world’s inner source.


What God wants from you
Is devoted oneness
With His Vision.
Your mind may not grasp
His Message immediately,
But your oneness-heart
Will definitely realise God
In His own Way.


My compassionate Father,
As soon as You tell me
That You wish me to have something,
It is well understood
That your Affection-Heart
Will grant me that very thing.


You are really something!
If God’s most soulful Request
Has no value for you,
I have simply no idea
What you will value in life.


If you do not have the inner urge
To please your Supreme Pilot,
Then why do you stay in His Boat?
You are only forcing Him
To carry the weight
Of a dead elephant.


Your mind is now
A whirlpool of confusion.
Your heart is now
A shattered wheel of destruction.
Alas, how can you ever be happy?


If you tell God a lie,
How can you escape any retribution?
The inner world
Is always wide awake
So do not try to fool God,
And do not fool yourself.


There was a time
When meditation was a difficult subject
For a Western seeker.
But now his heart
Has become an excellent student
Of meditation-studies.


You want to be
Closer to God.
Then do only two things:
Pray to God to receive you,
Meditate on God to receive Him.


Yes, someday God will definitely
Grant you an interview
For your total transformation.


My Lord, let me be
In constant communication with You.
When I want to say something,
I shall pray.
And when I want to learn something,
I shall meditate.


Let me climb up the Heavenly ladder
To sit at the Feet
Of my Lord Supreme.
When I reach a certain height
Of consciousness,
There I will see my Beloved Supreme.


I shall become calm and quiet
So that my Lord Supreme
Can climb down the Heavenly ladder
And descend into my heart.


During his first interview with God,
God took away his attachment-arrow
And gave him His own Detachment-Shield.


To your mind-jungle
Meditation may seem strange.
But to your heart-garden
Meditation will never seem strange —


In the morning
Meditate on the waves and surges
Of the ocean.
You will find dynamic life-energy.

In the evening
Meditate on the deep vastness
Of the ocean.
You will feel Infinity’s peace.


By using your inner
When you win the outer race,
You win it not only for yourself,
But for all mankind.


Just make tremendous progress
And tremendous improvement
In your own life.
Others will definitely be inspired
By the result.


When he saw his Master
For the very first time,
It took him only
A few fleeting moments
To bring his inner existence
To the fore.
He is indeed a chosen seeker,
For there are many, many on earth
Who simply will not be able
To do what he has so easily
And so spontaneously done.


Tremendous power of concentration
You do have
To run the fastest
And reach the Destination of Newness.
Now you need
The power of meditation
To enter into the Goal of Fulness.


When you soulfully meditate,
The first thing you get
Is peace,
And this peace
Marks the beginning
Of your heart’s journey
Along the path of perfection.


When we sing,
We embody and become
The power of music.
This power has free access
To the Universal Heart.


Once you acquire
The power of perfection
In your meditation,
Doubt the intruder
Will no longer be able
To disturb your heart’s
Inner poise.


You have simply no idea
How good you are.
The beauty and fragrance
Of your inner flower
At once remain
Inside your heart
And spread
Throughout the world.


Only on the human level
Do we see that there is something
Called sacrifice.
On the divine level
There is no such thing
As sacrifice.
It is all oneness —
And oneness-satisfaction.


Once you have achieved
Through your meditation-light,
You become the breath and the body
Of the universe.


Even a great champion,
If he is not spiritual,
May greatly suffer
From a baseless future-fear.
He says to himself:
“Who knows,
Tomorrow I may not be able
To perform as well as today.
The day after tomorrow
Somebody will surpass me
And take away my glory.”


From the human life
We are trying to reach
The divine life.
So let us at least give up
Our animal qualities.
Let our hearts be sympathetic
To our fellow travellers.
Let us allow God to fulfil
At least one Dream of His
In and through us.


My mind will tell me
Only what others have taught it:
“A flower is beautiful.”
But my heart feels and sees everything
As a new experience.
It may even discover tremendous power
Inside a tiny flower.
Then how can we say
That the heart is mistaken
When it tells us,
“A flower is powerful.”


I always try to stay
Inside the nest
Of my heart’s pure tears.

I always hate to live
Inside the house
Of my mind’s wild laughter.


Just repeat the words
Spoken by a Son of God
And watch:
Something will immediately happen
Inside your heart.


O Lord,
You have given me
The power-aspect of life
To please me.
Now do give me also
The peace-aspect of life
To please You.


He was a man
Of tremendous determination,
But one day a dangerous wrong force
Attacked him.
Because of one moment’s surrender,
His whole life-career ended.


Through concentration
You have reached your goal.
But if you want to take
Countless people towards the goal
That you have already reached,
Then you need meditation.


Have some sympathy for others!
Do not get malicious pleasure
From hearing
About their deplorable fate.
Today you have escaped,
But tomorrow
Humiliation may be your name.


If you want
Outer success and inner progress,
You need something more
Than the capacities of the body,
Vital, mind and heart.
You have to bring to the fore
Your inner divinity,
The capacity of the soul.


Let my vision dive
Deep within
So that I can see the world
With the beauty
Of a poet’s heart.


A poet is not a grammarian.
His poetic ear
And his soulful heart
Take him to a realm
Far beyond human logic.


When you pray,
You are talking
To your Heavenly Father,
And He has to listen to you.

When you meditate,
Your Heavenly Father
Is talking to you,
And you have to obey Him.


My Lord,
I beg of You
In all my heart’s sincerity,
Just give me Your Message supreme
And I shall without fail
Execute it.


Be like a deer
That wants to run fast, very fast
With the Lord Supreme
And give Him joy.
Your Lord Supreme will always be
With you and for you.


He wanted his impure desires
To soar,
But the higher worlds caught them
And put them into prison.


You are experienced
In the art of self-transcendence.
God the Lover needs you
And God the Beloved utilises you
In a very special way.

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