Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 2

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Each aspiring life
Is a Dream-Wave
Of the Lord Supreme
Which will eventually
Break upon the blue-gold shore
Of God’s Vision-transformed Reality.


Definitely there is nothing new,
Beautiful, soulful,
Powerful or fruitful
Inside your proud mind.


My Lord Supreme,
How can I make lightning progress
In my spiritual life?

“My child,
Do the right thing
And become the perfect thing
With a nameless life
And an expectation-empty breath.”


Keep your mouth
Always shut
And keep your ears
Always open
If you want to be wise.


Everyone gets Compassion
From Him.
Everyone is perfect
In Him.


The world’s oldest wisdom:
Each evil thought
Infuses the mind,
Sooner or later,
With an unholy fear.


His Himalayan realisation
Dwarfs all mankind’s
Present and future
Earthly pride-towers.


Look what your self-binding mind
Has done to you!
It has taught you
Cleverly and quickly
How to suspect yourself.


One of my constant problems:
I always think
About others
But never care
For others.


If your mind lives
Inside your heart’s golden flames,
Then your life will not be found
In an abysmal abyss.


So far you have made no attempt
To climb up your inner life-tree.
How, then, can you expect
To enjoy most delicious fruits
From your outer life-tree?


Two difficult things to achieve:
A gratitude-heart
A surrender-life.


His heart of tear-filled years
Is sleeplessly looking for
Only one thing:
A newborn hope.


If you want to think of God
Even inside the supermarket,
Then you must first think of God
At home.


My rich heart is always ready
To give my poor mind
What it has in abundant measure:
But my blind and unreceptive mind
Will never accept
Its generous and unconditional offer.


Your division-mind may deceive
My sleeping mind,
But your oneness-heart can never deceive
My searching mind
Or my aspiring heart.


God loves me,
But I do not have the time
To love God.

God speaks to me,
But I do not have the time
To speak to God.

God knows who I am,
But I do not have the time
To know who I am,
Whose I am
Or why I am.


O my inner life,
Do not weep for me,
For I do not deserve it.

O my outer life,
Do not smile at me,
For I do not need it.


My yesterday’s resolution:
I shall change earth’s face.
My today’s resolution:
I shall grow into
God’s infinite Grace.


God creates each human being
With His Heart’s
Translucent Hope
And His Soul’s
Transcendental Promise.


Something has to die immediately
Inside my mind.
Ah, I know what it is!
It is my monster-ego.

Something has to blossom immediately
Inside my life.
Ah, I know what it is!
It is my flower-heart.


The lethargic body collapses —
The aggressive vital follows.
The impure mind collapses —
The insecure heart follows.


Since the beginning of creation
The soul and the heart
Have been singing the same songs
While travelling along
Eternity’s Road.
The heart sings,
“So much to do on earth,
But where is the time?”
The soul sings,
“So much to do in Heaven,
But where is the time?”


Your life of noise must love
The Voice of God.
Your life of noise must love
The Life of God.
If not, you are bound to see
Your life unfinished,
And therefore unrecognised
Here on earth.


You were a thinker
Of the past.
You are a lover
Of the present.
You will be a fulfiller
Of the future.


You are imperfect,
But you can easily become perfect.
You just need a head that bows,
A heart that loves
And a soul that dreams.


My Lord,
I would like to express
My gratitude to You,
But I am groping for words.

“My son,
Do not waste your precious time
Learning the art
Of gratitude-expression.
Just learn to tell Me
Only one thing:
That you are happy,
Forever happy.”


A crying heart and a smiling life
Are the direct descendants
Of God the Dreamer
And God the Lover.


When I speak to you about God,
You don’t believe me.
When you speak to me about God,
I don’t believe you.
Therefore, what is the use
Of our talking to each other
About God?
The best thing will be for us
To pray for God to speak,
For He is the only One
Who can talk about Himself
With inner Illumination
And outer Compassion.


There is and there can be
Only one age-old question:
Can anyone realise God?

There is and there can be
Only one answer:
Yes, certainly,
Anyone can realise God.
Because that is what God wants.
By constantly singing
The song of surrender
On the summit-height
Of one’s own realisation-mountain.


Those who do not believe in God
Are self-styled gods.
Those who believe in God
Are being moulded by God Himself
To become exact replicas
Of His Vision-Eye,
And Satisfaction-Life.


He who prays unconditionally
For God’s transcendental Satisfaction
And he who meditates unconditionally
For God’s universal Manifestation
Is the God-man of tomorrow.


The line of those
Who do not want to transcend
Their earth-bound bondage-life
Is endless.


A God-searching mind
Does not know
What outer frustration is.

A God-loving heart
Does not know
What inner stagnation is.


Today I have made
Two decisions:
From now on
I shall love God
From now on
I shall obey my Lord Supreme


My Lord,
You know that I do not want
To disappoint You.
How is it then
That You are not willing
To appoint me
To serve Your Feet,
Love Your Heart
And manifest Your Vision-Eye
Here on earth?


My Lord,
You have given my heart
The capacity to wait for You
For Eternity.
Will You not give my mind
The capacity to wait for You
Even for a fleeting second?


My soul-bird needs two wings,
An aspiration-wing
And a dedication-wing,
To fly the highest
In the firmament of Eternity’s Peace,
Infinity’s Love
And Immortality’s Delight.


My Lord Supreme,
Please tell me how I can stop
Deceiving You.

“My sweet child,
You can and will stop deceiving Me
Only when you stop
Deceiving yourself.
You deceive yourself when you mix
With those time-wasters
And life-killers:
Your unconscious body
And your impure mind.”


God tells me that if I agree with Him
At every moment,
Then He will grant me
His own Satisfaction-Love
To use in His Eternal Now.


If you can feel
That your heart’s inner cry
Is the only thing you have,
Then God will grant you
The thing He treasures most
In His own Life:
Sweetest Oneness-Satisfaction.


Your God-manifestation-dream
Will definitely come true,
But before that you must have
Another dream:
A God-realisation-dream.


If there is a tug-of-war
Between your heart’s faith
And your mind’s doubt,
Which side will you join?
Or will you be afraid
To join either side,
And embrace the life
Of indifference?


I do not want to have you any more.
It is you who have carried me away
From the Mind
Of my Beloved Supreme.

I do not want to have you any more.
It is you who have carried me away
From the Heart
Of my Beloved Supreme.

I do not want to have you any more.
It is you who have carried me away
From the Vision-Eye
Of my Beloved Supreme.

I do not want to have you any more.
It is you who have carried me away
From my oneness-life
With my Beloved Supreme.


My prayer is worth infinitely more
With my sacrifice-flames.
My meditation is worth infinitely more
With my silence-perfection.


My worst enemy is not
My hopeless unworthiness.
My worst enemy is
My constant unwillingness.

My best friend is not
My heart’s aspiration-cries.
My best friend is
My life’s surrender-smiles.


If I want to be
A prominent guest of God,
My ignorance-sleep
Must soon expire.


Your sweet Lord wants from you
Only four things:
Your regularity-drop,
Your punctuality-flame,
Your sincerity-cry
And your spontaneity-smile.
With these four invaluable treasures,
You will be able to walk along
The road of your perfection,
And God will be able to walk along
The road of His Satisfaction.


God is keeping His Victory-Crown
Ready for you to wear.
Once He offers it to you,
He will feel that He has placed it
On His own Head.


The more the unaspiring life
Wants to possess you,
The more you should love
Your sleeplessly aspiring heart
And your extraordinarily
Self-giving life.


“I want God.”
This, everybody says.
“I need God.”
This, how many are ready to feel?


Your body is not graceful.
Your vital is not faithful.
Your mind is not prayerful.
Your heart is not grateful.
Your life is not soulful.
How, then, do you expect to be
A useful instrument
Of the Supreme?


I shall no longer swim
In the ignorance-sea.
I shall throw my heart and soul
Into the spiritual life.
Right from this moment
I shall inundate my life
With the most powerful faith
That I will succeed
Inwardly and outwardly.


Each human being
Has a higher life and a lower life.
The lower life
Is the life of division.
The higher life
Is the life of oneness.


When your lower life attacks me,
My higher life feels miserable.
Not because it is angry with you,
But because it has compassion
For your own higher life.


Your deliberate destruction
Is now causing you sorrow
Because your higher life
Has come forward
To teach you that destruction
Belongs to the lower life.


If you are devoted
To your daring heart,
Then you are bound to be blessed
With a liberated life.


You can challenge death’s dominion
If you travel with your heart
Towards Immortality’s Sun.


When my heart cries,
God compassionately feeds my heart.
When my life smiles,
God lovingly feeds my life.


The mind enjoys
The newness-game.
The heart enjoys
The soulfulness-game.
The soul enjoys
The oneness-game.
God enjoys
His Fulness-Game.


If I approach God as a beggar,
I will have to wait forever
To see Him.

If I approach God as a divine lover,
I can see Him
At my sweet will.


My mind needs
Purity’s new creation.
My heart needs
Beauty’s new revelation.
My soul needs
Duty’s new satisfaction.


Sometimes you have to fight,
If God does not want you
To be humiliated by your enemy.

Sometimes you have to forgive,
If God wants you
To illumine your enemy.


By exercising his will-power
A seeker, with his finite life,
May enter into
The infinite Life,
But only at God’s choice Hour.

By exercising His Will-Power
God, with His infinite Vision
And infinite Reality,
Not only touches
But lives inside
The breath of the finite.


A surrender-heart cannot die.
It always enjoys
Immortality’s oneness-satisfaction.


My Lord,
Do take from me
What I have:

My Lord,
Do give me
What I do not have:


Between your justice-light
And God’s Forgiveness-Light
I shall have to make a choice.
Am I such a fool
That I will take your side?
God’s Forgiveness-Light
Not only do I long for
But one day I would like to grow into.
Indeed, this is my only goal.


A tough old lie:
I have not cared for mankind.
A tough old truth:
God Himself has sent me
Into the world
To manifest Him
In a most remarkable way.


You will without fail collect
A harvest of sorrow
If you deliberately refuse to know
Who you truly are.


The waves of hatred-night
Can easily be dissolved
In the sea of oneness-love.


My heart’s iota of suffering
Can never, never equal
The Compassion-Flood
That descends from Above
Not only to console me
But also to illumine
And satisfy me.


Hell has captured my mind.
Despair has captured my heart.
Alas, before long,
Failure shall capture my life,
My poor life.


If you are ready to give up
Your sadness-face,
Then God is more than ready
To grant you His Gladness-Heart.


My mind is now willing
To become God’s choice instrument.
My heart is now ready
For God to accept
Either its soulful cries
Or its powerful smiles.


Unless you practise
Your heart’s peace-songs
Every day,
You will be compelled to watch
Your vital’s frustration-dance
Go on and on.


Do not allow your mind
To wrestle with uncomely thoughts,
For it will unmistakably fail.
Just ask your heart
To illumine your thought-world.
It will instantly change
The face and fate
Of each and every thought.


What is success?
My need for expression-voice.
What is progress?
My need for God’s Satisfaction-Choice.


Never again shall I miss
My appointment with God,
Not even when doubt-clouds
Cover my entire being.


Earth, my earth,
What do I owe you,
If not my concern?

Heaven, my Heaven,
What do I owe you,
If not my compassion?

God, my God,
What do I owe You,
If not my satisfaction?


He is trying hard to forget
His former freedom,
The freedom that taught him
To be only for
His own pride-bound self.


If you uncover
Your wild ignorance-laughter,
God will surely cover
Your soul’s sweet smile.


If you explore
Your heart’s silence-garden,
You are bound to discover
Delight’s fragrance-buds.


How can you breathe
A breath of hope,
When you yourself have tightened
The tangle of perplexities?


If you can kindle
Your heart’s cry,
Your entire being
Will soon be aflame
With beauty’s light
And duty’s delight.


Your promised
God-manifestation on earth
Must not fail
While performing
Its divine task supreme.


If anxiety is your real name,
How can you expect purity
To be with you,
And how can you expect divinity
To be for you?


Your life-boat
Is bound to capsize
Because your mind is still attached
To its anxiety-shore.


Your life is shunted about
By ceaseless fears, doubts
And other anxiety-accumulations.
How, then, do you hope
To recognise your self-form
In this lifetime?


Relinquish your confusion-mind
As soon as possible
If you really want your heart
To soulfully and unreservedly enjoy
God’s Compassion-Satisfaction-Game.


My heart has the inner purity-cry
To challenge and overrule
The authority-frown of my outer world.


The mind thinks
It is a very difficult task
To approach the Truth.
The heart feels
It is an extremely easy task
Not only to approach the Truth
But also to become the Truth
Transcendental and Universal.


If ignorance has the capacity
To damage my heart,
Then God’s Compassion has the capacity
To cure it,
And God’s Oneness is the capacity
To transform it
And to radiate God’s Vision-Light
Through it.


My mind begins to work
And then gives up.
My heart begins to work
But does not know
Whether it will continue.
My life begins to work
But does not care to finish.
My soul begins to work
And wants to continue
Throughout Eternity
To manifest tomorrow’s beauty-heart
And divinity-life.


God is desperately looking
For your purity’s soulful devotion.
You are deliberately looking
For your mind’s bewildered
Death-bed devotion.


Mind the lawyer
Has never won a case.
Heart the lover
Has not only won all its cases
But has also become
The colossal Smile
Of God’s Compassion-Eye.


An ignorance-lover
Promptly closes his ignorance-eyes.
A God-lover
Not only immediately opens
His aspiration-eyes
But also silently begs God
To secretly open
His Eternity’s Eye.


If you even dare to think
You belong to God,
Then the distance between you and God
Becomes not just short
But non-existent.


It is easier to have faith in God
Than in myself,
For time and again
I have overestimated my capacity
And found myself caught
In a strange self-deception-net.


If anything has to pray,
Then it is my mind
That has to pray first.

If anything has to obey,
Then it is my heart
That has to obey first.

If anything has to surrender,
Then it is my life
That has to surrender first.

If anything has to preach,
Then it is my soul
That has to preach first.


My Supreme Lord
Has placed His Eternity’s Lamp
Right before me.
Placing the Lamp
Inside the depths of my heart,
I shall illumine my inner life.
Carrying the Lamp
Along with me,
I shall guide my outer life.

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