Bela chale jai

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Jibana Taru Tale

Jibana taru tale ke base aji
Marana maru bhume binash baji
Jiban bhor maran ghor
Kothai tumi he hiya majhi


Who is seated at the foot
Of my life-tree today?
I see destruction thundering
Over my death-desert.
I am in between the dawn of life
And the darkness of death.
O my heart’s Pilot Supreme!
Where are You?

Ashar Mita

Ashar mita trishar pita
Tomar charan tale
Harabo mor dibanishi
Samarpaner bale


O Friend of my hope,
O Father of my aspiration-thirst,
At Your Feet I shall lose
My days and nights
With my surrender-strength.

Brahma Vishnu Shib

Brahma, Vishnu, Shib
Ami achetan jib
Durga, Kamala, Kali
Kothai arghya thali
Kartik, Ganapati
Dao more dhrira mati


Brahma, Vishnu, Shib!
An unconscious creature am I.
Durga, Kamala, Kali!
Where is my aspiration-dedication-bowl?
Kartik, Ganapati!
Do surcharge my mind with firm determination.

Esecho Bale

Esecho bale benche achi
Dharecho bale ami nachi
Khamibe shata truti mor
Amare dibe usha bhor


You have come into my life.
Therefore, I am still alive.
You have caught me by the hand.
Therefore, I am dancing.
You will forgive my countless mistakes.
You will grant me a new dawn.

Jani Ami Nahi Jani

Jani ami nahi jani
Tomar gabhir madhur bani
Tabu tomar charan tale
Tano khama kripar bale


I know that I do not know
Your deep and sweet Message.
Yet You draw me towards You
And place me at Your Feet
With Your Compassion-Power.

Bhakti Lagi

Bhakti lagi kandi ami
Mukti lagi kandi
Atma tyager premer dore
Tomai ami bandhi


I cry for devotion.
I cry for liberation.
I bind You with the love-cord
Of my self-sacrifice-life.

Shikkha Guru

Shikkha Guru dikkha Guru
Nutan jiban halo suru
Shikkha Guru dikkha Guru
Habona ar kabhu viru
Paye dale agyanata
Tomai dibo saphalata


O my teacher-Guru, O my initiation-Guru,
A new life has dawned.
O my teacher-Guru, O my initiation-Guru,
I shall no longer make friends with cowardice.
I shall kick off ignorance-night
And offer you my success-life.

Nitya Amai Bahan Kari

Nitya amai bahan kari
Amar shire
Shanti pabo keman kare
Pran gabhire


Every day I carry
My existence-life
On my head.
How can I have satisfaction-peace
Inside my heart?

Madhavi Latar

Madhavi latar madhur madhuri
Sugopane kare mor hiya churi
Urdhe akashe nimne batase
Nachi aji ami maha ullase


Sweet, soft and translucent creeper
In silence steals away my heart.
Above me, the vast sky.
Under me, the wind blowing.
Today I dance in ecstasy supreme.

Ami — Nil Gaganer

Ami — nil gaganer shubhra shashi
Sangi bangshidhar
Alor sathe kheli nachi
Mora nirantar


I am the whiteness and brightness-moon.
Lord Krishna, the Flutist supreme
Is my Compeer.
We play and dance sleeplessly
With the Mother-Light
Of the Supreme.

Jiban Amar Sanga Habe

Jiban amar sanga habe
Maran nadir tire
Chaoa paoar bhari bojha
Rakhbona ar shire


My life shall end
At the rim of death-river.
I shall not carry any more
The heavy load of my desire-night
And fulfilment-day.

Mata Mata Mata

Mata mata mata
Saraswati mata
Karo prane shuddha
Karo mane buddha
Jibana samare
Mama antare
Dao dao mata
Asim purnata


Mother, Mother, Mother,
Mother Saraswati,
Do purify my vital.
Do enlighten my mind.
In the battlefield of my life,
O Mother divine,
Do grant my heart
Your fulfilment infinite.

Ke Chahe Go

Ke chahe go ke chahe
Amar jiban ke chahe
Ke gahe go ke gahe
Amar bijoy ke gahe


Who cares to have me?
Who cares to have my life?
Who cares to sing?
Who cares to sing my victory-song?

Bhranta Tumi

Bhranta tumi bhranta
Taito sada klanta
Gaho prabhur nam
Oi je swarga dham


False you are, false.
Therefore, you are always tired.
Repeat the Name of the Absolute Lord.
Yonder, Heaven’s existence-abode.

Ajanare Achenare

Ajanare achenare
Ami basi bhalo
Tai mor puta pran
Sada nashe kalo


I love the unknown
And the unseen.
My hallowed heart
Destroys darkness-night.

Ekla Pathe

Ekla pathe ghure berai
Tomar dekha lagi
Ashar sathe ghumai ami
Kanna sathe jagi


Alone I walk along
In search of You.
I sleep with my hope-friend
And cry with my wakefulness.

Jiban Debata

Jiban debata daki animesh
Khama karo aji more
Ogo sumahan jagater tran
Jagi jena shubha bhore


O my life’s Love Supreme,
Sleeplessly I invoke You
To forgive me today.
O great One, O world’s Reality-Salvation,
May I be fully awakened
In prosperity’s auspicious dawn.

Asha Niye Asi Bhabe

Asha niye asi bhabe
Asha diye chale jai
Purnata maha bani
Hetha nai hotha nai


I came into the world with hope.
I am on my way to the other world
Leaving behind me my hope.
Fulfilment-message is not to be found
In any part of the world.

Shunechi Shunechi

Shunechi shunechi shunechi
Tomar amar giti
Peyechi peyechi peyechi
Tomar kripar prithi
Tabu achetan mor pran man
Andhar gabhire rayechi


I have heard, I have heard,
I have heard Your immortal Song.
I have received, I have received,
I have received Your Compassion-Love.
Yet unconsciously live my mind and my vital.
In the depths of night's darkness I abide.

Duar Khulo Aji

Duar khulo aji
Hiyar duar
Ashar setu bandhi
He kripa pathar


O, open today my heart-door!
I have built a hope-bridge
Between You and me,
O compassionate One,
Beginningless and endless.

Mor Khudha Antara Majhe

Mor khudha antara majhe
Taba sudha kripa ankhi raje


In the inmost recesses
Of my hungry heart
Your Compassion-Eye
Of Nectar-Delight abides.

Kanna Amar Shesh Habena

Kanna amar shesh habena
Shesh habena
Tabu kena toma pane
Man chalena


The flow of my tearful eyes
Will never cease, never.
Yet my mind does not run
Towards You.

Jatra Pathe Dibas Rate

Jatra pathe dibas rate
Tomar gahi joy
Ami kebal tomar lagi
Ei dhrira pratyay


Day and night along the street
When I look around,
Your Victory-Song I sing.
I exist only for You.
This is my heart’s conviction

Diner Sheshe Jatra Sheshe

Diner sheshe jatra sheshe
Elam phire ghare
Ashar setu bhanga halo
Pran gabhire manthare


At the end of day,
At the end of journey’s close,
Home I have returned.
My hope-bridge is being totally smashed,
Slowly, very slowly,
Inside the very depths of my heart.

Chahi Kichu Sabar Kache

Chahi kichu sabar kache chahi kichu
Taito kari sabar paye mata nichu


I desire something
From everybody, I desire.
Therefore, I bow my head
At the feet of all and sundry.

Anande Bhara Aloker Majhe

Anande bhara aloker majhe
Dyuloker nartan
Bhuloker jib nahi dekhe kabhu
Jane shudhu krandan


Earth-bound human beings
Never see the dance of Heaven.
In the heart of supernal Light and Delight
They only know how to cry and cry.

Shesh Kathati Ei Jibaner

Shesh kathati ei jibaner
Shesh kathati
Shanti kothao nahi pela
Mor mathati


The last message of this life,
The last message:
My head has never had peace.

Chale Jao Chale Jao

Chale jao chale jao
Balibar dekhibar age
Tabu kena daki toma
Nahi jani barai anurage


Away You go, away You go,
Before I talk to You,
Before I see You.
Yet I do not know
Why I invoke You
With my heart’s intense cry.

Ami Tomar Kripar Shishu

Ami tomar kripar shishu
Tumi vishwamoy
Atmajayer asha prane
Tomar gahi joy


I am Your Compassion-child,
You are the Father universal.
I have the burning desire
To conquer myself.
Therefore, Your Victory-Song
I always sing.

Chaowa Paowar Shesh Habena

Chaowa paowar shesh habena
Shesh habena
Amar lagi keha amar
Hat dharena


There will be no end
To my desire-fulfilment-life.
No compassion-soul holds my hand
To satisfy me in my own way.

Shanti Jyoti

Shanti jyoti shakti dhara
Nimna gati bandhan hara
Parane mor namlo
Nutan jiban kusum kali
Phutlo aji phutlo


Behold, the flood of peace,
Light and power
Descending freely, unobstructed,
Into my aspiration-heart.
A new life-bud in me
Has blossomed today.

Surjya Debata

Surjya debata pranam
Japi abiram taba madhu nam
Toma pane chahi jaya giti gahi
Taba ankhi mor sudham


O Sun God, I salute You.
I invoke Your sweet name sleeplessly.
I look at You and sing Your Victory-Song.
Your Vision-Eye, my good abode.

Tomai Ami Jani

Tomai ami jani
Taito sada mani
Tomai ami daki
Na diye ar phanki
Tomai ami puji
Swarupe mor khunji


I know who You are.
Therefore, I always obey You.
I invoke You
Without deceiving any more.
I worship You
And thus I search for my
True Self-Form.

Sumadhur Sure

Sumadhur sure antara pure
Dake more prema bithika
Madal badal akashe pagol
Hasi ananda gitika


Inside the very depth of my heart
In a sweet and soulful tune
The love-avenue calls me.
Kettledrum and thunderbolt are enjoying
A divinely wild game in my sky
And are offering me fountain-songs
Of smile and delight.

Tomar Sathe

Tomar sathe khelbo jedin
Sabar sathe khelbo
Tomar prane milbo jedin
Sabar prane milbo


I shall play with everyone
On the day I play with You.
I shall blend in every heart
On the day I blend in You.

Vishma Ar Drona

Vishma ar Drona
Satyaki, Arjuna
Mahavim, Karna
Virer asana
Tomare danibe
E katha janibe


Vishma, Drona, Satyaki, Arjuna,
Mahavim and Karna:
These immortal heroes
Will, without fail, grant you
Their warrior-thrones.

Sonar Harin

Sonar harin hiyar harin
Tibra tomar gati
Ashar pradip jwalai prane
Premer unnati


O golden deer, O psychic deer
Of my heart,
Your fast, faster, fastest speed
Kindles the hope-lamp
In my progress-love.

Sabar Sathe Nahi Chali

Sabar sathe nahi chali
Ekla ami chali
Dekhle keha lukai deha
Kathati nahi bali


I do not walk along with others.
I walk alone, all alone.
If anybody sees me, my body,
I hide in silence sublime.

Vishwa Prabhu

Vishwa prabhu ami tomar kripar das
Rakhbo mane birat madhur itihas


O Lord of the Universe,
I am Your Compassion-slave.
I shall always keep in mind
This vast and sweet history of mine.

Praner Katha Balar Lagi

Praner katha balar lagi
Esechi aj tomar dware
Kabe amai niye jabe
Sukha dukher parapare


I have come to Your door today
To tell You my heart’s inmost secret.
When will You take me
To the Shore supreme,
Beyond joy and sorrow?

Bandhiya Bandhiya Amar Amire

Bandhiya bandhiya amar amire
Narak jatana pai
Khuliya khuliya amar swarupe
Swarger sukh khai


Binding and binding my little “i”,
I am suffering the torture of hell.
Unveiling and unveiling my true Form,
I enjoy Heaven-happiness.

Greecer Chhilo Chaowa Khudha

Greecer chhilo chaowa khudha
Tai peyeche birjya sudha
Athens tomai pranam kare
Vishwa sabha baran kare


Greece had the longing hunger.
Therefore, it received strength-nectar.
Athens, the world-assembly bows to you
And receives you in silence-admiration.

Tomar Kripai Urdhe Nachi

Tomar kripai urdhe nachi
Tomar khamai nimne banchi
Prem sagare dub diyechi
Tomar jamhe sab peyechi


Because of Your Grace,
High in Heaven I dance.
Because of Your Forgiveness,
Here below on earth my life-breath breathes.
I have dived deep in the sea of Love divine.
I have received everything inside Your Heart-depth.

Bela Chale Jai

Bela chale jai bela chale jai bela
Kotha tumi ogo jibaner shesh khela


My time is passing away.
My time is passing away.
O, where are You,
My life’s last game?

Tumi Dayal Ami Kangal

Tumi dayal ami kangal
Taito chali ek sathe
Tumi amar chira sathi
Jiban bhore maran rate


You are a self-giving man
And I am a true beggar.
Therefore, we move around together.
You are my eternal Companion
At the dawn of my life,
In the night of my death.

Tumi Je Amare Tushibe

Tumi je amare tushibe
Tumi je amare pushibe
E katha janabo ajike
Amar praner majhike


You will satisfy me.
You will feed me.
I shall tell this today
To my heart’s Pilot Supreme.

Sudur Hate Bhese Asi

Sudur hate bhese asi
Ei dharanir buke
Swarupe mor bhule gechi
Andhakare dhuke


From a distant world,
Floating, I came into the heart of this world.
I have forgotten my Self-form totally
In the eyeless darkness-life.