Day and night I shall bow

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I Shall Remain at Your Lotus-Feet

I shall remain at Your Lotus Feet sleeplessly, my Lord.

Amare Karogo Tomar Asim Kripar Kangal

Amare karogo tomar
Asim kripar kangal

Make Me the Beggar-Slave

Make me the beggar-slave
Of Your Compassion.

For You I Shall Cry

For you I shall cry in my heart,
In my mind, in my vital, in my body.

Jadio Tomare Nahi Basi Bhalo Tabu Jena

Jadio tomare nahi basi bhalo
Tabu jena prabhu chhariya jeyona

Although I Do Not Love You, My Lord

Although I do not love You,
My Lord, do not leave me.

Day and Night I Shall Bow

Day and night
I shall bow, I shall bow
To my Lord Supreme.

I Shall Roam No More with Desire

I shall roam no more with desire.
With aspiration, I shall worship.

In the Heart of the Finite

In the heart of the finite,
To sing the songs of the Infinite,
We come.

Into the World I Come

Into the world I come
To please You,
Only to please You.

Pranati Janabo Dibase Nishite Pranati

Pranati janabo dibase nishite
Pranati janabo amar param prabhure

Bela Chale Gelo Asha Tabu Ache Sathe

Bela chale gelo asha tabu ache sathe

Time Has Gone By

Time has gone by;
Hope still lives with me.

Basanar Sathe Ghuribona Ar Eshanar

Basanar sathe ghuribona ar eshanar sathe pujibo

Tomara Charana Kamale Mor Jibaner

Tomara charana kamale
Mor jibaner samapti giti gahibo

My Life's Final Song

My life’s final song,
I shall sing at Your Lotus-Feet.

A Solid Punch

What I need is a solid punch
To smash the pride of my wild ambition.

A Pure Heart-Cry

What I need is a pure heart-cry
To be a fond child of my Beloved Supreme.

Sasimer Buke Asimer Giti Gahite Amara

Sasimer buke asimer giti
Gahite amara asi

Tomare Tushite Asi Dharanite Kebal

Tomare tushite asi dharanite
Kebal tomare tushite

Sundaro More Rakho Taba Hiya Nire

Sundaro more rakho taba hiya nire

O Beautiful One, Do Keep Me

O Beautiful One,
Do keep me in Your Heart-Nest.

Tomar Katha Balte Giye Amar Katha Bali

Tomar katha balte giye
Amar katha bali shudhu

When I Want to Speak of You

When I want to speak of You,
I talk only about myself.

Rahibo Tomar Charan Kamale

Rahibo tomar charan kamale
Animeshe mor nath

Tomar Lagi Kandbo Hiyai Kandbo Mane

Tomar lagi kandbo hiyai
Kandbo mane kandbo prane
Kandbo dehe