Every day my gratitude-heart

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My Mind's Newness-Beauty

My mind’s newness-beauty I love.
My heart’s fulness-fragrance I need.

Repeated Failures

My Lord,
Repeated failures cannot paralyse me,
But Your Displeasure-Face can.

Each Soulful Thought of Mine

Each soulful thought of mine
Paves the way
To mankind’s perfection-life.

Every Day My Gratitude-Heart and I

Every day my gratitude-heart and I
Decorate the Feet of our Lord Supreme.

O World's Purity-Flower-Heart

O world’s purity-flower-heart,
Where are you?
O world’s impurity-thorn-mind,
Where are you not?

No Human Mind Can Enter

No human mind can enter into
A thought-free Silence-Beyond.

God I Invoke

God I invoke
To visit my self-giving shore.
Me God invites
To His all-blossoming Shore.

With My Aspiration-Heart

With my aspiration-heart
I sit at the Feet of God.
With my dedication-life
I become a member of God’s family.

The Whisper of Silence-Beyond

The whisper of Silence-Beyond
Awakens humanity
From its death-bound sleep.

A Self-Giving Heart

A self-giving heart
Is the fastest upward climb.

My Lord, Give Me

My Lord, my Lord,
Give me a doubt-free mind.
My Lord, my Lord,
Give me a fear-free heart.
My Lord, my Lord,
Give me a worry-free life.

O God, the Compassion-Eye

O God, the Compassion-Eye,
Do not, do not, from me withdraw.

My Heart Breathlessly Needs

My Lord, my Lord,
My heart breathlessly needs
To hear from Your Heart.

In a Moment's Ticking

In a moment’s ticking,
God can make me another God —
Of course, if He wants to!

My Lord, Sulking I Came to You

My Lord, sulking I came to You.
Smiling I am returning.

My Forgiveness-Lord Is Begging Me

My Forgiveness-Lord
Is begging me and commanding me
To steal into His Heart.

My Life's Perfection-Promise

My Lord, my Lord,
May I have from You in writing
My life’s perfection-promise.

My Mind Needs Self-Awareness

My mind needs self-awareness.
My heart needs God-fulness.

Alas, I Am My God-Disobedience

Alas, alas, alas,
I am my God-disobedience

O Peace-Robber Anxiety

O peace-robber anxiety,
My Lord will give me
Another happiness-heart.

Our Oneness-Heart World-Ecstasy

God blesses and treasures
Our oneness-heart world-ecstasy
And not a division-mind world-supremacy.

Who Am I? Who Am I?

Who am I? Who am I?
I am a self-finding God.
I am a God-growing man.

A Gratitude-Heart Is a Master Key

A gratitude-heart is a master key.
It can open any heart.

God the Eye Threatens the Proud

God the Eye threatens the proud.
God the Heart transforms the proud.

God May Not Be Measurable

God may not be measurable,
But he is always lovable.

Each Good Thought Is a Peace of Heaven (2)

Each good thought
Is a piece of Heaven
That a God-lover carries
Wherever he goes.

My Heart Has Emptied Its Hands

My heart has emptied its hands
To fold them prayerfully.

I Talk and Talk with My Mind

I talk and talk with my mind.
Therefore, alas, my Lord
Finds my life always busy.

Each Moment

Each moment I am either
A smiling choice or a crying voice.

God Smiles at My Expensive Gift

God smiles at my expensive gift,
But God cries and cries
For my expensive heart.

I Proudly Love

I proudly love
My heart’s sacred silence-life.

My Heart's Faith-Radiance

My heart’s faith-radiance
Feeds my life every day.

Thought Takes Birth

Thought takes birth in my mind,
And my peaceful heart dies immediately.

I Have Chosen God the Eternal Child

I have chosen God the Eternal Child
And not God the Absolute Father.

Willingness Is My Heart's Best Victory

Willingness is my heart’s best victory.
Unwillingness is my mind’s worst defeat.

My Self-Admiration

My self-admiration
Is my God-starvation.

My Love of God Has Many Rivals

My love of God
Has many rivals,
But no critics.

Oneness-Heart-Children (1)

Have their homes everywhere.

Justice-Glasses (1)

God’s Compassion-Eye
Never uses Justice-Glasses.

What My Heart Needs

What my heart needs
Is cosmic beauty
And not cosmetic beauty.

No Sincerity-Prayer

No sincerity-prayer
Goes unanswered
By my Lord Supreme.

Surrender-Light I Have

Surrender-light I have.
Oneness-bliss I am.

My First Choice

My first choice:
God’s Forgiveness-Heart.
My second choice:
God’s Compassion-Eye.
My third choice:
God’s Protection-Hands.

Truth Is in All (3)

Truth is in all,
But love is all.

Poets Are Born

Poets are born,
But doctors are made.


Politeness is the flower of humanity.

Poverty Is No Disgrace

Poverty is no disgrace.

Poverty Is Not a Sin

Poverty is not a sin.

Power Always Corrupts

Power always corrupts.
[Common saying]

Praise the Sea

Praise the sea,
But on shore remain.

Prayer Is the Voice of Faith

Prayer is the voice of faith.

Presents Keep Friendships Warm

Presents keep friendships warm.
[German proverb]

Pride and Laziness

Pride and laziness
Can never run uphill.

Pride Goes Before Destruction

Pride goes before destruction.

Pride Must Be Impeached

Pride must be impeached.

Promise Little, But Do Much

Promise little, but do much.

Prosperity Makes Friends

Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.
[Words of Publilius Syrus]