Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 95

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9401. A Surrender-Prayer

A surrender-prayer is the only prayer
That God immediately answers.
Therefore, from today on
My life shall grow into
A surrender-prayer.

9402. A Supreme Truth

Out of His infinite Compassion,
My Beloved Supreme told me
A supreme truth:
If I bend my head constantly,
My heart can expand immeasurably.

9403. Sow The Seed Of Divine Longing

Sow the seed of divine longing
Inside your heart-garden.
Then your life will never be forced
To live in the unlit cave of nothingness.

9404. Inside Each Life-Breath

Inside each life-breath
God has His supreme Necessity,
Unknown to the human heart,
Unknowable to the human mind.

9405. Do Not Try To Bind God

Do not try to bind God
With the human in you,
For you will fail.
Bring to the fore the divine in you
And discover your oneness-reality with Him.
Then you will see and feel
A blossoming satisfaction-light
That will fulfil not only the divine
And human in you
But also, to your wide surprise,
The animal and stone-consciousness in you.

9406. Inside Each Heartbeat

Inside each heartbeat
There is always God the Quality.
Inside each life
There is always God the Quantity.

9407. I Am Divinely Happy

I am divinely happy
That my heart is now experiencing
Eternity’s hunger.

I am supremely happy
That my soul is always ready
With Immortality’s meal.

9408. God's Satisfaction-Hour

His mind is made
Of flaming faith.
His heart is made
Of illumining love.
His life is made
Of sacrificing breath.
Therefore, God’s Satisfaction-Hour
Is fast approaching him.

9409. The Unparalleled Light Of Liberation

The day his mind lost
Its suspicion-eye
And his heart lost
Its apprehension-breath,
He began to shine
With the unparalleled light
Of supreme liberation.

9410. Your Himalayan Achievements

Your mind is empty of pride.
Your heart is empty of despair.
Both Heaven and earth marvel at
Your Himalayan achievements.

9411. It Is Absolutely Unnecessary

It is absolutely unnecessary
To allow your mind
To be plagued by repentance.
Just ask your mind
To take shelter at the foot
Of your heart’s illumination-tree.

9412. Your Own Hidden Brutality

O suspicion-mind,
Do you ever want to know
Who you truly are?
You are your own hidden brutality.

9413. Prescribe And Proscribe

If you have the power
To prescribe newness
For your heart,
You can also have the power
To proscribe oldness
Inside your mind.

9414. Who Needs A Disobedient Mind?

Who needs a disobedient mind?
No one, especially not I!
Who needs a disheartened heart?
No one, especially not I!
Who needs a disturbing and disturbed life?
No one, especially not I!

9415. A Self-Employed Indulgence-Prince

As long as each human being
Remains a self-employed indulgence-prince,
The effulgence of self-perfection
Will always remain a far cry.

9416. My One Secret Letter To God

In my one secret letter to God
I have written:
“My Lord, if You really exist,
You are forgiving me,
And if I really exist,
I am somehow getting ready
To please You in Your own Way.”

9417. I Love Your Surrender-Flames

I admire your abstinence,
But I love your surrender-flames,
Which you have dedicated
To our Beloved Supreme-Sun.

9418. I May Not Love God

I may not love God,
But I shall never say
That I do not need Him.

God does not need me,
But He never says
That He does not love me.

9419. The Most Important Secret

The most important secret is
What God has told me today:
It is my bounden duty
To see Him soulfully
And serve Him carefully
In His creation vast.

9420. The Whirlwind Of Worldliness

No human being is forced to live
In the whirlwind of dark worldliness.
We are all invited to participate
In the newness and fulness
Of life-satisfying delight.

9421. God Was Astonishment-Struck

God was astonishment-struck
When He saw on earth
An endless mass of ignorance,
But He is definitely going
To do something about it,
I am sure.

9422. When God Interviews Man

When God interviews man,
Man’s helplessness breaks His Heart.
When man interviews God,
God’s Fulness overwhelms his mind.

9423. A Guest From Paradise

A good thought is indeed
A guest from paradise.
Welcome it, so your life will become
A wave of ecstasy.

9424. If You Are Satisfied

If you are satisfied
With a superficial experience
Of God’s Compassion-Light,
Then the divine satisfaction
Of realisation in infinite measure
Will always remain a far cry.

9425. My Silver Obedience-Flames

My Lord Supreme is
His golden Will-Sun
And I am
My silver obedience-flames.

9426. When The Soul Compromises

When the soul compromises
With earth,
It ruins its inner vision-light
And its Heaven-free delight.

9427. My Transcendence Enlightens

My incapacity saddens my mind.
My capacity gladdens my heart.
My transcendence enlightens
Not only me
But also the aspiration-loving world.

9428. When Are You Going To Learn?

O my heart’s insecurity,
When are you going to learn
The art of confidence-life?

O my mind’s impurity,
When are you going to learn
The art of purity-manifestation?

9429. God's Attention-Smile

Human insecurity wants security.
Human security wants nothing else
But God’s special Attention-Smile.

9430. Manager Of The Universal Market

My greedy mind wants to be the manager
Of the universal market.
My loving heart longs to be the caretaker
Of the transcendental garden.

9431. A Falsehood-Loving Man

A falsehood-loving man
Is helplessly attached
To his unfulfilled desires.

A truth-loving man
Is sleeplessly devoted
To his unmanifested dreams.

9432. The Blossoming Delight Of Love

The outer life of man
Is the strangling love of ignorance.
The inner life of man
Is the blossoming delight of love.

9433. My Lord's Feet

When I tell my mind
That my Lord’s Face
Is extremely beautiful,
My heart immediately tells me
That my Lord’s Feet
Are infinitely more beautiful.

9434. When I Can Joke

When I can joke
With my mind’s tension-world,
God will give me
The needed competence
To become His choice instrument.

9435. Your Loyalty

Sincerity is your loyalty
To yourself.
Sympathy is your loyalty
To others.
Surrender is your loyalty
To your Beloved Supreme.

9436. His Life Is A Temple

His life is a temple
In God’s Compassion-Field.
His heart is a shrine
In God’s Illumination-Home.

9437. Looking For Asylum

His intellectual mind
Was so badly defeated and humiliated
In the inner world
That now he is looking for asylum
Where the utterly helpless
Human souls reside.

9438. An Expert In Sleeping

You are an expert
In sleeping long hours
In the night of forgetfulness.
Can you not become an expert
In singing and dancing constantly
In the bright dawn of wakefulness?

9439. The Mind Wants To Invent

The mind wants to invent
A new God.
The heart wants to discover
The ancient and eternal God.

9440. The First Thing I Did

The first and foremost thing I did
To receive God’s Blessing-Light
Was to tell God
That I love humanity, His creation,
Sincerely, soulfully and unreservedly.

9441. Each Soulful Thought

Each soulful thought
Is a powerful prayer.
Each powerful prayer
Is a fruitful vision of man
That is trying to grow into
The very image of God.

9442. Your Mind Is Not At All Ready

Your mind is looking
For a short-cut.
Your mind is looking
For an easy way to realisation.
Alas, alas, your mind is not at all ready
For God-realisation.

9443. O My Heart, Go Deeper

O my heart, go deeper
If you want to last longer.
O my life, look farther
If you want to last longer.
O my heart and life,
Do you not know that
The soul is supremely immortal
Precisely because it sees the Infinite
And is one with the Infinite?

9444. The Flame Of Fire-Pure Aspiration

Unless you have the flame
Of fire-pure aspiration,
How can you transform your nature?
How can you love the Divine in you
And fulfil the Real in you?

9445. My Soul's Tears Of Delight

My Lord Supreme,
I wish to place my heart-flower
At Your Compassion-Feet
So that I can become
My soul’s tears of delight.

9446. A Song Of The Unknown

What is life
If not a jungle of teeming desires?
What is death
If not a song of the unknown?

9447. For Centuries

My Lord,
I am sure that my life
Has been at Your Feet
For centuries.

My Lord,
I am sure that my heart
Has been inside Your Eye
For centuries.

My Lord,
I am sure that my soul
Has been carrying Your supreme Message
All over the world
For centuries.

Alas, how and why is it
That ruthless oblivion
Is still torturing me?

9448. You Are Your Suspicion-Mind

Since you are your suspicion-mind,
How can the current of ecstasy
Flow through you,
And how can God the eternal Satisfaction
Sing and dance before you?

9449. Your Victory's Trumpet-Voice

God is not interested in hearing
Your victory’s trumpet-voice.
God is only interested in seeing
Your thunder-will’s determination-volcano.

9450. Why Are You Forgetful?

Why are you forgetful
Of your soul’s inner promise?
Why are you forgetful
Of your heart’s inner peace?
Why are you forgetful
Of your life’s inner love?

9451. The Sun-Flooded Room

If your life loves God
Only unconsciously,
How will you ever see
The sun-flooded room of your soul?

9452. You Have No Idea

You have no idea
How much pressure
Still remains inside my mind.

You have no idea
How much pleasure
Still remains inside my life.

9453. Our Unforgivable Crime

We do not appreciate God:
This is our first crime.
We do not trust God:
This is our second crime.
Finally, we betray God:
This is our third, last and
Unforgivable crime.

9454. Your Inner Will Cannot Succeed

Your inner will cannot succeed
Because your outer mind
Has no receptivity
Or sense of responsibility
And has not yet welcomed
Your gratitude-heart.

9455. If You Are Negligent

If you are negligent in your duty,
God is not going to knock
At your heart’s door
Nor grant you the capacity
To see His Beauty’s all-illumining Sun.

9456. Two Hearts

A God-loving man has two hearts.
One heart suffers
With humanity;
The other enjoys Nectar-Delight
With Divinity.

9457. An Incessant Self-Giver

We cannot appreciate
An incessant talker,
But we do appreciate, admire and love
An incessant self-giver.

9458. When Each Day Dawns

When each day dawns,
The opportunity is again granted
For you to be a perfect instrument
Of your Beloved Supreme.

9459. How To Cure Falsehood?

How to cure falsehood?
Ask your mind to learn
The formula of

9460. I Have Every Right

Because I am God’s chosen child,
I have every right to disown
The unreal in me, ignorance,
And the unreal around me, darkness.

9461. Only A Heart Of Love

No sermon can convince his mind.
No logic can convince his heart.
Only a heart of love
Can convince his mind, his heart
And his entire life.

9462. The Mind Of My Sound-Life

The mind of my sound-life
I have all along seen.
Now it is time for me to see,
Appreciate and admire
The heart of my silence-soul.

9463. The Foolish Way Of Life

At long last he has escaped
From the foolish way of life
That shamelessly and ceaselessly
Has tried to exhibit itself
In and through him.

9464. The Distributor Of Goodwill

O my mind,
You are telling me
That you have no work to do.
Can you not cheerfully be
The distributor of God’s Goodwill
To each and every human life?

9465. I Shall Build And Become

I shall show my love for God
By doing two things:
I shall build a temple
In each human heart,
And I shall become the sacrificial fire
On the altar of each human life.

9466. No Such Thing

There is no such thing
As the mind’s worthy desire.
There is no such thing
As the heart’s unworthy aspiration.
There is no such thing
As the soul’s useless realisation.

9467. Burials

Yesterday I buried
My dark disappointments.
Today I am burying
My proud unwillingness.
Tomorrow I shall bury
My earth-suspicion-ugliness.

9468. My Silver Dreams

My silver dreams
Are extremely powerful and beautiful,
For they are creating
My fruitful realities.

9469. Your Unwillingness To Accept Light

Your failure-life
Will never be punished.
It is your unwillingness
To accept light in God’s own Way
That will be severely punished.

9470. In My Sweet Dream-Life

In my sweet dream-life
I walk with God
The Compassion-Sea.

In my harsh reality-life
I follow God
The Justice-Sun.

9471. Not An Impossible Task

It may be a difficult task,
But not an impossible one,
For a seeker’s aspiration-light
To grow into an unconditional

9472. No Cloud Passes

No cloud passes
Between my aspiring heart
And my illumining soul.

No sunlight passes
Between my doubting mind
And my strangling vital.

9473. Can We Not Share?

My Lord Supreme,
Can we not share our responsibilities?
I shall deal with
The flood of quantity,
And You will take care of
The sea of quality.

9474. I Am So Happy

I am so happy
That I have altogether forgotten
My doubtful mind
And have accepted my inner light
Cheerfully, totally and unconditionally.

9475. If You Have Faith

If you have faith
In your love-power,
Then you can easily expedite
God’s choice Hour.

9476. To Accomplish Anything

If you want to accomplish anything
Divine and supreme
In your inner life,
Then destroy your train of fear.

If you want to accomplish anything
Divine and supreme
In your outer life,
Then destroy your chain of doubt.

9477. My Mind Is Evolving

My mind is evolving
By virtue of its self-conquest.
My heart is evolving
By virtue of its self-offering.

9478. My Heart's Humility-Nest

I love my heart’s tiny humility-nest
Infinitely more than
My mind’s huge arrogance-palace.

9479. Each Hope-Flame On Earth

Each hope-flame on earth
Awakens the seeker in man
And directs him towards
God-Light in Heaven.

9480. God The Compassion-Height

True, God the Justice-Light
And God the Compassion-Height
Are inseparably one,
But we all long for
Only God the Compassion-Height.

9481. Only A Heart Of Surrender

Only a heart of surrender
And a life of gratitude
Are proudly treasured
By our Beloved Supreme.

9482. Even God Is Employed

You are sad
That you are employed by someone
And are not your own master.
But do you not realise
That even God is employed
By His Compassion-Eye
And Forgiveness-Heart?

9483. To Determine God's Capacities

My aspiration-cries
And God’s Ecstasy-Skies
God created to determine
His own finite and infinite Capacities.

9484. Your Vital-Life Has Caused

Your vital-life has caused
Tremendous curiosity
In the world.

Your mind-life has caused
Tremendous confusion
In the world.

Your heart-life has spread
Tremendous luminosity
All around the world.

9485. You Will Be Perfect

You will be happy
If you turn your heart
Into a desireless God-seeker.

You will be perfect
If you turn your life
Into a sleepless God-lover.

9486. God Has Already Decreed It

Even a mind
Darker than a starless night
Will one day become as bright
As the sunlit day.
God has already decreed it.

9487. My Mind's Tension-World

My mind’s tension-world
Is crying and dying
To see the face
Of my soul’s earth-transforming light.

9488. Sincerity Is Not Dead

Sincerity is not dead.
It is the mind
That longs for sincerity
Which is long dead.

Purity is not dead.
It is the heart
That longs for purity
Which is long dead.

God is not dead.
It is the life
That longs for God
Which is long dead.

9489. God Believes In Progress

God believes in progress.
Therefore, there is always self-transcendence
Both in His Universal Life
And in His Transcendental Life.
Can we not imitate God?
Can we not make constant progress
And constantly transcend ourselves
The way God eternally does?

9490. In Vain My Heart Is Looking

In vain my heart is looking
For a smile to borrow
In this ill-fated world.

9491. A Beautiful Answer

God the Justice
Prompts a powerful question.
God the Compassion
Provides a beautiful answer.

9492. We Can Destroy The Destroyer

Misunderstanding is
The destroyer of love.
We can destroy the destroyer
By transcending the barriers
Of our own self-love.

9493. Your Heart's Compassion-Net

My Lord,
If I am supposed to catch
The ignorance of the world,
Then do give me Your Heart’s
If I am supposed to love
The beauty of the world,
Then do give me Your Heart’s

9494. My Mind Wants

My mind wants
Only to acquire.
My heart wants
Only to become.
My soul wants
Only to please the Supreme
In His own Way.

9495. The Human Life Is A Bridge

The human life is a bridge
Between man’s mortal hope
And God’s immortal Promise.

9496. You Are Also The Soul

You are not only the body,
You are not only the vital,
You are not only the mind,
You are not only the heart,
But you are also the soul,
Especially the soul.

9497. Your Master's Ocean

Once you enter into
Your Master’s ocean of oneness-love,
You will feel miserable for those
Who have not yet entered.

9498. Only One Message

Even if you are truly pleasing God,
He still has only one message for you:
“My child,
Your capacities have no limit.
You can aspire and achieve infinitely more.”

9499. God Knocked At Your Door

God came and knocked at your door
To tell you that you are
His supremely chosen instrument.
Alas, you left His knock unanswered.

9500. My Payment

My Lord,
You have granted me
A flood of enlightenment.
May I give You my payment
In endless gratitude?

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the ninety-fifth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy presents a bouquet to Mrs Coretta Scott King at a programme honouring her husband, the late Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, at the United Nations on 29 November 1977.

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