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Right from my infancy my brother Chitta has inspired me, encouraged me and taught me lovingly and unreservedly how to devotedly and successfully enter into the poetry-world. Therefore today with my heart's boundless gratitude I am offering my seeker-poet's flower-gathering to him, the Source of my poetry-world.

Chinmoy 7 January 1978

1. I need

I need
A new beginning-light.
I need
A new transcending height.
I need
A new fulfilling joy.
I need
A new God-loving Chinmoy.

2. I give, I live

I give,
With a sleepless smile I give.
I live,
With a breathless cry I live.
I sow,
The seed of peace I sow.
I row,
My golden boat I row.

3. That was the day of my golden dreams

That was the day
Of my golden dreams
When I firmly stood
Above human schemes,
Above earth-clay,
Above my cry,
Above my sigh,
Above world-snare,
God only my care.

4. I please my hunger stark

I please my hunger stark
And boldly enjoy my freedom-night.
I feed my climbing cry
And truly enjoy my freedom-light.

I know, no joy I know
Within, without, below, above.
Until I breathe and own
The life of my blue perfection-love.

5. My Lord in silence

My Lord in silence hears
My helpless cry.
My Lord in silence helps
My vision fly.

My Lord in silence kills
My human pride.
My Lord in silence gives
My heart a ride.

6. My heart-to-heart talk

My heart-to-heart
Talk with my Lord Supreme
Cancels my darkness-dream.
Am I not smart?

My heart-to-heart
Talk with my human souls
Takes me to eyeless goals;
Ere me death-dart.

7. I love

I love, O world,
No, not because I give.
I give because I love,
Because I live
In my Master's vision-sky
With my selfless glow.
Perfection now am I
In my breathless flow.

8. God loves my beauty's soul

God loves my beauty's soul,
Man loves my duty's role,
I love my mounting goal,
Long dead my sombre dole.

9. Anchor my roots have found

Anchor my roots have found
In my Lord's Compassion-Light.
I am on perfection-flight;
No more my life earth-bound.

10. I plumb my selfless life

I plumb my selfless life
To mirror God.
I brook no sleepless strife,
No terror-rod.

11. My love is free

My love is free,
A quick man-changer-light.
My peace is free,
A true God-tower-height.

12. A gift worth taking

A gift worth taking: joy.
A gift worth giving: poise.
A gift worth transcending: hope.
A gift worth breaking: noise.

13. Yours is the heart

Are you your own
Sublime self-styled boss?
Yours is the heart
Of breathless and godless loss.

Are you your own
Soulful devotion-slave?
Yours is the crown
Of matchless victory brave.

14. We deserve

One thing you,
Only you deserve: delight.
One thing he,
Only he deserves: soul-flight.
One thing I,
Only I deserve: God-choice.
One thing all,
Only all deserve: Truth-voice.

15. Although I brag

Although I brag and brag,
Nothing to brag about.
Although I drag and drag,
Nothing to drag around.
Although I cry and cry,
Nothing I truly need.
Although I search and search,
Nothing yet I have found.

16. A big mistake

A big mistake:
I love my face
Of black disgrace.
A big success:
I love my dream,
Sky-blue Supreme.

17. From death to life

From death to life
Promise, my friend supreme, beckons
My feeble sight.
From life to death
Failure, my giant foe, marshals
My human right.

18. Things are totally different now

Things are totally different now.
My Saviour-Friend forgets to smile.
I truly know not why and how.

Things are shockingly different now.
I forget my morning prayer-cry.
I truly know not why and how.

19. Don't fool yourself!

Don't fool yourself!
Day in, day out
You sport and shout.
You need my help.

Don't fool yourself!
Precious your life,
A venom-knife.
You need my help.

20. Your life a God-Dream

Watch your step!
Danger, keep off, I say.
Yours is the life
Not made of sordid clay;
Your life a God-Dream
Slowly shall blossom pure
And touch the sun
In all its brilliance sure.

21. O doubt, my tricky foe

O doubt, my tricky foe,
Away you needs must go.
My heart desires delight,
My life, perfection-light,
My soul, God and God-height,
My world, taut oneness-might.
O doubt, my tricky foe,
Away you needs must go.

22. Follow the leader great and good

Follow the leader great and good,
His beauty's boat is serving nectar-food.
Not in the mire of pleasure-sleep.
Awake and dive into your ecstasy deep.
Be wise!

23. Stop, O trouble-maker!

Stop, O trouble-maker!
My friend, trouble-shooter,
Is all ready
To end your eyeless play.
You and your wiles forced me
To climb life's nothingness-tree.
O trouble-maker, stop,
Stop your frontless hop.

24. Behold your life

Alas, an all-day sermon-food
Has ruined your child-heart's beauty-glow.
Behold your life and its nothingness-flow!
Dive deep within to see the face —
You be your friend and teacher good —
Of loving and guiding summit-grace.

25. Your little world God needs

Go pay high wages, sure,
My friends, only be pure.
Your little world God needs
Because its dream-boat feeds
Slowly His Hunger deep.
Awake, no comatose sleep!

26. He practises what he preached

He practises what he preached:
He purchases what he sold:

27. I told you so

I told you so.
Your eyes shall see
The face of Light.
I told you so.

I told you so.
Your heart shall serve
I told you so.

I told you so.
Your soul shall give
I told you so.

28. You are not too late

You are too late, who says?
No, you are not.
Ignorance taut
In utter silence slays
Your journey's birth,
Your Godward mirth,
Your spirit's beauty-rays.
You are not too late.
Again begin your quest
For divinity-nest.
Resume your summit plays.

29. You are crazy

You are crazy, insane; you fool,
You miss often your inner school.
You are impure beyond measure;
You need a heavy, ruthless pressure.
You are jealous and insecure;
In you purity fails to smile and endure.

30. I sing

I sing,
No, not because
I have a superb voice;
Because I fulfil
God's unhorizoned Choice.

31. O tears of anguish dark

O tears of anguish dark,
Your lance has smashed my pride.
In vain I cry and sigh,
No hole for me to hide.

32. The wings of my black desire

The wings of my black desire
I shall now clip.
My ego-trip
I have cancelled to aspire,
Slowly to win the race
Of God's sweet Haven-Grace.

33. Some other time

Some other time,
Man, I shall love your aspiration-flame.
I hope it meets with your
Approval white.

Some other time,
God, I shall love Your Oneness-Game.
I hope it meets with Your

34. Dreamers of dreams

Dreamers of dreams,
You are the chosen servers pure
Of God-descending flames
To transform human frames
Into perfection-dawns secure,
Dreamers of dreams!

35. Laughers will be losers

Laughers will be losers,
Just wait and see.
Seekers will be winners
Of nectar-sea.

Doubters will be losers,
Just wait and see.
Lovers will be winners
Of freedom free.

36. Not fit

Not fit to live
A seeker's breath;
Therefore I die.
Not fit to die
A hero's death;
Therefore I live.

Not fit to perform
A soulful dance;
Therefore I sleep.
Not fit to sleep
A fruitful trance;
Therefore I weep.

37. Scoffers, beware!

Scoffers, beware!
A tiny thing,
Can torture your hearts.
Therefore, beware
And do not dare.

38. O magic sleep

O magic sleep,
You are so deep,
You are all love.
O magic sleep,
Do keep me, keep
As your purity-dove.
O magic sleep,
I sow and reap
Oneness above.

39. Don't be surprised

Don't be surprised at all;
I have measured my Lord's Perfection-Strength.
Although I am weak and small
I have travelled His Oneness-Length.

40. Oh now I know

Oh now I know
Why I always fail:
This world I blindly assail.
Oh now I know
Why I always fail:
I love my body-jail.

41. A sea of great confusion stark

A sea of great confusion stark
I know, I know, I certainly know
In my vital mind.
In it I find
No light; I bark frustration-bark.
Alas, I love this weakness-flow.

42. Daggers

Dagger of the heart: impurity.
Dagger of the vital: frustration.
Dagger of the mind: doubt.
Dagger of the body: conflagration.

43. In vain I try

To unmask falsehood
And its titan brood
In vain I try,
In vain I cry.
Yet hope-bud must bloom.
For me no doom.

44. A world I had

A world of fruitful days
I had, I had.
My heart was glad.

A world of soulful nights
I had, I had.
But now
Long lost; I am mad.

45. The touch of the stars

The touch of the stars
Awakens my inner cry.
To love the stars
I shall now soulfully try.
Each star grants me
A hope of perfection-morn;
Each star helps me,
Blesses me with God-Victory's Horn.

46. Peace is pure love

Peace is pure love,
Believe it or not.
Joy is pure life,
Believe it or not.
God is pure man,
Believe it or not.

47. Your silence

Your silence, secret as the grave,
Your smile, sacred as the shrine,
Your love, as pure as mine;
Ignorance-night we brave.

48. You are my ladder-height

You are my ladder-height,
O aspiration-song,
To reach the light
Of the skies ere long.
All worlds shall throng
To drink silence-delight.

49. Thy heart, my hiding place

Thy Heart, my hiding place;
My life is all disgrace.
Thy Smile, my hiding place;
I am my shameless face.
Thy Feet, my hiding place;
I shall stop my backward race.

50. Lift up your eyes

Lift up your eyes.
Beautiful they are
From near, afar.
Lift up your arms.
Powerful they are,
Duty's tower.
Lift up your head.
Watch Heaven's dance,
A oneness-trance.

51. O Master, hide my soul

O Master, hide my soul;
It is not doing its task.
It cares not to unmask
My heart's pure, crying role.
Therefore I have no goal,
A flood of increasing dole.

52. With you alone

With you alone
Is perfection-heart,
To you alone
Bows low death-dart.
In you alone
Is God's God-Pride,
For you alone
God's worlds abide.

53. Truth is alone

Truth is alone.
Go and converse
With it today.
Go, go and play.
You needs must go,
Not the reverse.

54. The burial hour

The burial hour
Of my black desire,
The cremating hour
Of my bondage-fire
I still remember
With boundless pride
In my seeking's ride.

55. An eternal note of sadness-night

An eternal note of sadness-night
Haunts me, my all, today.
No death of my bondage-clay,
No birth of my freedom-play,
No hope of my silence-ray;
I am all lost in frustration-flight.

56. I know, I know

I know, I know
Of human bondage-night.
I also know
Of sky-freedom-delight.

I know, I know
When feeble hope cries.
I also know
The land empty of sighs.

57. I was a chainless soul

I was a chainless soul
And now a fruitless life.
I was a vision-goal
And now a ceaseless strife.

58. Faith shines equal

Faith shines equal
To success-height.
Faith shines equal
To progress-light.
Faith shines equal
To perfection-sight.
Faith shines equal
To oneness-delight.

59. Helpless is my world within

Helpless is my world within,
Hopeless is my world without,
Soulless is my mind's desiring night,
Goalless is my body-vital fight.

60. Your magic life

Your magic life,
White aspiration and black desire,
I fail to enjoy.

I shall employ
Blue realisation and gold manifestation
In one boundless sea of God-fire.

61. Strengthen me

Strengthen me, my heart-faith.
Enlighten me, my mind-choice.
Awaken me, my body-sleep.
Quicken me, my vital-voice.

62. Futility, my body's life

Futility, my body's life,
Ability, my soul's eye,
Necessity, my heart's cry;
Behold, perfection-sky!

63. No harm is meant

No harm is meant.
You are not good,
You eat no soul-food.
No harm is meant.

No harm is meant.
Everyone you fear
Both far and near.
No harm is meant.

64. Frail thoughts shall fail

Frail thoughts shall fail.
Their right room is jail.
Strong will will fly,
Its right place, the sky.

65. Look where I am

Look where I am.
Earth, weep no more;
I am all for you
At your heart's door.

66. I saw my Source

With ecstasy pure
I saw my Source,
With surrender sure
I shall take His Course.

67. To serve my Maker-Lord

To serve my Maker-Lord
I saw the light of day,
To love my Beloved Friend
I began our oneness-play.

68. Worlds not realised

Worlds not realised
Cannot be divinised.
Truth not manifested
Cannot be perfected.
Vision not achieved
Cannot be perceived.

69. I am always on my Maker's side

I am always on my Maker's side;
No, not because
Daily He gives my heart a ride,
Oh, but because
I am allowed in His Heart to hide.

70. I love your Thunder-Sound

My Lord, I love Your Thunder-Sound.
In it Your Vision-Eye is found.
My Lord, I love Your Silence-Sky.
It loves my life and helps me fly.

71. Faults to hide

Faults to hide,
Pardon to ride.
Life to cry,
Love to fly.
Light to see,
Truth to be.

72. Freedom is my hope

Freedom is my hope,
Bondage is my scope.
Plenty is my fun,
Scanty is my sun.

73. My heart has heard the Call

My heart has heard the Call;
My life never shall fall.
My soul has seen the Face;
For me, nothing but Grace.

74. Man's ways to God

Man's ways to God:
Conceal and deceive.
God's ways to man:
Just claim and receive.

75. My Lord is mine

My Lord is mine.
To Him I pray,
With Him I play.
We both are fine.

My Lord is mine.
For Him I sing,
To Him I bring
My selfless shrine.

76. Where is the goal?

O pioneer-soul
Of my heart-life,
Where is the goal?
All-where death-knife.
Where is God-Love
And where is He?
Below, above
I, a barren tree.

77. My Lord Supreme

My Lord Supreme
I know, I know
Each heart-endeavour
Awakens ere long
A living splendour,
My Lord Supreme.

78. I cannot hope

I cannot hope,
I cannot sing;
Around me a rope,
A temptation-ring.
No hope, no hope,
No joy, no joy;
I shall just grope,
A feeble toy.

79. I am really sorry

Sorry, sorry, I am really sorry,
O man,
You are falling from my remembrance-tree.
Delight, delight, all-where ceaseless delight.
Your Bounty high has sealed the face of night.

80. You do not care

You do not care
For truth.
You do not care
For light.
You do not care
For peace.
You care only for

81. I am in touch

I am in touch
With God.
I am in touch
With God's Vision-Light.

I am in touch
With man.
I am in touch
With man's feeble sight.

82. Although I am made of clay

Although I am made of clay
Dauntless I shall stay
To be a perfect slave
Of God's nightless Day.

83. O circus-delight of horizon-light

O circus-delight
Of horizon-light,
You have invited me.
Alas, just see
Has caught me taut.
Alas, totally unsought.

84. Easy

Easy to cry,
Easy to fly.
Easy to fear,
Easy to spear.
Easy to sow,
Easy to grow.
Easy to think,
Easy to sink.

85. O hope

O hope, you are my treasure dear
Of a long century.
Because of you I see not the fear
Of stark penury.

86. The night is darkening

The night is darkening
Around my mind.
The day is breaking
Within my heart.
God-Truth is dawning
Inside my life.
God-Light is clearing
My journey's start.

87. O beginningless beginning

O beginningless beginning,
My soul embodies your meaning.
O ceaseless end, O ceaseless end,
In me you will find your only friend.

88. Yours are the untold crimes

Yours are the untold crimes
Beyond all pardon-light.
Yours is the foolish pride,
Just-arrived destruction-night.

89. A single human cry

A single human cry
Can easily bring down God the Grace.
A single smile divine
Can swiftly transform mortal face.

90. Lord, I cannot live with you

Lord, I cannot live with You
Because You are too great.
Lord, I cannot live without You
Because You are the net.
Lord, I cannot think of You
Because You are too high.
Lord, I can think of You
Because You hear my cry.

91. To be a cosmic god

To be a cosmic god
I soulfully pray
And tearfully cry.
To be another God
I smilingly play
And sleeplessly fly.

92. Although he brags

Although he brags,
His present life,
Nothing to show.

Although he drags
His previous life,
Nothing to glow.

93. O greedy hands

O greedy hands,
Never to grasp
The world and its achievements great.

O greedy eyes,
Never to clasp
And capture the world with your lurid net.

94. This is my sermon-time

This is my sermon-time.
O brother-world, your silence I need.
This is my sermon-time.
O mother-earth, your cries I shall feed.

95. I shall inspire once more

I shall inspire once more the world
Before I leave,
And then a sigh of pure relief
My life shall heave.

96. I dearly love my India

I dearly love my India
And its age-old silence-peace.
I dearly love my America
And its child-heart's beauty increase.

97. In silence-love I cry

In silence-love I cry,
In silence-joy I fly,
In silence-song I give,
In silence-dance I live.

98. New floor of silence-height

New floor of silence-height,
New sky of vision-light,
I shall reach by tonight.

99. You and your unfaltering trust

You and your unfaltering trust
Shall win the Godward race.
You and your unconditional dove
Shall win God's God-Embrace.

100. Who asked you to remain unrealised?

Who asked you to remain unrealised?
It was your own stupid mistake.
Who asked you to remain imperfect?
Now cure yourself from your Eternity's ache!

101. One soulful hope

Although in despair-night it gropes,
One soulful hope forever hopes
To muster my Lord's binding ropes.

102. All shrines are oneness-one

All shrines are oneness-one,
But not the seeker's mind unripe.
He plays his soulless division-pipe;
God-touch remains undone.

103. A single Heaven-flame

A single Heaven-flame
Gave his life boundless fame,
A single Heaven-flame.

A single Heaven-flame
In silence taught him God-game,
A single Heaven-flame.

104. O matchless beauty's smiling sky

O matchless beauty's smiling sky,
Once more my heart shall cry,
Once more my mind shall try
For a vastness-shower to you to fly.

105. The fount of life

The fount of life quickens
My heart,
The fount of life.

The round of life weakens
My mind,
The round of life.

The love of life strengthens
My all,
The love of life.

106. O sunlit silence-life

O sunlit silence-life,
I need your strength
To cover the length
Of breathless human strife.

O sunlit silence-soul,
I need your love
To be your dove
To clasp my longing's goal.

107. My song

My song, my song,
My song is my heart-offering-joy.
My song, my song,
My song is my God-cherished toy.

108. Earth is crying for a new birth

Earth is crying for a new birth;
O Lord, give her another chance.
I pray to You to give her mirth
And free her heart from titan-lance.

109. A garland of soul-victory

A garland of soul-victory
Has made him dance.
A smile of silence-sky
Has granted him trance.

110. A human voice of the divine

A human voice of the divine
Taught his heart how to cry.
A voice divine of a human soul
Taught his life how to fly.

111. Peace smiles

Peace smiles in acceptance-joy,
Nothing on earth to annoy.
Love triumphs in oneness-play,
Oneness with man's deathless day.

112. I fly from sky to sky

I fly from sky to sky,
I run from clime to clime
Soulfully to do God's Will
And play with His Vision-Time.

113. All I had

My Lord, although quite thick, not thin,
All I had was an ego-skin.
I danced with breathless bravado-din.

My Lord, now all I have is Thine
And all I have is Thee; I shine
In Thy Nectar-Love, Compassion divine.

114. My sound campaigns

My sound campaigns,
My silence contains,
My vital entertains,
My mind complains,
My heart maintains,
My life attains,
My body remains,
My soul retains.

115. A place of mystic grace

My heart a place
Of mystic grace,
My soulful smile
Knows no decay.
Each day I join
The inner race,
Each day my Lord's
Beauty I portray.

116. I always begin my day

I always begin my day
In my Lord Pilot Supreme.
I always end my day
Fulfilling His Nectar-Dream.

117. Aflame with faith

Aflame with faith
I touched the feet
Of divinity-man.

Aflame with love
I breathed the heart
Of humanity-plan.

118. No iota of pride

Love has no iota of pride.
It has nothing to hide.

Joy has no iota of fear.
All soulfully dear.

119. My heart-cry ascends

My heart-cry
Ascends with prayer-might.
My life-smile
Ascends in meditation-light.

120. Friends big and small

They all love me,
Friends big and small.
I love them all
They need my will,
I need their arms.
They need my charms,
I need their skill.

121. My love shall chant God's Name

My love shall chant
God's Name.
My joy shall dote
On God's Fame.
My life shall invoke
God's Grace.
My death shall see
God's Face.

122. Nothing more illumining

Nothing more illumining
Than silence-cry.
Nothing more fulfilling
Than vision-sky.

123. When I take shelter

When I take shelter
In my Master's eye
I see star-twinkling sky.
When I take shelter
In my Master's heart,
I devour death-dart.
When I take shelter
At my Master's feet
Ignorance-dream I quit.

124. Your dauntless will

Use your dauntless will.
Floods from thought-sea
You can easily kill.

125. Silence-tears I weep

Silence-tears I weep,
Silence-smiles I smile,
Silence-man I adore,
Silence-God opens my door.

126. For love you find one thing

For love you bind,
For love you blind,
For love you find
One thing: oneness —
Earth-bound oneness-night,
Heaven-free oneness-light.

127. One gleam of faith

One gleam of faith
Can end ignorance-play.
One streak of ray
Can usher in timeless day.

128. A great man is my pride

A great man is my pride,
A good man is my ideal,
A God-man is really real.

129. A ring of hallowed flame

A ring of hallowed flame
Protected his life, his all.
He is God-flame's cherished doll.

130. The challenger

He challenged man only to annoy,
He challenged earth only to enjoy,
He challenged Heaven only to dare,
He challenged God only to share.

131. No aspiration?

No aspiration?
Then death is fast approaching you.
No dedication?
Then failure-beggar is demanding you.

132. Flowers that will never bloom

Flowers that will never bloom:

Flowers that will always bloom:

133. My sad sorrow

My sad sorrow
Creates your ecstasy-height.
My glad delight
Removes your demise-night.

134. When a man seems to care for me

When a man seems to care for me
I fly.
When my God seems to care for me
I cry.
And when I seem to care for me
I die.

135. Life is my philosophy-sight

Life is my philosophy-sight,
Heart is my religion pure,
Yoga is my preparation-light,
God is my only Friend-Love sure.

136. I think, I think

I think, I think
Only to sink.
I pray, I pray
Only to decay.
I meditate, I meditate
Only to mediate

137. That Dreamer divine

That Dreamer divine who was in you
Is fulfilled now.
Tell me, do you know, do you know,
Friend, why and how?
Precisely because
Your heart treasures the dreamland-hue.

138. The clasp of peace

The clasp of peace,
The grasp of power,
The wasp of fear,
Build my breath-tower.

139. The blossom of a second life

The blossom of a second life
Brings me a sea of hope.
The demise of a second life
Envelops my august scope.

140. Each man is a new dream of God

Each man is a new dream of God,
Each man is a new life of truth,
Each man is a new soul of love,
Each man is a new flood of ruth.

141.The cries of my heart

The cries of my heart
Have made me a divinity-flame.
The sighs of my life
Have helped me play with God, God's Game.

142. My heart is ready

My heart is ready.
You may feed it
With your cosmic ray.
You may break it
In your own way.
My heart is ready.

143. This simple answer

"I do not know."
This simple answer
Has saved me,
My smooth life-flow,
Time and again
From complication-chain,
Stark falsehood gain.

144. Deep Compassion of Your Face

Deep Compassion of Your Face
Saves me, my life, my all.
I shall obey Your Call.
With me start a new race.

145. O friends of God-love

O pure and sweet friends of God-love
Within, without, below, above,
I sing a soulful prayer
In the morning,
I dance a fruitful meditation
In the evening.

146. Why do I cry?

Why do I cry?
Why do I sigh?
My Lord I love,
I am His dove.

147. The vision of your tears

The vision of your tears pure
Has made you a God-lover,
A high realisation-tower,
A perfect oneness-power.

148. A world of true aspiration

A world of true aspiration
Empty of frustration,
A world of true dedication
Empty of isolation.

149. My heart is open to all

My heart is open to all.
I shall be their friend and slave.
I shall love them, their hearts,
I shall serve them, their lives.
A new road I shall pave
For their new journey's new start.

150. I have found

In my God-love I have found
What I once sadly lost:
My selfless love for all —
Weak, strong, big, small.

151. How many blessings?

How many blessings
I really enjoy?
Two, only two:
I daily destroy
Constantly I vote
For the Supreme.

152. The song of freedom divine

The song of freedom divine
Smashes the pride of death.
The song of human freedom,
Lo, loses precious breath.

153. A temple inside your longing body

A temple inside your longing body;
You are so divinely pure.

A living God within your heart;
You are so supremely sure.

154. My prayer ascends

Slowly and steadily
My prayer ascends,
Like a blue bird.
Softly and divinely
My service descends,
Like a heavy rain.

155. My heart's sore need

My heart's sore need:
Delight, only delight,
Inside purity-height
To feed my Master, feed.

156. My dream has now come true

My dream has now come true.
I am seeing my beauty's flower.
I am scanning my duty's tower.
I am smiling with divinity-hour.
I am enjoying perfection-shower.

157. Love spreads its wings

Love spreads its wings
Measurelessly, all-where.
Joy opens its heart
With its perfect care.

158. Beyond the welkin-rim

Are you dying for a dream?
Then quickly come to me.
Beyond the welkin-rim
I shall set your vision free.

159. Your childlike faith

Your childlike faith
I love, I enjoy, I treasure.
Your saintlike heart
I worship beyond measure.

160. I fear no more

I fear no more;
I am now completely free.
I doubt no more;
My mind a sheltering tree.

161. Two are the duties of the soul

Two are the duties of the soul:
To shower God's Grace
On earth's crying night,
To preserve God's Face
In Heaven's smiling light.

162. Two favourite things

I have just two favourite things:
I cry and smile,
I smile and cry.
To cry for God's Beauty's Length,
I smile at man's duty's strength.

163. Your smile falls sweet

Your smile falls sweet
At your great compassion-hour;
Therein my psychic heart-flower,
My life is neat.

164. A sudden thought of God

A sudden thought of God
Has freed his human life
From the world of clamour-din.
He tastes God-freedom within.

165. To see my Pilot Supreme

To see my Pilot Supreme
In vain I tried,
In vain I cried,
In vain I sighed,
In vain I died.
My dream remains the dream.

166. Star-like you soar

Star-like you soar,
Lion-like you roar.
Child-like you stay,
God-like you play.

167. Lost in stormy vision

Lost in stormy vision,
Caught in murky mission,
Dead in ignorance-dream;
Yet he loves his Supreme.

168. Comfort is but pain

Comfort is but pain;
Pleasure is but chain.
Love is God-joy;
Surrender is God-toy.

169. You rise in perfect light

You rise in perfect light,
You dive in perfect poise,
You run in perfect speed,
You sing in perfect voice.

170. Earth's bleeding heart I own

Earth's bleeding heart,
I own.
Heaven's smiling face,
I sow.
Man's doubting mind,
I condone.
God's forgiving Eye,
I know.

171. One lightning hope

One lightning hope
And he became
One surrendered thought
And he became

172. United in hallowed love

United in hallowed love
My life, my soul, my heart
Are dreaming now in me
Where I see death-dart.

173. Depths of a God-hungry heart

Depths of a God-hungry heart
Every day I employ.
Delight of a God-nourished meal
Every day I enjoy.

174. Hope is Heaven-glow

Hope is Heaven-glow,
Fear is a titan-blow.
Doubt is death-dart,
Faith is God-start.

175. Your flaming will

Your flaming will
I admire and I adore.
Your surrendered will
Is perfection's God-Door.

176. In the smile of man

In the smile of man
I see my blossoming future-soul.
In the Smile of God
I see my own Eternity's Goal.

177. My sweet Lord loves my hope

My sweet Lord loves my hope.
Smiling I soar.

My sweet Lord feeds my faith.
Dancing I roar.

178. A path of silence-light

A path of silence-light
Before my longing sight.
A path of God-delight
Cancels my age-old night.

179. A Heaven-hungry man

A Heaven-hungry man
Is fed by a blossoming ken.
An earth-hungry God
Is blessed by a roaring den.

180. Hope is Heaven's feet

Hope is Heaven's feet,
Work is Heaven's eye,
Love is Heaven's pride,
Joy is Heaven's sky.

181. Your blossoming heart

Your blossoming heart
The world adores.
Your doubting mind
The world abhors.
Your sleeping body
The world forgives.
Your challenging vital
The world achieves.

182. Earth's tears, Heaven's smiles

Earth's tears,
Heaven's smiles
Have made
Me really good.
Their love,
Their joy:
My choice,
My only food.

183. Although I tried

Although I tried
Time and again
To raise your life
From sorrow's pain,
I failed to succeed.
Yet I shall proceed.

184. The summit of human task

The summit of human task:
Love, serve and wait.
The summit of task divine:
Enter earth-heart's closed gate.

185. In rapture of service-dance

In rapture of service-dance
My boat and I sail.
An ancient cosmic mask
I shall unveil.

186. I sing through my heart-tears

I sing through my heart-tears,
I smile through my soul-flame,
I love with my service-life,
I cherish surrender-game.

187. Vaster than the sky

Vaster than the sky,
Deeper than the sea,
Purer than the moon,
Man's God-Oneness-Tree.

188. Give me your soulful heart

Give me your soulful heart
To take my fruitful soul.
Give me your service-role
To own my summit-goal.

189. Truth is a shield

Truth is a shield,
Love is a field.
Man is a song,
God is a gong.

190. Offering

To each loving and smiling heart
I offer my gratitude-heart.
To each serving and surrendering heart
I offer my God-Vision heart.

191. The story of my doleful heart

The story of my doleful heart
Nobody wants to hear.
The story of my dying life:
For this even God does not care.

192. A white flame

A white flame slakes
My quenchless thirst.
A blue flame in me
Shall play and last.

193. My tears are serving God

My tears are serving God,
My smiles are serving me,
My heart is serving man,
This is my life history.

194. Into the world I came

Into the world I came
No, not for earthly fame,
No, not for Heavenly gain,
But to be the love-fountain.

195. I love my earth

I love my earth.
I shall always love
Around me, above

196. I shall spread garlands at Your Feet

Lord, I shall spread
Garlands at Your Feet
To make me happy and good.
My Lord Supreme,
You are so kind,
So sweet, such Nectar-Food.

197. The treasures of my tears

The treasures of my tears:
Not only priceless,
Birthless and deathless too.
Always they will triumph
And never meet a Waterloo.

198. Your beauty hides unseen

Your beauty hides unseen,
Your song remains unheard,
Your duty drives unloved;
Nothing for you unbarred.

199. Where beauty and duty shine

Where beauty and duty shine
I dance my cosmic dance,
I stab the pride of death-lance
With my Father-Friend
To dine.

200. I invoke the flaming dawn

I invoke the flaming dawn.
Someday, someday,
This life of clay,
This vital display
Surely shall die;
I shall own bliss-sky.

201. Too great for haste

Too great for haste,
Your mind.
Too good for hate,
Your heart.
Too divine for insecurity-night,
Your vital.
Too kind for strangling fight,
Your body.

202. Oh where is hell?

Oh where is hell?
Who can tell?
I know quite well.
Try your mind-cave.

203. Although I am not deep

Although I am not deep,
My sleep is deep.
Although I am not vast,
My ignorance is vast.
Although I do not weep,
My hot tears weep.
Although I do not fast,
My children fast.

204. I had a dream

I had a dream,
I had a dream:
God will make me
His Compassion-Stream.
I had a dream,
I had a dream:
God needs my smile
To support His Team.

205. I see in him no more a beast

I see in him no more a beast.
His human life is released,
His divine life has increased;
He will ere long enjoy God-feast.

206. What shall I do?

What shall I do?
The world is so unkind.
What shall I do?
The world is totally blind.
What shall I do?
Mine is a doubt-cherished mind.
What shall I do?
My Lord I never find.

207. I do not sing

I do not sing,
I cannot sing.
But I love and serve,
I cry and sigh;
God-pride I bring.

208. No haste

No haste, no haste;
Just slowly taste
The beauty of your core —
More, ever more.

209. You will have my bosom-key

You will have my bosom-key
I can easily forsee.
You will have my blessing-pride
And my own chariot-ride.

210. I have no skill

I have no skill,
I have no scheme,
I have no dream,
I have no will.

I have but one thing:

211. My mind shall not complain

My mind shall not complain,
My heart shall not explain,
My vital shall abstain,
My body shall attain.

212. You teach

You teach
The world how to reach
I tell
The world to enjoy

You teach
The world how to be
I tell
The world to drink

213. No one

Who can feed
My greed?
No one.
Who can lead
My speed?
No one.

214. I shall sow the seed of love

I shall sow the seed
Of love.
I shall not mislead
My heart shall accede
To truth.
My soul shall precede
My march.

215. Here is the key

Here is the key
To open my heart.
Here is the smile
To remove world-dirt.
Here is the sea
Of oneness-glee.

216. Your love has heard your plea

O devotee,
Can you not ever foresee
Your realisation-tree?
O devotee,
Your love has heard your plea.
Lo, the world-perfection-key.

217. Mine is the heart

Mine is the heart
That knows
How to cry.
Mine is the soul
That knows
How to fly.
Mine is the mind
That knows
How to lie.
Mine is the vital
That knows
How to tie.
Mine is the body
That knows
How to die.

218. This is my fate

This is my fate.
This is my fate:
I have forgotten
To open
My own heart-gate.

This is my fate.
This is my fate:
I have forgotten
My last
God-interview date.

219. My soul shall always share

My soul shall always share,
My heart shall always care,
My life shall always dare,
I shall give God-Oneness rare.

220. What you truly need

What you truly need
Is a listening ear.
What you truly need
Is a comrade dear.
What you truly need
Is a perfect earth.
What you truly need
Is God's new birth.

221. This is the way

This is the way.
This is the way:
To win God-Day,
With God to play,
To transform earth-clay.
This is the way.

222. I love the beauty of sleeping flowers

I love the beauty
Of sleeping flowers.
I love the purity
Of dying mortals.
I love the divinity
Of seeking souls.

223. To be a friend divine

To be a friend divine
I must be a supreme friend.
Indeed, this is the way
My stupid life I end.

224. One thing I know

One thing I know:
Heaven is unkind.
One thing I see:
This world is slow.
One thing I sow:

225. Heaven's will leads me

Heaven's will leads me, my mind,
Earth's will feeds me, my heart,
God's Will removes destruction-dart,
My will desires nothing to find.

226. I love because I must

I love
Because I must.
I serve
Because I love,
I pray
Because I need.
I smile
Because I feed.

227. How can I forget you?

How can I forget you?
You are so kind.
Am I so blind?
How can I forget you?
You are so true
In all you do.
How can I forget you?
You are God's Choice,
You are man's voice.

228. I think of God

I think of God
He is so kind.
I think of man
He is so sad.
I think of me
I am so blind.
I think of you
You are so mad.

229. O deaf Heaven

O deaf Heaven
I have two ears.
You can have one.
Gladly I shall share.

O eyeless earth
I have two eyes.
You can have one.
Sincerely I care.

230. Never shall I be a quitter

Never shall I be a quitter.
Am I not a life-lover?
Never shall I be a quitter.
Am I not a man-server?
Never shall I be a quitter.
Am I not for God the Creation?
Never shall I be a quitter.
Am I not for God the Satisfaction?

231. Two distant friends

Two distant friends meet:
The finite cry
The infinite smile.
Soulfully I love the two,
Equally I greet.

232. God-thought has taught me

Has taught
My cry,
How to smile.
Have become
My oneness-tree.

233. His dying hopes he left behind

His dying hopes
He left behind.
In mankind God will see
His Fruit-Vision-Tree.

234. He sang his swan song

He sang his swan song:
"Man is great,
God is good,
Life is hunger,
Death is food."

235. What I cannot do

What I cannot do:
I cannot love ignorance-shower,
I cannot live with frustration-tower.
What I can do:
I can see God face-to-face,
I can love God more than I do,
I always can serve God
To become a competitor
In the pioneer-race.

236. Your service-tree is blossoming now

Your service-tree
Is blossoming now.
Your surrender-fruits
Have kept your vow.

237. Indeed, this is the end

This is the end.
My mind
And I
Shall not try.
My heart
And I
Shall not cry.
My vital
And I
Shall not sigh.
My body
And I
Shall just die.

238. You always keep your poise

You always keep
Your poise
No matter what happens.
Sits at your feet.
For you, for you alone,

239. The beckoning sky

The beckoning sky:
I love your role.
The loving moon:
I love your soul.
The illumining sun:
You are my goal.

240. I love my task

I love my task:
Daily I unmask
My inner flame,
Daily I invite

241. I demand nothing

O Heaven-Light
Although you are so kind
I demand nothing
From you.
O earth-delight
Since you are truly blind
I demand nothing
From you.

242. Fatherhood of God

Fatherhood of God
Is when we envision
Our duty's height.
Brotherhood of God
Is when we spread
Our beauty's life.

243. I am not ready

I am not ready
To feel the heart of man.
I am not ready
To see the Face of God.
I am all ready
To give my soulful ken
To man.
I am all ready
To give my crying face
To God.

244. Great is he

Great is he
Who lives
In Heaven's charming beauty.
Good is he
Who dies for
Earth's fulfilling liberty.

245. On my way back to life

On my way back to life,
Life offered me its blossoming soul.
On my way back to death
Death offered me its resting goal.

246. Your need and love are one

Your need and love are one;
You see their oneness white.
In them you see and feel
Your satisfaction-light.

247. Four important failures

Four important failures:
Earth has lost its sincerity,
Heaven has lost its beauty,
Man has lost his divinity,
Truth has lost its purity.

248. I feed a flame within

I feed a flame within,
I feed a smile without.
Around I play God-Game,
My animal kingdom I tame.

249. Do not neglect

Heart, for my sake
Do not neglect.
Heaven, for my sake
Do not reject.
Man, for my sake
Do not project.
Accept, do accept.

250. Use not your tyrant-temper

Use not your tyrant-temper
To devour the world.
Use your oneness-treasure
To become earth's perfection-soul
And God's Satisfaction-Goal.

251. Thoughts

Your loving heart's thought
You certainly can share.
Your searching mind's thought
You certainly can declare.
Your strangling vital's thought
You certainly can hide.
Your rising body's thought
You certainly can guide.

252. You jumped to glory

You jumped to glory
Your life's end
Has a tragic story.

253. The love of day

The love of day
Your heart shall feed,
A day of love
Is all you need.

254. Pure love's first gift

Pure love's first gift:
Beauty's newness-source.
Pure love's last gift:
Duty's oneness-course.

255. One star-vast hope

One star-vast hope:
I shall not fail.
One God-sure fact:
My boat shall sail.

256. I see no foe

I see no foe, no foe.
No matter where I go
I see a oneness-glow,
An endless newness-flow.

257. Pure as prayer-cry

Pure as prayer-cry,
Sure as service-sky,
Rare as surrender-height,
You are empty of night.

258. Faith is its own redeemer

Faith is its own redeemer.
Confidence is its own fulfiller.
Joy is its own expounder.
Doubt is its own destroyer.
Love is its own protector.
Oneness is its own saviour.

259. A foolish prayer-night

A foolish prayer-night:
"My Lord, give me."
A wisdom-prayer-light:
"My Lord, take me."

260. Life-flower quickly fades

Life-flower quickly fades.
Friend-bond quickly breaks.
God-Love quickly dawns.
Ecstasy all-where pervades.

261. You have given

You have given him
Your Pen.
You have given her
Your Ball.
What about poor me?
"My son, just wait
At My Heart-Gate.
I shall give you My All."

262. Beyond the reach of Heaven

Beyond the reach of Heaven:
The human cry.
Beyond the reach of earth:
A smile divine.
Beyond the reach of fame:
Beyond the reach of effort:

263. I hope to learn

I hope to learn
The gratitude-song.
I hope to break
My self-announcement gong.

264. What can I do?

What can I do?
With God I can converse.
What can I do?
In peace I can immerse.
What can I do?
I can beckon the Soul of feeble dole.
What can I do?
I can produce God-soul
Pave the way to perfection-goal.

265. One promise

One promise to my Heaven-height:
My heart shall always fly.
One promise to my earth-failure:
My soul shall always cry.

266. For higher things

For higher things, aspire.
For lower things, desire.
For greater things, run.
For deeper things, shun.

267. When my song is sung

Lord, when my song is sung
What shall I do?
"My child, do not delay.
Cry for your new dawn-dew."

268. Do not give up

Do not give up.
Tomorrow you will pluck
Love-stars from above.
You will become within, God-dove.
You will be the connection-tie
Between humanity's sigh
And divinity's sky.

269. I love

O sun of my soul,
I devotedly love your deity.
O moon of my heart,
I soulfully love your beauty.
O star of my life,
I surprisingly love your purity.
O sky of my search,
I amazingly love your generosity.

270. As a seeker-soul

As a seeker-soul
You will always win and gain.
As a lover-soul
You will be the hyphen
Between freedom and chain.

271. O Saviour

O Saviour dear,
You are so near.
O Lover kind,
Bind my heart, bind.
O Father pure,
I am all Yours, sure.

272. Am I too late?

O Maker of my fate
O Lover of my birthdate,
O Opener of the cosmic gate,
Am I, am I too late
In loving and pleasing You
With my fire-pure change-hue?

273. O winning speed

O winning speed
You are our treasure-doll.
O losing speed,
You sadden us all.

274. My tiny boat I row

My tiny boat I row.
My little body I drag.
All-where my dark thoughts blow.
Yet I brag.

275. I prepare my faith-hunger

I prepare my faith-hunger.
I declare my hunger-meal.
I open my self-giving door.
Destruction's dark eyes I seal.

276. I love my duty's flow

Believe it or not,
I love my duty's flow.
Believe it or not,
It spreads far and wide
Beauty's glow.

277. My peace I treasure

My peace I treasure
Beyond all measure.
My surrender I cherish,
My "I"-ness I tarnish.

278. What we need

In your case
What you need
Is a life of self-control.
In his case
What he needs
Is a life-denial role.
In my case
What I need
Is a perfection-goal.

279. Now you are caught

Man's darkening thought
Has blighted your purity-heart.
Now you are caught
By ruthless destruction-dart.

280. Everything that a man needs

Everything that a man needs
He surely cares
To have.
Everything that a cosmic god has
He surely dares
To have.

281. You have won

Of your own life's
Tremendous faith-treasure,
God's Pride
In you is beyond measure.
Of your own life's
Stupendous surrender-light,
You have won
Both God and His God-Delight.

282. If you love God

If you love God
You will remain
Your unburied name.
If you love yourself
You will be part and parcel
Of your deceased fame.

283. How to know the singer from the song?

How to know the singer
From the song?
The singer is God's unparalleled
The song is God's unprecedented

284. They love your compassion-heart

They love your compassion-heart,
You love their blossoming souls.
They love your God-manifesting role,
You love their God-realising Goals.

285. Let me direct you

Let me direct you.
You will breathe the fragrance
Of your beauty's soul.
Let me lead you.
You will embrace
The unhorizoned, imponderable goal.

286. Nothing I do can satisfy you

Nothing I do
Can satisfy you.
What shall I do?
I shall love you more
Keep your body-soul
Closer to my heart-door.

287. Keep your mind-poise

Keep your mind-poise;
You will ascend.
Feed your heart-voice;
You will transcend.

288. They reward

My joy rewards
My faith.
My faith rewards
My peace.
My peace rewards
My quest.
My quest rewards
My God-Bliss.

289. Experience

Half experience:
Man is man-night.
Full experience:
Man is God-Light.
Man is God-Eternity's other God.

290. Wisdom is realisation

For a knowledge-teacher he did not care.
He had a wisdom-tutor rare.
Knowledge is preparation, uncertain and slow.
Wisdom is realisation and perfection-glow.

291. Man is dear to God

Man is dear to man
Of his failure-cry.
God is dear to God
Of His failure-success-
Oneness-experience-sky .

292. Light is a heavenly thing

Light is a heavenly thing;
We immortalise it through love-light.
Surrender is an earthly thing;
We immortalise it through service-delight.

293. I build my hope-tower

I build my hope-tower
Inside the smile
Of Heaven high.
I bury my frustration-shower
Inside the tears
Of earth's bound cry.

294. Too great, too good

You are too great;
Your life shall succeed.
You are too good;
Your soul shall proceed.

295. Your stupendous glory

Your stupendous glory
Adds to your unhorizoned story.
God with His Palace-Gate,
And with His timeless Date
Awaits your journey's arrival-triumph.

296. I must retire

My Lord, if You want to fire me, fire;
I must retire.
I must enjoy some rest
In Your sleep-nourishing Nest.
I shall not be mad,
I shall not feel sad.
Fire me, my Lord, fire.
I needs must retire.

297. The power of snow-white joy

The power of snow-white joy,
How to express?
The power of purity-love,
Why to surpass?

298. Why do I fail?

Why do I fail?
No, not because
I am impotent,
No, not because
I am unimportant,
No, not because I am a fool
Who had no Gnostic school.
Oh, but because
It was not God-ordained.
Therefore I fail.

299. The fever of the world

The fever of the world:
The heartache of the world:

300. Behold your foe

O fruitless life,
O helpless hope,
O hopeless man,
Behold your foe
Once and for all:

301. Simple am I

Simple am I
In my faith-sea.
Sincere am I
In my practice-role.
Purity am I,
My gratitude-tree.
Divinity am I,
My surrender-soul.

302. One man-like God

One man-like God,
One God-like man,
Can only slake
My longing ken.

303. In body and soul I know

In body and soul
I know.
In life and death
I grow.
In man and God
I glow.
In thought and deed
I flow.

304. Faith cures my sorrows

Faith cures my sorrows,
Love feeds my morrows.
Peace fulfils my life,
Bliss cancels death-knife.

305. Death, be not ruthless

Death, be not ruthless.
Life, be not helpless.
Man, be not soulless.
Journey, be not godless.

306. My silence speaks

My silence speaks,
My sound is mute.
I sing God-song,
God plays my flute.

307. My feet have wings

My feet have wings.
They fly.
My hands have eyes.
They cry.
My thought has God.
It shines.
With God-Delight
It dines.

308. Your rising glory

Your rising glory:
A beauty-game.
Your setting glory:
A purity-flame.

309. Child-like innocence

Child-like innocence,
Saint-like purity
Are divinely one
In reality-sea,
In vision-sun
And cosmic-run.

310. Their only friends

My heart's only friend:
The humble grass.
My mind's only friend:
The crystal glass.

311. Some are born to ecstasy's light

Some are born to ecstasy's light,
But I am not.
Some are born to freedom-height,
But I am not.
Some are born to perfection-right,
But I am not.
Some are born to satisfaction-flight,
But I am not.

312. Candidates

Since you are a candidate
For Power, you will succeed.
Since I am a candidate
For Light, I shall not only succeed
But also proceed.

313. God opens His morning Eye

God opens His morning Eye
And it is all duty.
God closes His evening Eye
And it is all beauty.

314. A new friend

O endless night,
I have a new friend,
A new leader bright:

315. One aspiration-drop

One aspiration-drop
Fills the vast immensity.
One dedication-flame
Kindles the unlit mortality.

316. No difference-night

No difference-night,
All oneness-light.
You are a thinking reality,
I am a sinking divinity.

317. Some men were destined to fly

Some men were destined to fly.
I am not one of those
Who flew.
Some gods were meant for knowledge-sun.
I am not one of those
Who knew.

318. I loved

I loved
Yesterday's unconditional Grace.
I love
Today's winning race.
I shall love
Tomorrow's perfection-face.

319. Yesterday I loved

Yesterday I loved
Today I love
Aspiration white.
Tomorrow I shall love

320. They are but one thing

Are but one thing:
A venom-ring.

321. Be brave!

This hour, a slave;
The next, a faultless cosmic god divine.
Be brave, be brave!
Throughout Eternity you needs must shine.

322. I longed to give my heart and soul

I longed to give my heart and soul
To the animal world.
My ex-friends were confused.
I longed to give my heart and soul
To the human world.
My human fellows were not enthused.
I longed to give my heart and soul
To the worlds divine.
My divine friends were quite amused.

323. Yet I love you

You are your unaspiring heart,
You are your untutored mind.
Yet I love you; in you I find
A dauntless death-challenging dart.

324. You are one of those

God gives Delight
Only to those
Who love Delight.
Indeed, you are one of those
In whom His Satisfaction-Plant
Slowly and steadily grows.

325. I shall obey You

I shall obey You.
I shall be at Your Feet
Constantly loving and serving You.
In You perfection I shall meet.

326. Insincerity fails to cry

Fails to cry.
Fails to try.

327. A new world of peace

A new world of peace,
A new world of light,
A new world of height,
Can alone give me

328. The future of the world

The future of the world,
In whose hand?
In your hand, brother, in your hand!
But do not mistreat the world.
Deal with it as your best friend,
As your only friend.

329. I know the secret desires of your heart

I know
The secret desires of your heart.
You want to bind,
You want to blind
This world of beauty's glow.
Good luck!
Indeed, you are so smart.

330. Arise to victory

Arise to victory unknown.
Your life will dine
With a lofty height.
Devour the surrender-fruits
God will come to you Himself
With His infinite Delight.

331. Power influences my life

Power influences my life.
Light inspires my soul.
God loves my seeker's role.
Man augments my strife.

332. My faith is a secret way

My faith is a secret way
To go and see God's Face,
My surrender, an open way
To win my Godward race.

333. Heavenly time and earthly space

Heavenly time
Earthly space
We must measure,
We must treasure.
Meaningful is time,
A beautiful clime.

334. He has breathlessly drunk

He has breathlessly drunk
All the milk of Heaven-sky.
He now gladly drinks
All the venom of earth-sigh.

335. Salute

Ancient night,
I salute your soulful cry.
Ancient light,
I salute your fruitful sky.

336. Speak, silence, speak!

Speak, silence, speak!
Teach me how to seek.
Stop, sound, stop!
You are soulless,
You are fruitless;
You are weaker,
You are poorer
Than a tiny drop.

337. O piercing ray

O piercing ray,
Do pierce this body of clay.
O illumining light,
Do illumine this life of night.

338. Breathless with adoration

Breathless with adoration,
Sleepless with aspiration,
Thoughtless in meditation
You are.
Therefore, not far
From liberation-strength
And realisation-length.

339. Invisible and visible

Invisible in earth-night,
Invisible to mortal sight,
Visible in human heart,
Visible in human cry:
God's Compassion-Light.

340. Death-fire, life-water

Death-fire, now sing and dance
I shall enjoy your play.
Life-water, now sing and dance
In my God-given eternal Day.

341. Blissful solitude

Blissful solitude,
Peaceful plenitude,
Truthful beatitude,
To you three
Soulful gratitude.

342. The surrender-song

Every day Your Compassion-Eye teaches me
The surrender-song.
Every day I strike at Your Lotus-Feet
My gratitude-gong.

343. Esctasy of my psychic fire

Ecstasy of my psychic fire,
No soul can endure.
It is so sweet and dire,
So soulful and pure.

344. The hour of goodness

The hour of greatness flickers.
The hour of goodness
Remains always bright.
For it there is no darkening night,
For it there is only light,
Abundant light,
Infinite light.

345. Sleeplessly I shall pray

To be inside
The heart of life,
Sleeplessly I shall pray.
Someday a cosmic ray
Shall embrace my selfless way.

346. I take the endless way

I take the endless way,
I play the endless game,
I cry the endless cry,
To see God's Compassion-Flame.

347. There is a star

There is a star
Not far, not far.
My silence-heart
Its beauty's reign
Redeems my pain,
An express train
Of love its domain.

348. Cease not fighting

Cease not fighting
The inner fight.
Must kiss the dust
And God-hunger forever
On earth must last.

349. Life, what is it?

Life, what is it?
A soulful prayer.
Love, what is it?
A fruitful power.
Death, what is it?
A journey to the silence-clime
In the heart of vision-time.

350. O what I have

O what I have
Is the voice of tears
And what I shall have
Is the heart of joy.
O what I am
Is a soulless display
And what I shall become
Is God's deathless Day.

351. My eyes behold

My eyes behold
God-Beauty's Eye.
My ear hears man-beauty's

352. God-Beauty's own Face

God-Beauty's own Face
Awakens the length and breadth
Of the world.
God-Duty's own Heart
Illumines the beginningless past,
Illumines the endless end,
Illumines the meaningless dust.

353. My mind shall love again

My mind shall love again
My soul-song's cosmic reign.
My vital shall love again
My heart-beauty's silence-rain.

354. My heart-cry is your throne

My heart-cry is your throne,
My soul-smile is your crown.
Devoured, ignorance-frown;
Surrender-light in me is grown.

355. Never indulge in prediction-dance

Be not a fool!
Never indulge
In prediction-dance.
Stark failure-lance
Can easily and speedily
Smash your feeble pride-strength.
Remain always
In your silence-soul's
Sun-vision's unhorizoned length.

356. Is the beginningless past nothing?

Is the beginningless past nothing?
No, it is flooded with God's
Is the endless end nothing?
No, it is the ever-transcending
Fruitful manifestation-fulfilment
Of God's God-Height.

357. An Exchange

Wait, let us today
Be on perfect terms.
You give me what you have:
I shall give you what I am:
God-Eternity's Perfection-cry.

358. Generations

Generations feed me, my aspiration-cry.
Generations illumine me, my frustration-sigh.

359. I shall tell you

Give me a little time.
I shall tell you, my friend,
Where our Lord Supreme is.
He is at the very end
Of your desire-train
Before your bondage-chain.

360. My beloved Supreme

Enough, enough, enough!
Speak not ill of my beloved Supreme.
He is my Eternity's only friend,
My Divinity's Reality-fulfilled dream.
He is also my Immortality's
Beginningless beginning
And my Infinity's ever-transcending end.

361. Every thought flounders

Every thought flounders,
Every man blunders,
Every cry awakens,
Every smile enlightens.

362. My heart shall die

My heart shall die
In your silence-long,
My life shall fly
With your compassion-song.

363. Let your doubt-foe go home

Let your doubt-foe go home
And sleep.
Let your faith-friend go abroad
And leap.

364. Sincerity will always smile

Will always smile
Its fragrant smile,

Will always fly
Its triumphant wings,

365. I seize the descending man

I seize the descending man,
Poor and small.
I seize the ignoring God,
Stout and tall.

366. O blue-gold eyes of love

O blue-gold eyes of love,
O pink-rose-heart of joy:
You two are divinely great,
You two are supremely good.
I need your service-light
To scale ecstasy-height.

367. A heavy sigh

A weighty cry,
A heavy sigh.
A failure-night
My soul shall fight.

368. Arise to victory unknown

Arise to victory unknown.
Your life will dine
With a lofty height.
Devour the surrender-fruits
God will come to you Himself
With His infinite Delight.

369. Nature's daily face

Nature's daily face
Man's daily face
Heaven's daily face
God's daily Face
My daily face,

370. Meditation and evolution

Within meditation,
Without evolution;

371. Confidence in Heaven-light

In Heaven-light,
Of infernal night.
In human soul,
On animal goal.

372. Life is for oneness-power

Why are you blooming alone, why?
Why so nervous in your mental sky?
Life is for oneness-power,
Life is for ecstasy-tower.

373. A soul beyond venom-doubt

You are a soul
Beyond venom-doubt.
Lo, faith seeds sprout.
In you is the goal.

374. Self-adoring, you live alone

Self-adoring, you live alone.
The outer world you never need.
Before long you will moan and groan
For you are not a humility-seed.

375. My dislocated life

My dislocated life,
Will it ever heal?
Certainly it will;
You need faith-skill.

376. Hopeless passion

Hopeless passion,
Shameless emotion,
Useless desire,
All-blazing fire.

377. I shall help you cry

Too weak to unlock your heart-door?
Then wait for me.
I shall help you cry.
I shall tell you why.
I know, I know
You will reach the golden Shore.

378. Time and again

Time and again
You desired to fell
Your weak life-tree.
Time and again
You failed to succeed.
Your great Captain
Would fain
Ring departure-bell
When the hour strikes.
Until then proceed
With God-Beauty
In your body's cell.

379. Yet I shall try

Blind uncertainty:
This is the greatest gift
So far I have received
From this eyeless world.
Yet I shall try,
Yet I shall die
To give this world
A lofty consciousness-lift.

380. The river of time flows

The river of time flows,
The sea of time glows;
The moon of life sleeps,
The sun of life peeps.

381. Hark to the inner song!

Hark to the inner song!
It illumines so fast,
It fulfils so vast;
Each song is a God-gong.

382. I seek for joy

I seek for joy.
I seek for Grace.
I seek for God
And God-embrace.

383. Vision was strong in him

Vision was strong in him.
Mission was weak in him.
Love and concern he revealed.
Unfed his dream remained.

384. Your thoughts belong to Heaven-smile

Your thoughts belong to Heaven-smile,
His thoughts belong to earth-cry,
God's thoughts belong to God-Peace,
My thoughts belong to death-eye.

385. Happiness is swiftness

Happiness is swiftness,
Swiftness is victory.
Victory is the God-lover's
Partial experience-story.

386. Renew the gust

Renew the gust.
This time you shall succeed.
Shall feed your supreme need.

387. Empty of God-Grace

The face of earth
Empty of God-Grace.
Disgrace, disgrace,
A totally lost race!

388. My former heart

My former heart
Of wild desires
Long lost have I.

My present heart
Denies, denies

389. You half create

You half create
In chain,
You half create
In gain;
You full create when
You feed,
You full create when
You proceed.

390. Sneers of unlit men

Sneers of unlit men,
Frowns of ignorant men
Are new to earth —
Foes of its mirth.

391. Your silence is my death

Your silence is my death,
Your voice is my breath,
You are my only choice
In life's fulfilment-poise.

392. God-Beauty's own Face

God-Beauty's own Face,
God-Duty's own Grace,
Man-unity's own smile,
My longing flames embrace.

393. O heart, cry!

O heart, cry, cry!
O mind, die, die!
O vital, sigh!
O body, try!

394. Your heart deserves something more

My special thanks
To you I offer.
Your heart deserves something more:
A oneness-tower
And an unlocked,
Beckoning satisfaction-door.

395. Joy comes and goes

Joy comes and goes,
Peace comes and goes,
Truth lives and dies,
God grows and grows.

396. Your joy the cosmos needs

Your joy the cosmos needs.
You are so great,
Yet your heart, so pure,
Your selfless life feeds.

397. Hope flows and ebbs

Hope flows and ebbs.
Life smiles and cries.
Sincerity tries
To pay earth-debts.

398. A few sad smiles

A few sad smiles
Have made your life
Strong and pure.
One happy smile
Has made your life
Fruitful and sure.

399. I wrap you in my song

I wrap you in my song.
You are so sweet,
You are so strong.
Before you, around you
Always lovingly throng.

400. A happy day

A happy day:
The day I love man
And his innocence-eye,
The day I serve God
And His vastness-sky.
A happy day.

401. A baby man, a baby God

A baby man
Is God in His inevitable bloom.
A baby God
Is man in his ecstasy-flooded room.

I have inherited

(Sri Chinmoy wrote this soulful tribute to the members of his family in 1973 as part of a 20-volume poetry series entitled The Dance of Life.)

My sister Lily's love and determination
I have inherited.

My sister Arpita's concern and service
I have inherited.

My brother Chitta's poetry and sacrifice
I have inherited.

My brother Hriday's philosophy and wisdom
I have inherited.

My brother Mantu's patience and detachment
I have inherited.

My sister Ahana's music and immensity
I have inherited.

My mother Yogamaya's psychic tears and surrender
I have inherited.

My father Shashi Kumar's inner confidence and outer triumph
I have inherited.