When I left God in Heaven

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1. When I left God in Heaven

When I left God in Heaven
For my earth-journey
He gave me two things:
Sincerity and purity.

On my return I shall place
At God's Feet two things:
My unappreciated sincerity
My unrecognised capacity.

2. Short days, long nights

My days are short.
Who made them?
Not I, but my negligence-mind.

My nights are long.
Who made them?
Not I, but my vigilance-heart.

3. Abandoned

Your body
You have abandoned to idleness.

His vital
He has abandoned to restlessness.

My mind
I have abandoned to forgetfulness.

God's Heart
God has abandoned to forgiveness.

4. Exchanging

My body and my vital
Like exchanging their ideas.

My heart and my God
Like exchanging their dreams.

I and my life
Like exchanging our failures.

5. My heart of failure-frustration

O my heart of hope,
You are sweet.

O my heart of certainty,
You are pure.

O my heart of failure-frustration,
You outlast my hope-river
And certainty-shore.

6. God's frankness

Heaven's sweetness
Is what I had.

Earth's goodness
Is what I have.

God's frankness
Is what I shall have.

7. They are denied

Earth's face is denied
The face of Heaven-Delight.
Heaven's face is denied
The face of earth-night.

8. Only one thing to give

Earth, I have only one thing
To give you: consolation.
Everything else
I have already given you.

Heaven, I have only one thing
To give you: dedication.
Everything else
I have already given you.

God, I have only one thing
To give You: gratitude-surrender.
Everything else
I have already given You.

9. He is the greatest

Dream I see;
I am great.
Vision you embody;
You are greater.
Reality he is;
He is the greatest,
You and I must admit it.

10. Something still remains

In you something of doubt still remains.
Alas, you fail to believe it,

In him something of jealousy still remains.
Alas, he fails to admit it.

In me something of insecurity still remains.
Alas, will I ever conquer it?

11. Hiding places

Is your hiding place.

Is his hiding place.

Is my hiding place.

12. A difficult task

There was a time
When I saw the starry hours,
But now I am living in weary hours.
Lord, do You not feel sorry for me?
I know it is a difficult task
To feel sorry
For somebody else.
But try!
The experience
Will do You a world of good.

13. Never to return again!

Never to return again!
Earth, you stay with your stupidity-sea.
Never to return again!
Heaven, you stay with your

14. To be distinguished

Do you want to be distinguished?
Then possess a pronounced individuality.
Do you want always to be distinguished?
Then surrender your individuality-cave
To universality's sun-embrace.

15. Three friends

He has three friends:
His friend supreme: Compassion from above.
His Heaven-friend: Originality of will.
His earth-friend: Boldness of revelation.

16. You are the greatest fool

You are a fool
If you want to comprehend others' beliefs.

You are a greater fool
If you want to disregard others' beliefs.

You are the greatest fool
If you want to hide your own belief.

17. On the hilltop of sanctity

Yesterday I stood
On the hilltop of sanctity,
But I fell down.

Today I am standing
On the hilltop of sanctity.
Alas, I am frightened to death.

Tomorrow I shall stand
On the hilltop of sanctity,
Only to ascend infinitely higher.

18. I could have become another God

I have fooled away too much
Of God's time.
But He does not mind.
I have fooled away too much
Of God's Love and Concern.
But He does not mind.
Needless to say, I mind.
I could have become another God
By this time
If I had not fooled away
His time, Love and Concern.
I could have given Him a short vacation.
Poor God!
He never gets any vacation.

19. His abysmal fate

His was a helpless life
Divorced from Mother-earth.
His was a fruitless soul
Divorced from Father-Heaven.
Yet he is alive,
Yet he will remain alive.
Such is his abysmal fate!

20. Tomorrow I shall become

I was the sunrise of sure duty.

I am the sunset of pure beauty.

I shall become God-satisfaction-necessity.

21. His life of aspiration

His life of aspiration:
Heaven knew about it,
Earth did not care to know about it.

His life of realisation:
Earth knew about it,
Heaven did not care to know about it.

22. Father and son

Father, emptiness on Your Face.
How can I bear it?
Son, fruitlessness in your heart.
How can I bear it?

Father, I am sorry that I have
disappointed You.
Son, I am sorry that I have not appointed you
As a world-lover,
As a world-sufferer,
As a world-liberator.

23. What shall I do with it?

I can be perfect!
But what shall I do
With my perfection
When nobody on earth cares for it?

I can be God-satisfaction!
But what shall I do
With my God-satisfaction
When not even a soul on earth cares for it?

24. The sky of perfection-heart

Don't blow up
With high conceits.
You are bound to burst.

Don't give up
Your transformation-hope.
Who knows,
You may fly
In the sky of perfection-heart.

25. I stood against them

I stood against myself.
I blessed myself and my capacity.

I stood against God.
God blessed me and my stupidity.

I stood against man.
Man killed me and my temerity.

26. Where they flourished

His heart:
Where patience flourished.
His mind:
Where knowledge flourished.
His vital:
Where pride flourished.
His body:
Where somnolence flourished.

27. Unrivalled

His earth-life
Is an unrivalled opportunity.

His Heaven-life
Is an unrivalled capacity.

His God-life
Is an unrivalled reality.

28. Your cherished possessions

In your body
Imagination you cherished.

In your vital
Frustration you cherished.

In your mind
Suspicion you cherished.

In your heart
Expectation you cherished.

Now in your life
Illumination you try to cherish.

29. A smile appeared

A smile came to God's Face
When I told God
That I love Him.

A smile came into my heart
When God told me
That He needs me.

30. The world-sufferer in me

I admire
The world-conqueror in me.
I adore
The world-lover in me.
I love
The world-sufferer in me.

31. Alas

You are a complicated man;
I do not go near you,

He is a shallow man;
I do not go near him,
Alas, alas!

I am an uncultured man;
You two do not come near me,
Alas, alas, alas!

32. Look at the fool!

God came to me for something,
But I was totally unprepared.
Look at the fool in me!

Man came to me.
I asked him what he wanted.
Needless to say,
I was ready to give him everything
for the asking.
But he said he did not know
Why he came to me.
Look at the fool in man!

33. Eventually

Patience-tree will be crowned.

Restlessness-monkey will be frowned.

Ignorance-sound will be disowned.

34. We are happy

You fly concentration-kite.
You are happy.

He sails meditation-boat.
He is happy.

I climb contemplation-sun.
I am happy.

35. He lives not alone

He lives not alone.
He lives with a hostile frown
From below.

He lives not alone.
He lives with the Supreme's supreme Crown
From above.

36. Stand or fall

Either I shall stand
I shall fall.

If I stand
I shall help everybody stand.

If I fall
I shall fall alone.
I shall not permit anybody
To share my sorry fate.

37. The proof

You have stopped praying.
Here is the proof:
Your sunless days
Have appeared again.

You have stopped meditating.
Here is the proof:
Your Godless hours
Have struck again.

38. Judgement impartial

On earth
His was a life of sin
Without pardon.

In Heaven
His was a life of virtue
With a reward.

How can he blame considerate God's
Judgement impartial?

39. Strive and find

I shall strive;
I shall find.
I shall strive for God-illumination
In my mind.
I shall find God-satisfaction
In my heart.

40. Do not yield

Do not yield to ignorance.
Think of your kind friend, patience.

Do not yield to your earth-bound reality.
Think of your Heaven-free vision.

41. Are you not ashamed?

O my mind,
Are you not ashamed
Of your darkness blind?

O my heart,
Are you not ashamed
Of your deplorable insecurity?

O my life,
Are you not ashamed
Of your undying stupidity?

42. My sad heart

My sad heart,
I really love you.
But I really do not know
How to make you happy.
I am trying so hard.
I have been trying so hard.
I shall be trying
The same way.
But alas, my sad heart,
Will I ever see you happy
Even once in this
Undivine and hostile incarnation?

43. In God's Heart of Love

Yours is suspicious eye.
His is treacherous mind.
Mine is superstitious life.
I really do not know
How and why God keeps us still
In His Heart of Love.

44. Heaven-duty, earth-service

To me
Heaven-duty is self-imposed torture.
To me
Earth-service is God-ordained rapture.
Duty enervates me.
Service immortalises me.

45. Only this much I can say

In admiration of weak minds
Only this much I can say:
They confess they do not know.

In admiration of weak hearts
Only this much I can say
And infinitely more:
They know that God-realisation
Is still a far cry.

46. Holy prayers tell me

Holy prayers tell me
I can and shall eventually see
The Feet of God-Beauty.

Holy meditation tells me
I can and shall eventually feel
The Heart of God-Reality.

47. I live on earth and in Heaven

I live on earth
Not because I love it.
I live in Heaven
Not because I need it.
I live on earth
Because my earth-life God prefers.
I live in Heaven
Because my Heaven-life God treasures.

48. My inner perfection

I wish to thrive on my inner wealth:
I wish to bask in my inner glory:
I wish to cry for my inner illumination:
I wish to smile at my inner perfection:

49. Only one answer

Lord, I have answered
Thousands of questions.
I really don't feel like
Answering any more questions.
From now on, to every question,
No matter what the question is,
I will have one answer:
"I do not know."
My ignorance-night
Will satisfy the world
Infinitely more than my knowledge-sun.

50. O Master-poet

O Master-poet, in you I see
God's Silence-Dawn.

O Master-singer, in you I hear
God's Sound-Life.

O Master-Yogi, in you I feel
God's Oneness-perfection.