Greet the morning with your heart's aspiration-cry

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Greet the Morning

Greet the morning
With your heart’s aspiration-cry.
Greet the evening
With your life’s gratitude-smile.
At night, God will grant you His Eternity’s Love
and His Infinity’s Peace.

The Inner Battle

The inner battle will definitely end
The day I turn my entire life
Into a God-surrendered song.

God Will Choose Your Life

God will choose your life
Blessingfully and proudly
If you just choose your soul
Cheerfully and unmistakably.

The Outer Success-Road

The outer success-road
Is short and full of apprehension.
The inner progress-road
Is long and full of illumination.

Only One Song to Sing

Only one song to sing:
My heart’s oneness-song.
Only one dance to dance:
My mind’s surrender-dance.

Success Is Measured

Success is measured
By the outer joy.
Progress is measured
By the inner peace.

Each Time I Pray, I See Inside My Heart

Each time I pray,
I see inside my heart
A peace-tree growing.
Each time I pray,
I see inside my heart
A peace-flower blossoming.

My Lord Supreme Asks Me

My Lord Supreme asks me to be happy
In my inner life of aspiration
And my outer life of dedication.
He tells me that I do not have to strive
To prove to Him that I love Him and need Him.

God the Powerful

The mind is fond of
God the Powerful.
The heart is fond of
God the Merciful.
The soul is fond of
God the Peaceful.

The Heart That Loves God

The heart that loves God unconditionally
Is the heart that radiates eternally,
Both in Heaven and on earth.

God's Pride Knows No Bounds

God’s Pride knows no bounds
When my heart sings
A fountain-sweetness-song.

The Beauty of the Morning

The beauty of the morning inspires us.
The beauty of the evening purifies us.

What I Need Is Indomitable Strength

What I need is indomitable strength
In my mind.
What I need is inimitable surrender-joy
In my heart.

There Are Many Boats That Sail Fast

There are many boats
That sail fast, very fast,
But the heart’s surrender-boat
Always sails the fastest.

God Wants From Us

God wants from us only
And not countless

Where Is My Mind's Freedom?

Where is my mind’s freedom?
It is inside my heart’s peace.
It is inside my life’s surrender.

I Have Come to Learn

I have come to learn
That my Lord’s Forgiveness-Song
Has no final note.

A Surrender-Life

A surrender-life ascends.
A gratitude-heart expands.

My Mind Wants Success-Procession

My mind wants success-procession.
My heart wants progress-acceleration.

No Mind-Power, No Success

No mind-power, no success.
No heart-power, no progress.

The Aspiration-Heart Began

The aspiration-heart began.
The dedication-life has to complete.

In the Morning I Pray

In the morning
I pray to God’s Compassion-Eye.
In the evening
I meditate on God’s Forgiveness-Heart.

You May Not Be Thinking of God

You may not be thinking of God
For His Satisfaction-Heart,
But God is thinking of you
For your perfection-life.

Prayer Is My Heart-Song

Prayer is my heart-song.
Meditation is my soul-dance.

No Love-Devotion-Surrender-Stride

No love-devotion-surrender-stride
Along the path of spirituality
Can ever be too short.

A Dance of Hope

Unless your heart is a dance of hope,
How can your life be a song of peace?

Each Prayer Goes Up

Each prayer goes up to
God the Power.
Each meditation brings down
God the Peace.

As Every Day My LIfe Grows Shorter

As every day my life grows shorter,
Even so, every day
My gratitude-heart becomes longer.

My Soul Every Day Teaches My Heart

My soul every day teaches my heart
A new and soulful tolerance-song.

Once God Becomes Real to You

Once God becomes real to you,
Yours should be every day
A God-preoccupied heart.

The Success-Trumpet

God does not want us
To sound the success-trumpet,
But to play the progress-flute.

Do You Want To Be Happy?

Do you want to be happy?
Then offer to God your heart’s
Permanent invitation.

Do You Want To Make God Really Happy?

Do you want to make God
Really happy?
Then never give up your hope
Of becoming absolutely perfect.

Two Instruments I Practise Every Morning

Two instruments I practise every morning:
Mind-inspiration-piano and heart-aspiration-flute.

My Lord, May My Life Begin Every Day

My Lord, may my life begin every day
With an aspiration-song
And a dedication-dance.

God Smiles at My Readiness

God smiles at my readiness.
God sings for my willingness.
God dances in my eagerness.

No Speed Limits

God Himself has told me
That there are no speed limits
On my self-transcendence-road.

God Sings for Me

God sings for me many, many songs,
But He enjoys His Compassion-Songs the most.


Each and every seeker
Will run along the road
Of unconditional surrender.

My Lord, Do Show Me

My Lord, do show me every morning
My sincerity’s gratitude-heart-sunrise.

The Mind's Obedience-Smile

The mind’s obedience-smile is beautiful.
The heart’s oneness-dance is perfect.

May My Soul's Dance Be Heaven's Gift (2)

May my soul’s dance be
Heaven’s gift to earth.
May my heart’s song be
Earth’s gift to Heaven.

May My Heart Never Stop Dreaming

May my heart never stop dreaming
Every night
My life-transformation-dream.

My Prayer-Hands

My prayer-hands
Touch God’s Feet.
My meditation-eyes
Feel God’s Heart.

Today I Have Danced

Today I have danced
My final suspicion-mind-dance.
Today I have danced
My final hesitation-heart-dance.
Today I have danced
My final unwillingness-life-dance.

My Life's Transformation-Deadline

God tells me that He will definitely
Be successful with me;
Therefore, He has been extending
And extending
My life’s transformation-deadline.

When I Pray

When I pray,
God gives me the Joy of His Eye.
When I meditate,
God gives me the Love of His Heart.

In the Morning, God and I Meet Together

In the morning,
God and I meet together
To exchange our compassion and aspiration.
In the evening,
God and I meet together
To exchange our forgiveness and gratitude.

A Success-Story of God

May my mind become
A success-story of God.
May my heart become
A progress-song of God.

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful, more beautiful,
Most beautiful
Only when you join your soul
In dancing in God’s Heart-Garden.