Illumination-Song and Liberation-Dance, part 1

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1. Jani ami ei deha pran man

Jani ami ei deha pran man
Sukh dukh ar jiban maran
Gara ar bhenge phela
Eto dudiner mela
Dekhite dekhite phurai bela
Bhenge jai sab sadher mela
Prabhu e lilar kiba prayojan
Sadhan bhajan sab akaran


I know my body, vital and mind,
Joy and sorrow, life and death,
Are but creation and destruction games.
This is a fair that lasts
Only for a short span of time.
The fleeting time
In hot haste expires.
Desire-attachment day
Is a fruitless reality.
Lord Supreme,
What is the use of this game?
Aspiration and dedication are of no avail.

2. Ogo nirakar chile ekakar

Ogo nirakar chile ekakar
Kena e rachana, eta prarochana
Kena e tatini ban
Kena bahi samiran
Kena shato bhoi kena byadhi jara
Kena kande sada janani basundhara
Dudiner tare ese
Mora sabe kende hese
Nahi jani kotha habo ekakar


O formless One, alone You were.
Why have You become many?
What motivated You to grow
Into many forms and shapes?
Why have You created
Murmuring rivers and thick forests
    And wild wind?
Why, why?
Why have You created teeming fears,
Ailments countless?
Why, why?
Why does Mother Earth untiringly cry?
Just for a short time
We enter into the world-arena and depart.
We know not why.
But the hope of oneness
Permeates our entire existence-reality.

3. Jadi prane na thakito alo-asha

Jadi prane na thakito alo-asha
Britha hato bhabe asa
Nana phule nana phale nana rupe
Phute ache bhalobasa


If my heart was wanting in nectar-hope
I would not have descended onto earth.
No, this world of ours is of myriad forms of beauty
And it is here where the Garden of Love smiles.

4. Jethe ache ami amar

Jetha ache ami amar
Hisab nikash
Seto prem noi premer parihas
Rupantarer ashar sarbanash


Where there is I and mine,
Where there is gain and loss and bargain,
There no true love can ever be found.
There what we see is
The cruel laughter of self-indulgence.
Transformation-hope there in vain ends.

5. Bhalobasa bhalobasa

Bhalobasa bhalobasa
Ananda alo bhasha
Nijere bilaye diye
Amiya sagare bhasa


What is love?
What is love?
Love is Delight’s message-light.
Love is the distribution of one’s self-giving
In the sea of Nectar-Delight.

6. Upartato dekha gela

Upartato dekha gela
Kebal shudhu kolahal
Dub diye chal dekhi niche
Kato khani gabhir jal
Jibantato dekha gela
Shudhu kebal phanki
Maranta chal dekhini bhai
Ota kena thakbe baki


I have been upstairs.
There is nothing but confusion-din.
Let us dive deep within
And see what we can discover
In Reality’s Consciousness-water.

Life, we have tasted.
It is nothing but deception-destruction.
Let us now enter into the world of death
And observe what it is.
Why should death remain unnoticed
And undiscovered?

7. Jiban maran sadhan bhajan

Jiban maran sadhan bhajan
Kichu nahi habe biphal
Hasi o kanna jatrar sheshe
Dibe sakalere suphal


Life and death,
Prayer and meditation,
Aspiration and dedication —
Nothing will end in vain.
Our smiling heart and crying heart
Will offer a fruitful life
To each human being
At the journey’s end.

8. Jadi jagade ja chale gela

Jadi jagate ja chale gela
Asibena phire ar
Smriti shudhu rekhe jai tar
Jadi je phulti jhare geche
Phutena se phul arbar
Tabe kena britha asa
Bhalo chilo ekakar
Bhalo chilo nirakar


If everything that the world has
Disappears and never returns,
Then why should we live on fruitless
If the life dies and never blossoms again,
Then why enter into this world?
I was quite satisfied in the higher world
Where I was formless and was alone.

9. Dudin par phuraye jai

Dudin par phuraye jai
Jiban abhinoy
Praner asha maner swapan
Sakali sanchoi
Dhaner gorob jasher gorob
Bhasma haye sabi pure jai
Shudhu thake manob asahai


The life-drama ends
After a short time.
The hope of human heart
And the dream of human mind,
And all that is garnered
In human life —
Pride and self-giving
Pride and self-esteem
Will all end in a fruitless smoke.
Yet man will eternally treasure
The endless chain of hope-life.

10. Amar ja ta baroi mishti

Amar ja ta baroi mishti
Ami kari katoi srishti
Sanga kintu ke jabena sheshe
Ekla jete habe niruddeshe
Amar apan deha bhabe
Tao je rekhe jete habe
Tomar eta bojhar sathe
Niye jao ma bojha amar
Laho mago laho laho
Laho amar bhar


What I have is always sweet and dear.
I ceaselessly create.
Alas, I do not know that nobody and nothing
Will accompany me to the other world.
Alone I shall enter
Into the world of the Unknown.
Even my own physical body
I shall have to leave behind.
Mother, in spite of Your
Own heavy load
I know You will carry me,
An additional load.
Mother, do carry me.

11. Dukhe achi seto bhalo

Dukhe achi seto bhalo
Dukhe ami bhalo thaki
Bujechi sukh kebal micha phanki
Susamaye tomai bhule
Nayan mude thaki
Bujechi sukh kebal micha phanki
Dukhe pare praner daye
Tomai mago daki


While I suffer
I enjoy perfect peace.
Unlike joy, suffering
Is a real stranger
To false deception.
While I enjoy
I keep my eyes shut.
Mother, I fail to see You.
It is only the excruciating pangs
That grant me
The vision to see You,
And invoke You.

12. Amader ei deha pran man

Amader ei deha pran man
Sukh dukh ar jiban maran
Eje bidhatar patul khela
Shudhu gara ar churiya phela

Shudhu dudiner khela
Dekhite dekhite phurabe bela
Tabu eta ayojon
Kita ache prayojon


Our body, vital and mind,
Life and death,
Are nothing but a grand display of children’s toys.
This moment enjoy them,
Next moment cast them aside.
Every one has a fleeting breath.
Why then such a huge preparation?

13. Kahar tripti lagi

Kahar tripti lagi
Kena ami kari eta karma
Amito bujhina hai
Kabhu kichu tahader marmo
Toma shudhu dhare thaka
Mor jibaner prati dharma
Kotha tumi kotha tumi
Mor rakkha kaboch barma


For whose satisfaction
Do I untiringly work?
I know not, alas!
The cord of my life
Is clinging to You
At each hush-gap.
Where are You,
O my life’s protection-light?

14. Debar maton kichui karina dan

Debar matan kichui karini dan
Tabu ja diyechi phiriya diyona prabhu

Phiriya diyona mor hasi bhara mukh
Phiriya diyona mor khaniker sukh

Debar matan kichui karini dan
Dibe kigo kabhu amrita sandhan


I have not offered to You
Anything of real value.
Yet, Lord Supreme,
I pray to You
Not to return
What I have already
To You offered.
Return me not
My fleeting face of emptiness.
Return me not
Fast-dying joy.
I have not offered to You
Anything of real value.
Nevertheless, will You not
Grant me Nectar-Delight?

15. Charan pheligo jiban chande

Charan pheligo jiban chhande
Nachiya chaliche pran
Jagater dhuli mahiyan kari
Swarge karigo mlan
Prabhur kripai ananda sathi
Ananta abhijan


I am walking
Along the road of ecstasy.
My life has grown into
The delight of Cosmic Dance.
I have transformed
Even the meaningless dust of earth
Into the heights of
Heaven’s Beauty and Light
Are no match for my achievements
Sweetly here on earth.
My eternity’s companion
Is my Lord’s

16. E jagate keu habena

E jagate keu habena
Jakhan apan
Ashar byatha kena kari
Kebal srijan


When I know perfectly well
That there can be
Nobody on earth
Whom I can call my own,
Very own,
Why do I then
Create pangs,
Feeding teeming hopes?

17. Kabe habe hetha purna

Kabe habe hetha purna
Bidhatar ash
Kabe habe dharanir
Andhiyar nash
Kabe pabe sarba jib
Mahananda pran
Kabe pabe kripa surja
Mukti sandhan


When will God’s
Desire-Hope be fulfilled
Here on earth?
When will the ceaseless
Darkness of this world
Be illumined?
When will all
Human beings enjoy
Immortality’s life-breath?
When will the Compassion-sun
Grant the world

18. Rajar dulal pather kangal

Rajar dulal pather kangal
Phire pathe pathe
Khudar anna lagi
Kena he bidhata khide khide bale
Kandiya uthile jagi
Jagiya sakale dekhe purabasi
Raja dure dure ghure upabasi
Sakal ange bedanar dage dagi
Ogo narayan karuna plaban magi


You are the divine prince,
Yet you roam from door to door
Like a true beggar.
Constantly you are suffering from
Wild hunger.
Constantly you are tortured by
The buffets of life.
The King, too,
Has accepted and embraced
Your fate.
The immeasurable dole of
Human creation,
He embodies cheerfully
And faultlessly.
O Lord, I implore You and Your
Eternity’s Compassion-flood.

19. Akash rani jethai rakhe

Akash rani jethai rakhe
Sagar buke charan rekha
Sethai ami pete pari
Parashanti priti dekha


Where the Queen of the sky
Graciously places Her Feet,
There I am.
I am the heart-reality
Of the ocean vast.
Infinity’s peace,
Immortality’s life,
My heart desires.
I know I shall receive
And achieve them
Only where the Queen of the sky
Smilingly and supremely shines.

20. Samyer jug aji

Samyer jug aji
Keha rahibena parer adhin
Utheche danka baji
Sukhi aj keha nai
Nahi rajee alo thai
Samyer jug aji


This is the era of equality.
Nobody can dare
To subjugate
And lord it over others.
Equality’s trumpet must awaken
The somnolent human hearts.
Happiness is what we all
Want and need;
But where can we see
The face of happiness,
If not in the Haven-Light
Of the Absolute Supreme?

21. Ek sajiyache bahu

Ek sajiyache bahu
Nijere karite aswadan
Bahu sajiyache ek
Nijere danite pramodan
Bahu ar ek jani
Abhinya hiya nibedan


One has become many
For aspiration’s enjoyment supreme;
Many have become one
For manifestation’s enjoyment supreme.
Many and one are inseparably one
In Reality’s

22. Ami bali chokhe dekhe

Ami bali chokhe dekhe
Tumi balo punthi lekhe
Keman kare habire bhai
Tomar amar mater milan
Tumi thako punthi niye
Ami thaki chokhe giye
Mudbo jakhan ankhi jujan
Thakbena ar kothao ami
Paraspay hat dhara bhai nibo deke


I speak from my vision,
You speak from your world library.
How can you and I
Ever see eye to eye
With each other?
You bury yourself
Day in, day out,
In the ocean-bed of books;
And I live in the core
Of my all-illumining
I know, I know,
When we shall both close our eyes
For good,
You and I shall establish
Our oneness-perfection
In the world beyond.

23. Ami taba patha chahi

Ami taba patha chahi
Taba nam shudhu gahi
Mile jadi taba dekha maribar par
Ei khane dao more amrita bar
Lohe jani sona haye jai
Parash menir dekha chai
Ami jena sada tabajoya-giti gahi


I look for you in all directions.
I sing your victory-song
Within and without,
Here and all-where.
If it is true that when I die
You will appear before me
With Your infinite Compassion,
Then I am more than ready
To embrace death
Here and now,
Before the birth of tomorrow’s life.
When the philosopher’s stone
Touches land
The land is transformed into
Purity’s boat.
Likewise, when I sing your victory-song
I feel all transformed,
And illumined,
And all fulfilled.

24. Nayan amar chai tomare

Nayan amar chai tomare
Kandi deha karagare
E jibane tomar bijoy kabe habe
Neme prabhu asbe kabe amar bhasbe


I live in the prison cell of
My eyeless body,
And there I cry and weep.
Yet my eyes envision not
When my victory will dawn
In this deplorable life of mine.
O Lord Supreme,
When will Your Compassion’s
Permeate my life
Of excruciating pangs?

25. Debata eseche ruddha hiyar dare

Debata eseche ruddha hiyar dare
Ore unmad kemane tushibi tare
Chira dukha hara
Jeche dila dhara
Amar desher param atithi
Asiyache tor dare


Your heart-door has been kept shut
For aeons;
Therefore, you see not
Your Beloved Supreme
At your heart’s door.
O fool, when will you stop
Playing the role of
Self-styled madness?
When will you try to
Please the Absolute Supreme
In His own Way?
He who transforms all sufferings
Into ecstasy’s flood
Is all alone
At your door.
He wants to be taught
By you alone.
Neglect Him not.
He is your soul-world’s
There He is
At your heart’s closed door.

26. Deha mandire jadi nahi dekha pai

Deha mandire jadi nahi dekha pai
Britha kena prabhu m
Mandire mor thai
Bishwa byapiya birajitha jadi
Balo kotha tumi nai
Hriday khuliya dekhi nai
Tai dekha nahi pai hai


If I do not see You in my body-temple
Why do I live inside my body, O Lord?
If You truly abide in Your entire creation
Then is there any place where You can remain
Unseen and invisible?
Alas, I have not kept my heart’s eye
Open to see You.
Therefore, I see You not anywhere.

27. Kothai chinta kothai bhabana

Kothai chinta kothai bhabana
Sthir achapal man
Kari jyoti dhyan dekhina swapan
Nahi ashanti mithya maran
Ache shudhu ek ananta jyoti
Param niranjan


No thought,
No desire,
Only calm and tranquil mind
I have become.
I meditate on light.
I see not false and fruitless dream.
In me, there is no sea of unrest
And for me there is no torture of death.
There is only one endless light serene,
Pure, infinite and immortal.

28. Nai kona ar byatha

Nai kona ar byatha
Eseche namiya man pran dehe
Prashanti nirabata
Ami mile gechi sajare
Dui mile sadare
Charidike mor anandaghana
Madhumoy amarata


No more suffering.
A sky of peace has descended.
My body, vital and mind
Are now in tranquillity-sea.
Within and without I supremely enjoy
Infinity’s infinite Delight.

29. Taba katha chara

Taba katha chara
Mukhe kichu asena
Taba bani chara
Kan kichu shunena
Taba kripa chara
Man kichu bhabena
Taba hasi chara
Hiya kichu chahena


Except Your thought,
I allow not my mind
To be occupied with anything.
Your message alone
I listen to.
My mind thinks only of one thing
And that is Your infinite Compassion-light.
My heart wants nothing save and except
Your blessingful Smile.

30. Asbona ar jabona

Asbona ar jabona
Marbona ar banchbona
Thakbo ami atit haye
Jiban maran nadir parapare
Daki tomai daki prabhu
Ami bare bare


I shall not come into the world.
I shall not return.
I shall not live.
I shall not die.
I shall go beyond the shores of life and death
To invoke You, Lord,
Do grant me one boon:
My self-transcendence in the ever-transcending

31. Deha ache ache byatha

Deha ache ache byatha
Tari sathe mishe
Deha dhari sukhi kabe
Shanti pabe kise
Je kareche man joy
Shudhu sei sukhi
Ar sab brintya chyuta
Pushpa samo dukhi


The body exists,
Therefore, suffering, too.
Inseparable they are.
He who owns a body
Is always assailed by countless ailments.
World-suffering befriends him.
For him there is no peace of mind.
But he who has conquered
His earth-bound mind
Has made friends with Eternity’s Delight.
The rest are doomed to suffer,
Like a flower forcibly plucked from the tree.

32. Matri mantre dikkhita mora

Matri mantre dikkhita mora
Chira unnata shir
Mrittyur bhoi kariyachijoy
Amara mukti bir
Kari padhaghat bhitir mathai
Bhari dhara mar bijoy gathai
Jethai janani bigna kothai
Ar deri not bela bahe jai


We are initiated by the Mother-power.
Our heads are eternally high.
The fear of death we all have conquered.
We are the liberation-warriors
To fulfil illumining longings of the
    Mother Earth.
We strike hard at the root of fear.
We sing the supreme glory of Mother Earth.
There can be no obstacle where Mother is.
We can brook no more delay.
Swiftly the time is passing by.

33. Ar kena ghum uthte habe

Ar kena ghum uthte habe
Lagte chabe kaje
Jatri sabai jachehe chale
Moder ki ghum saje
Vishwa bina shunte habe
Kon surete baje
Mayer bijoy gaite habe
Nitya sakal sanje


No more sleep.
It is high time for us to wake up
And enter into the flow of ever-new activities.
We are Eternity’s pilgrims.
We needs must walk along Eternity’s road.
A life of inconscient sleep does not become us.
We shall have to hear the music of the universal Muse.
Day in and day out, at every living moment,
We shall sing the victory of our Mother.

34. Balre balre balre saai

Balre balre balre sabai
Praner katha balre bal
Eman apan ar pabina
Dekhina hiyar shatadol
Ami toder kalpa taru
Pran khule bhai sabai bal
Sakal asha purna habe
Thakbena ar chokher jal


I wish to hear from all of you
That you are mine and I am yours.
Our closeness will ever remain unparalleled.
Behold our heart-lotus with celestial fragrance.
Let us barter our soulful thoughts,
Soulful feelings.
We know perfectly well
That our hope-tree
Will bear immortal fruits.

35. Bhai karina karbona ar

Bhoy karina karbona ar
Ke mareche balo dubar
Drira amai karte habe
Matha tule thakbo bhabe
Satya amar prane rekhe
Chalto ami pathe dekhe
Ar ke ache jene nibar
Ami prabhur prabhu amar


I do not fear.
Whom shall I fear?
I do not fear even death.
I shall always remain dauntless.
Truth alone will be my eternal friend.
I have nothing more to learn.
The thing that I have to learn once and for all
I have learned —
My Lord Supreme and I are
For each other and in each other
To complete our satisfaction-game.

36. Dudiner tare jagate asiya

Dudiner tare jagate asiya
Dudin ekhane kandiya hasiya
Kotha chale jai kichu nahi pai
Tabu bhabi mane amar bihane
Dharai ke debe bani
Ami ke janina kichui parina
Tabu nite chai sabe tani
Amare karite gorab dan
Eta tuku sukh karibare pan
Sabare aghat hani


Just for a short visit
We come into the world.
Here we cry and smile
And then we do not know
Where we go.
Yet we think that out presence here on earth
Is indispensable.
We do not know who we are,
Yet we want to embrace each and every one
As our very own.
When we want to glorify our own lives,
Immediately we cast a slur
On our true aspiration-life.

37. Kena dhare rakha britha ankhi jale

Kena dhare rakha britha ankhi jale
Rahibena kena sabe jabe chale
Dekona rekhona dhare chhale bale
Jete dao hasi mukhe
Bale dao theko sukhe
Phutibe jiban alo phule phale


Why do we retain tears in our eyes
When we know that one by one
All will leave us?
Do not call, do not hold.
Let everyone go in his own way
Whenever he wants to.
At the parting time, just say:
“Be happy.
Remain happy.
Let happiness-flower
Grow in your heart-garden.”

38. Tarar deshe chander deshe

Tarar deshe chander deshe
Khelbo ami aj
Parbo ami madhur hese
Bishwa jayir saj


I shall go to the land of stars and planets
With my eternal friend, moon.
I shall play with them as their true friend.
I shall smile with them with my inner beauty.
I shall wear my world-conquering,
World-illumining, world-fulfilling cloak.

39. Srote bhese jacchi chale

Srote bhese jacchi chale
Ami sarba hara
Prabhur amar madhya khane
Ache pashan kara
Ashesh ashru dhara


I have lost everything.
I am now totally lost.
I am flowing with the wave of helplessness.
Between my existence and my Lord’s Existence
There is only the prison wall of indifference.
In me, I see the endless flow of soulful tears.

40. Ke uthila more daki

Ke uthila more daki
Hriday gahane thaki
Oje mor pran pakhi
Se jage aj ekaki
Puta analas ankhi


Who is awakening my heart today?
Ah, it is my soul-bird.
My soul-bird looks around with its all-loving
And all-illumining vision
Where purity reigns supreme.

41. Ke amare chai

Ke amare chai
Megher aral hate
Dake ai ai
Ke jena amare tane
Chali unmad sama
Ke jane kothai


Who wants to see me
Hiding inside the veil of teeming clouds?
Who calls me so lovingly and tenderly —
“Come, come”?
Who pulls me so powerfully towards Him
Like a volcano?
I am now running
Fearless, free, towards Him alone.

42. Diyechile jaha shesh haye geche

Diyechile jaha shesh haye geche
Esechi abar tai
Phurai na jaha ebar se dhan
Charane tomar chai
Dao mukhe bhasha daogo bhakati
Manaber hite daogo shakati
Jibane marane tomar charane
Sthan jena sada pai


Whatever You have given me
I have used up.
Therefore I'll hear today
Once again.
This time do give me something
Which will eternally last.
Give me the divine message-light
And divine devotion.
Give me the power to love humanity.
In life and death may my existence
Eternally remain
At Your Feet.

43. Bhule ja sab jharer bhoi

Bhule ja sab jharer bhoi
Khulre tari khol
Darabi tui sabar pichu
Nichu hoima taito unchu
Bhule ja sab kantar byatha
Phul guli tui tol
Bhule ja tui loka ninda
Maner uccha rol


Forget all your tempest fear.
Save your boat.
You can stand behind everyone.
The Mother bends her head,
Therefore she is taller than everyone.
True, your world is full of thorns.
You can forget this experience.
Just collect beauty’s flower
From life-garden.
Pay no attention to world-criticism.
Remain far from the flight
Of name and fame.

44. Ogo dayamoy kemane tomare pabo

Ogo dayamoy kemane tomare pabo
Tomar lagiya pagal haiya
Kahar duare jabo
Ke more dekhabe alo
Kahare basibo bhalo
Ogo dayamoy kemane tomare pabo


O Lord of Compassion,
Do tell me how I can receive You.
My love for You has made me confirmed mad.
Who will now show me the light of the Beyond?
When shall I love it as my own?
O Lord of Compassion,
Show me the way
To see You, to feel You,
To have You, to own You,
And grow into Your own transcendental Height.

45. Bhulite diyona prahu

Bhulite diyona prabhu
Jadi ami bhule jai kabhu
Tibra bedane jagabe amai
Bhulite diyona kabhu
Bedanar tape jadi bhule jai
Maraner ghum jadi kabhu pai
Amar parashe jagabe amai
Bhulite diyona kabhu
Smarane manane thakio amar
Chahibar mato nahi kichu ar
Shesh anurodh karibo tomare tabu
Bhulite diyona prabhu


Lord, allow me not to forget You.
If ever I forget You,
Do torture my heart ruthlessly.
If excruciating pangs shall compel me
To forget You,
Do awaken me with Your infinite Compassion.

My Lord,
If ever the sleep of death attacks me,
Do come and protect me.
Do remain inside my sleeping heart.
I have not asked You for anything
Meaningful and fruitful.
Do allow me not to forget You.

46. Ogo amar pather sathi

Ogo amar pather sathi
Chile tumi kon bimane
Kato katha kato giti
Balcho amar kane kane
Chilam ami sangopane
Ele ure amar pane
Ei bijane gahan bane
Amar ghare bandhle basa
Mithe geche sakal asha
Keu amai ar nahi tane


O my Friend, You and I walked
Along Eternity’s Road.
We sang together endless songs.
Today again, we are together.
This time You are singing Your silence-songs.
Do stay in my heart-room.
In You is my life’s only fulfilment.

47. Kamana moha dore niyata bandhan more

Kamana moha dore niyata bandhan more
Dekhije amar shakti apar
Agyanatar adhar pathar
Maran kale krore heri hiya bhore


I have bound my earth-existence
With my long desire-rope.
My ignorance-sea defies
All bonds and bounds.
At the time of final departure
From earth’s scene,
I see myself on Your Lap of celestial beauty.

48. Asha mor halo

Asha mor halo
Ghor nirasha
Tabu prane raje
Puta pipasa
Asha tumi bujhi
Habe hatarsha
E jibane ache
Shudhu kuasa


My hope has become hopeless frustration today.
Yet I enjoy pure thirst for the unknown Beyond.
O my hope, it seems that you have become
Helplessly poor, weak,
An orphan.
This life of mine has nothing but tenebrous fog.

49. Amito tomare dakina chahina

Amito tomare dakina chahina
Tabu kena more dakicho
Amito tomare dibona amai
Tabu kena bhalobasicho
Jani ami jani tabo kripa ankhi
Khamibe amar amire
Tabu kena hai nirabadhi rahi
Moher nishar gabhire


I do not need You.
Yet, why do You need me?
You know well that I shall not surrender
My earth-existence to You.
Yet, why do You love me?
I know Your Compassion-I.
You forgive my little “i”.
Alas, why do I always remain in the heart
Of blind darkness-night?

50. Bhagaban bhagaban bhagaban

Bhagaban bhagaban bhagaban
Dekho mor bedanai bhara pran
Bhagaban bhagaban bhagaban
Kotha taba kripa aphuran
Bhagaban bhagaban bhagaban
Pabo kigo amrita sandhan


Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme.
my life inundated with ceaseless pangs.
Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme,
Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme.
Where is Your Compassion infinite?
Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme, Lord Supreme.
Will I ever discover Nectar-Delight
In the inmost recesses of my heart?
Will I?

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