Illumination-Song and Liberation-Dance, part 2

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51. Amar ashru nire

Amar ashru nire
Asi ami phire phire
Jachi taba barabhoy
Ogo chira madhumoy
Gahi taba gahi joy
Amar haibe loy


Again and again I come back
And sit inside the tears of my heart.
O Lord, I long for Your Compassion-sea.
I sing Your Victory-song.
I know this is the only way
That I can end my human life
And begin my life divine.

52. Shanti shanti parama kanti

Shanti shanti parama kanti
Amar choker jale
Heribo tomar asha
Bidhatar jaya bhasha
Heribo tomar mukti plaban
Amarar shata dale


Peace, Peace, Beauty supreme,
Abide inside my heart-tears.
I shall see there
My Lord’s all-illumining Hope
And my Lord’s triumphant Message-light.
I shall see my liberation-flood
Inside my immortal lotus-heart.

53. Ami chai ami chai

Ami chai ami chai
Nahi pai kabhu ami
Nahi pai
Asha lagi kandi ami
Asha lagi
Byatha sathe rahi ami
Sada jagi


I want, I want, I want.
I never get, I never get, I never get.
I cry for my old friend, hope.
Alas, now my only friend
Is an undying life of sorrow.

54. Amar chapal pran

Amar chapal pran
Tomare karite dan
Kata shatabar cheyechi
Asha bitapite
Bedanar shite
Britha more hai bendhechi


I have tried hundreds of times
To offer my restless life to You.
I have found myself bound
In the huge hope-tree
And in the chill of excruciating pangs.
Alas, I am totally lost.

55. Amar amire niye jai

Amar amire niye jao
Shanti bari dhi more dao
Tomar charan
Amar swapan
Mor jagaran
Taba kripa dhan
Khama sangit sada gao


Do take away my little “i.”
Do grant me a sea of peace.
At Your Feet I place my dream-life
And my awakened reality-life.
Your Compassion-wealth
Is Your Forgiveness-song,
Which I always hear You sing.

56. Tomar ache jai

Tomar kache jai
Tomar pete thai
Charane taba kandi
Mor amire bandhi
Tomare ami chai
Jiban bane pai


I go to You to place myself
At Your Feet of Compassion.
I cry ceaselessly at Your Feet.
I forcefully bind my little “i”
To Your Compassion-Feet.
I want You alone.
May my desire find its satisfaction-light
In the forest of my life.

57. Jibane marane madhur swapane

Jibane marane madhur swapane
Jana ajanar puta hiya bane
Tomar gahibo joy
Ogo prabhu madhumoy
Heribona ar bedan hiyar
Durbal krandane


In my life and death,
In my sweet dream,
In the pure heart of the known and unknown,
I shall sing Your Victory-song.
O Lord of Sweetness and Compassion,
I shall see no more
The feeble heart of ceaseless tears.

58. Kabi habo shilpi habo

Kabi habo shilpi habo
Premik karo more
Bandho amai charan tale
Khama kripar dore


Make me a divine poet.
Make me a divine artist.
Make me a divine lover.
Let me remain bound
At Your Forgiveness-Feet.
Let me grow and grow
In Your Compassion-Heart.

59. Ekla ekla chali

Ekla ekla chali
Ekla ami chali
Andhar pather badhar bandhan
Ek nimeshe dali
Ekla chali ekla chali
Ekla ami chali
Dukhi dharar mukti lagi
Hriday habe bali


I walk alone, I walk alone, I walk alone.
I conquer all obstacles on my way.
They all surrender to me, to my light.
I walk alone, I walk alone, I walk alone.
Only for one thing —
The liberation of our sorrowful world —
I shall offer all that I have
And all that I am
To transform the face and fate
Of this poor and feeble world.

60. Tomar charan tale

Tomar charan tale
Rekhechi amar krita gyatar
Ashphuta shatodale
Tomar hriday pure
Kalush amire harabo ebar
Maha ananda sure


I have placed
The unblossomed lotus-heart of my gratitude
At Your Feet supreme.
I shall lose my impurity-life
Inside Your Heart of light and delight
And grow into the song
Of transcendental Delight.

61. Ami kari prarthana

Ami kari prarthana
Ami jachi santana
Ami kari bandana
Bhule gechi banchana
Ami kari kalpana
Habo taba ranjana


I pray and pray.
I need Your consolation-light.
I worship You alone.
I have totally forgotten my deception-life.
I am now in the imagination-world;
I am hoping to be Your Delight supreme.

62. Dyuloke bhuloke

Dyuloke bhuloke
Jhalake jhalake
Tomar parash
Amar harash
Tomar charan
Amar jiban
Ananda banshi
Asimer hasi


In Heaven and on our earth
In a twinkling Your magic touch
Inundates my life with bliss.
Your Feet give me an ever-transcending life
And Immortality’s Flute and Infinity’s Smile.

63. Ekti shudhu chaoa

Ekti shudhu chaoa
Tomar paye tomar giti gaoa
Ekti shudhu paoa
Dur amarar rupantarer haoa


Only one desire:
I wish to sing Your Victory-song
At Your Lotus-Feet.
Only one achievement:
I long to become transformation-beauty
Of the ever-illumining Beyond.

64. Tomar sukhe hasi ami

Tomar sukhe hasi ami
Tomar dukhe kandi
Tomai pete ashar deshe
Tomai ami bandhi


I smile with You when You are happy.
I cry with You when You are sad.
I always want only one thing:
To be Your own, very own,
In the heart of Your blessingful eternal vision.

65. Mithyar habe parajoy

Mithyar habe parajoy
Tai ami nirbhoi
Tamasar habe parajoy
Tai ami anandamoy
Mithya tamasa jabe chale
Phutibo tomar pada tale


Falsehood-night is bound to accept defeat;
I have no fear,
I have no anxiety,
I have no doubt.
Darkness-sea is bound to accept defeat.
My life is all light and delight.
Falsehood and darkness will disappear
And my life of gratitude shall blossom
At Your Feet.

66. Amare apan karo

Amare apan karo
Amar duhat dharo
Amare karogo jantra
Dao more guru mantra
Ogo sundar daki
Khulo mor hiya ankhi


Make me Your own, very own.
Only by Your Hand,
O Lord of Compassion,
Make me Your unconditional instrument.
Grant me Your Guru-mantra,
O Lord of Beauty,
Do open my heart’s vision-eye.

67. Maraner banshi jibane bajate chahi

Maraner banshi jibane bajate chahi
Hatashai bhara pran
Asha pakhi mriya man
Bineshar gan bhore sandhyai gahi


I want to play the flute of death
In my reality-life.
Day in and day out,
I sing the song of utter destruction-night.
Despondency is another name for my heart.
My hope-bird is almost dead.

68. Alik swapan alik asha

Alik swapan alik asha
Amar chira sathi
Bhagna hiyai jale kebal
Ghor binasher bati


False dream and false hope
Have become mine,
My inseparable eternal friends.
In my broken heart
I see only the destruction-flame
Of tenebrous night.

69. Ogo mor puta asha

Ogo mor puta asha
Tumi amarar bhasha
Tumi hasa tai ami
Ama ghore nahi nami


O my hallowed hope,
You are the message of the immortal Beyond.
You smile;
In me I have my existence-life,
And I do not descend
Into the abyss of inconscience-night.

70. Chetanai bhara bedana

Chetanai bhara bedana
Bedanai bhara kamana
Kamanai bhara abani
Hetha ami mari swapane


Suffering is full of consciousness.
Desire is full of suffering.
The world is full of desire.
And here the dreamer in me
Is dying helplessly.

71. Tumi nahi basa bhalo

Tumi nahi baso bhalo
E hiyar ghor kalo
Ami durbal ami chanchal
Nahi phute prane asha shatadal
Dhalo kripa sudha dhalo
Asimer khudha jalo


You do not love
The dun darkness of my heart.
I am weak,
I am helpless,
I am restless.
Hope-lotus does not blossom
Inside my heart.
O Lord, grant me
Your infinite Compassion-Delight.
Grant me the joy
Of infinite hunger.

72. Amare diyecha hasi

Amare diyecha hasi
Amar amire nashi
Amare diyecha kul
Taba madhu kripa rashi
Amare diyeche banshi


You have given me
Your transcendental Smile
By having destroyed my little “i.”
You have given me
Your Haven-Feet.
I have now become
My heart’s worship-flower.
Your sweet Compassion-flood has granted me
My life’s transformation-flute.

73. Ekti gopan katha

Ekti gopan katha
Shudhai omi chupe chupe
Tomai nirabata
Tomar amarata
Bandhbe ki hai kripar dore
Amar malinata


A secret desire I have.
O silence-light, I wish to ask you,
In silence-flame with your Immortality-sun
Illumine my lifelong impurity-sky.

74. Asha mor chalo jai chalo jai

Asha mor chalo jai chalo jai
Paramer hasi onkhi ami chai
Ami habo bidhatar sandhani
Dharanite habo tar jaya bani


O hope, let us go, let us go.
I long for the smile of the eternal Beyond.
I shall look for my Lord Supreme
Within and without.
I shall grow into His Victory’s message-light.

75. Jukti tomar lagiya

Jukti tomar lagiya
Mukti na rahe jagiya
Basana tomar lagiya
Shanti narahe jagiya
Eshana tomar lagiya
Ami sada rahi jagiya


O reasoning mind,
Liberation-flood will never be yours.
O desiring life,
Peace-sea will never be yours.
O aspiration-satisfaction,
The Lord Supreme will always be yours.

76. Jedike phirai ankhi

Jedike phirai ankhi
Ke jena baliche daki
Britha bela baye jai
Jib kata asahai
Nayan mudiya rakhi
Ar ki shunite baki
Britha bela bayi jai
Kena eta nirupai


Whichever way I cast my glance
I hear someone whispering.
Time is passing by,
All human beings hopeless and helpless.
I keep my eyes shut.
I have nothing more to hear.
Time is passing by.
Alas, I know not why and how
I am so helplessly and totally lost.

77. Kata dure prabhu kata dure

Kata dure prabhu kata dure
Klanta hayechi ghure ghure
Janina tomar pabo kina dekha
Kothai tomar sri charan rekha
Kato dure prabhu kato dure
Tomar banshir shubha abahan
Ghuchak amar sakal bandhan
Kata dure prabhakar kata dure


O Lord, where are You,
How far are you?
I have covered a very long distance.
I have grown weary.
I know not if ever I shall capture
Your Vision-light.
I know not if ever I shall be blessed
By Your Compassion-Feet.
O Lord, where are You,
How far are You?
Your Flute of light
Shall destroy all my bondage-night.
I know, I know.

78. Rakhte je hoy bahu loker man

Rakhte je hoy bahu loker man
Tahar lagi katai ayojan
Tomar dabi naije kechai nai
Jibane tai tomar nahi thai
Tabu prabhu kangal seje asa
Amar prane sakal byatha nasha
Janina hai ke je apan jan
Rakhte je hoy bahu loker man


I have to please all and sundry.
Therefore, my life is in constant preparation.
O Lord, You never make any demand.
Therefore, I have kept no place for You
In my life.
You come to me in the garb of a beggar.
In silence-light you destroy all my suffering.
Alas, yet I do not know
Who is my real friend.
Since I do not know,
I try to satisfy all and sundry
And, what is worse,
In their own way.

79. Pichan pane takai jadi kathe

Pichan pane takai jadi kathe
Khama karo prabhu
Pathe jadi ghumiye pari kabhu
Khama karo prabhu


Like a fool,
If I ever look behind, O Lord Supreme,
Forgive me if I ever fall asleep
Along the way.
While walking along Eternity’s road,
O Lord, do forgive me.

80. Eso nira kar

Eso nira kar
Tomar hauk joy
Eso Chinmoy
Tomar hauk joy
Je rupe asibe
Andhar nashibe
Tomar haibe joy
Mrittyar habe khoy


O Formless One,
May Thy Victory be proclaimed.
O Consciousness-light,
May Thy Victory be proclaimed.
No matter which form You don,
I know You will destroy my ignorance-night.
May Thy Victory be proclaimed
And my life of death be banished forever.

81. Cheye achi patha pane

Cheye achi patha pane
Taito amar sukh
Dekha jadi nahi dibe
Kiba tale dukh
Amar shudhu khule dhara
Praner jato andhar kara
Tomar hathe sanpe deba
Sakal jiban bhar
Phuler mato phuh jetola
Ami je tomar


I am looking for You all around.
Even if I do not see You,
I shall not suffer,
For my sole aim is to open
My heart to You
And offer my imprisoned life to You.
May my life be a life of constant dedication.
And may my life
Grow into Your own blessing-flower.

82. Parash mani parash karo dan

Parash mani parash karo dan
Ebar ami shunbo tomar gan
Amai ebar mauna kare dao
Maner kali apan kare nao
Kripa kare ghurcha abhiman
Miliye dao sakal ahangyan


O Transformer Supreme, do touch me
And make me see all at once.
May Your silence-vision
Inundate my life’s confusion and turbulence-life.
May my self-centred life lose
All its self-styled achievements.

83. Bishwa prabhu sabai amai

Bishwa prabhu sabai amai
Bandha kare nache
Mukti shudhu kathar maya
Mukti ki hai ache


O Lord of the world,
All human beings bind me tight
And dance the dance of destruction-night.
Liberation, what is it
If not a perfect illusion and delusion
Of the human mind?

84. Nitya mukta amar sathi

Nitya mukta amar sathi
Ami niranjan
Amar abar trijagate
Kiser bandhan


My eternal companion
Is eternity’s freedom.
I am self-enamoured in the sea of purity.
No bondage I see within, without, below, above.

85. Sakaler prane nijere karite dan

Sakaler prane nijere karite dan
Ki amiya dhara karitecha tumi pan
Anute renute akashe batase
Tumi acho nirakar
E jiban nadi toma sathe mishe
Kabe habe ekakar


I know not what Nectar-Delight You enjoy.
In Your constant act of self-giving,
In the tiny life of an atom,
In the vast life of the sky,
In the free life of the wind,
Formless You sport.
Alas, when will my life-river flow
In Your direction?

86. Tomar asar samoy kabe habe

Tomar asar samoy kabe habe
Andhar ghare pradip shikha
Jwaliye dibe kabe
Ebar amar prachur samoi ache
Apan bale keu je nai kache
Sabai geche amai pathe phele
Tumi o ki amai bhule gele


When will the time of Your coming arrive?
When will You kindle the flame of
Aspiration in my darkness-heart?
Much time have I at my disposal now.
Alas, no one close to my heart
Is beside me.
Everybody has left me
On the way to the Golden Shore.
O Lord Supreme, will You also
Do the same?

87. Ami sukhere dharite dukhere dhariche

Ami sukhere dharite dukhere dhariche
Asha haye geche dukh
Hasha bedane shata nipiyane
Bhenge geche mor buk
Dubibar age dhariya chi hat
Dubite daoni jale
Tai dayamoi jiban amar
Sampinu charan tale


I desired to grasp happiness.
Alas, all I have grasped is a sky of sorrow.
All my hopes have grown into
Fathomless pangs.
My aspiration-heart is thrown into
The jaws of destruction-night.
Yet my perishing life stretches
Its arms towards You
For Your Protection-Feet.

88. Dubche tari dubte dao

Dubche tari dubte dao
Bhasbe jatha kale
Janisa na ki praner pran
Dhare achen hal
Egiye chal egiye chal
Langhi giri atal tal


Your boat is sinking;
Let it sink.
Again, when the Golden Day dawns,
It will float visibly and cheerfully.
And do you not know that
The other Boat,
The Boat of the Inner Pilot,
Will always carry you?
O pilgrims,
Bravely conquer all obstructions on the way.

89. Kabe kakhan asbe sedin kali

Kabe kakhan asbe sedin kali
Jedin kali kali kali bale
Praner kali dibo dhali
Tor charane ma karali


Mother Kali, Mother Kali,
Will the day ever dawn
When I shall be able to offer You
My ignorance-life unreservedly
And grow into Your blessing-joy
At Your Feet of infinite Compassion-light?

90. Dharite gele jaina dhara hai

Dharite gele jaina dhara hai
Tabu praner katana kichu chai
Ja pele ar haina pete
Ja khele ar haina khete
Ta chere man dibas rate
Mara kiser pipasai


My vital wants to catch everything.
Alas, everything disappears before
It can catch anything
In God’s entire creation.
O mind, why do you hanker
After the fleeting and fruitless realities?
Long only for the realities
That eternally abide, eternally satisfy
Man’s eternal thirst.

91. Jabe e din jabe

Jabe e din jabe
Sukher e din jabe
Dukher e din jabe
Sthayi kichui habena bhai habena
Jete dao khusi mane
Ja chai jete
Nite habe jaha ase
Duhat pete
Mane rekho sathe kichu jabena
Sthayi kichui habena bhai habena


I know my days of sorrow
Will come to an end.
I know my days of joy
Will come to an end.
Nothing is abiding here on earth.
O world, let everything go
That wants to go.
Let the things that have to be received
Be received with boundless joy here on earth.
Earth-possessions and creations, alas,
Will never follow us.

92. Mayer mata nate nichu

Mayer mata hate nichu
Shikhli na je man
Bara loker karis puja
Dukhir ajatan
Bhalobasa mayer matan
Dukhi cheler adhik jatan
Achis bhule sahaj satya
Ore amar man
Sakal prane sarba sthane
Achen narayan


O mind, why have you not learned
To bend your head like the Mother?
You worship the so-called great one.
Like the Mother, love the weak and the poor more.
You neglect this simple truth.
Love the world like the Mother,
Irrespective of her children’s achievements.
O mind, why have you forgotten the simple truth
That God in all abides?

93. Janina dubibe kabe

Janina dubibe kabe
Tarani amar
Ekaki bahite tare
Parinaje ar
Tule laha taba kache
Ekhano ja kichu ache
Rekhe diyo bhanga tari
Charane tomar


I know not when
My life-boat will capsize.
I am afraid it may soon suffer that fate.
I can no longer sail it.
O Lord Supreme, do take away
All that I shall have in my life-boat.
Then I shall place a satisfaction-boat
At my Lord’s Compassion-Feet.

94. Mago amar tumi amar

Mago amar tumi amar
Malik kabe habe
Sakal dukhe sakal sukhe
Tomar charan dharbo buke
Kantha shudhu sakal kathai
Tomar kathai kabe


O Mother, when will You become
The owner of my life?
In all my sufferings,
In all my joys,
I shall clasp Your Feet.
I shall sing only Your song of victory
In Your own inimitable Way.

95. Ke oi dake aire bacha ai

Ke oi dake aire bacha ai
Mayer kantha jena shona jai
Kahar seba karte ese
Achi rato kahar sebai
Dhaner lobhe maner lobhe
Mago arna jena din jai


Who calls to me,
“My child, come, come”?
I came into the world
To serve the Mother.
Alas, whom do I serve now?
I serve ignorance-night,
I serve material-wealth,
I serve human-pride.
Mother, may I not any more waste
My precious aspiration-life.

96. Keu janena kothai prabhu

Keu janena kothai prabhu
Jabo ami chale
Base ami thakbona ar
Sudin asbe bale
Charan tomar dhubo shudhu
Amar nayan jale
Tomar kripai bharbe jiban
Amar phule phale


Lord, nobody knows where I shall go.
I shall not wait here any more
For a golden day,
A supernal dawn.
I shall wash Your Feet
With my heart’s tearful love.
Your Compassion-sky shall help
My heart-flower to blossom.

97. Phule phule dule dule

Phule phule dule dule
Mora nachi kule kule
Kotha hate ese kotha
Jabo gechi bhule
Bhaba baridhir ogo kandari
Daona palta tule


We carry flowers of beauty and delight.
We dance and dance
On Eternity’s road.
We know not
Where we come from
And where we shall go.
O my World-Pilot,
Do save Your Boat Supreme.

98. Chal chal chal eksathe chal

Chal chal chal eksathe chal
E chalar habena biphal
Phutibe jibane puta shatadal
Shatojala habe je shital


Let us go together.
Let us go together.
Our journey shall know no harm.
In our life’s garden
Purity-flower shall blossom.
Our hearts’ ceaseless pangs
Shall be eternally and fruitfully illumined.

99. Phurabe amar hasi krandan

Phurabe amar hasi krandan
Phurabena shudhu asha
Bhange shatobar gari tatobar
Balite balir basa
Kena eta shram britha e sadhana
Kena britha bhalobasa
Shudhu tomar pane dhai jena mor
Tiyasa sarbanasha


My life of smile
And my life of cry
Shall one day come to an end,
But not my life of hope.
My hope-life is a rope of sand.
Alas, I know it,
And yet I know it not.
Why do I waver so much?
Why do I see all around me
Fruitless and false love?
O Lord, only one desire I have:
May my sweet, eternal thirst
Find its proper place in You, for You.

100. Hariye pathe priyatame

Hariye pathe priyatame
Elam pathe phire
Ke janere kothai gela
Kon ajana pure
Keu ba bale pabe tare
Guhar andhare
Keu ba bale khonja tare
Nadir opare
Ar parina klanto ami
Pathe ghure ghure
Ebar ami dube jabo
Apan hiya pure


I have lost my Beloved Supreme
While we were walking along
Eternity’s road.
I do not know where He is now,
In which clime of the unknown Beyond.
Some seekers tell me
That He is to be found
Inside my heart’s dark ignorance-cave,
While others tell me
To look for Him
On the other side of the life-river.
Alas, I am totally tired
And utterly exhausted.
I shall no more search for Him.
I shall just dive deep into my heart-reality
For an eternal rest.

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