Illumination-Song and Liberation-Dance, part 3

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101. Amije moher rachana

Ami je moher rachana
Ami ke amare balana
Britha kena shato kamana
Amije amar jatana
Amike amare balona


I am the creation of my own illusion and delusion.
O Lord, do tell me who I really am.
Why do I cherish in vain hundreds of desires?
Alas, all my heart’s excruciating pangs and I
Have become inseparably one.
O Lord, do tell me who I really am.

102. Diner shese pathe base

Diner sheshe pathe base
Tomar pane chai
Se din prabhu balechile
Pare pabo thai
Hasi mukhe chale gele
Jaoni prabhu abahele
Bhikkha magi tripti lagi
Jetha ami jai


At the end of the day alone I stand
On the road looking for You.
Lord, the other day You told me
That You would grant me shelter at a later date.
You left me with a smile.
You did not ignore me.
Lord, wherever I go I beg only for one thing:

103. Hath ache khali

Hath achhe khali
Pran dibo dhali
Jato paro nao kali
Bhoy karibona
Maran jatana
Janani shmasan Kali
Tomar charane rakhibo jatane
Kritagyatar thali


My hands are empty,
But my heart I shall unreservedly pour.
O Lord, do accept all my heart’s ignorance-ink,
As much as You can.
Lord, I tell You, I shall never be afraid
Of the torture of death.
Mother Kali of the crematorium is my very own.
At Your Feet, Lord,
I shall always keep my heart’s gratitude-receptacle.

104. Nai ayojan sadhan bhajan

Nai ayojan sadhan bhajan
Achi sada tomai bhule
Kripa kare nile amai
Prabhu tomar anke tule
Hriday duar dile khule
Janena man tomai bhule


I am not yet prepared
For a life of spiritual discipline.
Alas, I have totally forgotten You.
Yet You have come with Your boundless Compassion
And accepted me and placed me on Your Lap.
O Lord Supreme, You have opened my heart’s door.
Alas, still my forgetful mind knows not
Who You are.

105. Ki kare jaibo kaha

Ki kare jaibo kaha
Amare dakiya laho
Ke tumi amar dhamer jatri
Rayecho jagiya atoi ratri
Hese khele jabo taba sathe sathe
Sada sukhe dukhe dibase o rate
Jibaner bhar aji dusaha
Ki kare paibo kaho


O pilgrim, do tell me how I can come to you.
Do call me.
O, who are you inside me
Playing the role of an eternal pilgrim
To reach the land of Immortality?
Far into the night always you remain awake.
Smiling and playing I shall come to you.
My cheerful days and sorrowful nights
Create the burdens of my life.
At times, they are heavy and unbearable.
O pilgrim, do tell me how I can achieve all your inner wealth.

106. Sudure kar payer dhwani

Sudure kar payer dhwani
Shuni jena din rajani
Kahar lagi paran amar
Tibra anuragi
Oi bujhi oi kache elo dhwani
Aro jena kache elo nayan mani


Whose footsteps do I hear at a distance all day and night?
For whom is my life?
For whom is my life all eagerness?
Ah, I hear now the sound is approaching me.
My beloved Lord seems to be right beside me.

107. Khelar lagi praner thakur

Khelar lagi praner thakur
Garechen ei bishwa khana
Ektu khele khela phele
Kothai ke jai jaina jana
Chardike sab khelar mela
Katoi bhabe katoi khela
Khelte khela bhaber hathe
Dekha cheye katoi khate
Nitya chali nutan khela
Ke shunbe go kahar mana


The Inner Pilot has created this world
For us to play.
After having played for a short while
We know not where we all go.
While we are on earth,
In various ways we enjoy our life’s myriad games.
How hard we have worked in our life’s marketplace.
At every moment a new game awaits us,
No restriction, no disciplinary action.

108. Man janena ami jani

Man janena ami jani
Amai kabhu tanatani
Karbena hai keha
Briddha jakhan habe amar
Shranto klanto deha


My mind does not know, but I know
That nobody will pull me towards Him like a magnet
When I shall become old, tired and exhausted,
An energyless body.

109. Bhalobasar parash chhara

Bhalobasar parash chhara
Praner kali jabe nare
Sakal prane praner thakur
Kripa balo karbo kare
Ghrina tumi karbe jare
Sei tomare tanbe andhare


Without the magic touch of love,
The impurity-ink of the vital life
Can never be removed.
Yet when I see my Inner Pilot
In each and every human being,
How can I dare to show compassion-light?
O ignorant man, if you ignore anyone,
Rest assured, he will pull you mercilessly towards him
In his own ignorance-night.

110. Prabhu tumi karo dan

Prabhu tumi karo dan
Ami shudhu bali
Aro chai aro chai
Sab niye bali amar hiyai
Thai nai thai nai


Lord, You always give me everything unconditionally.
Yet I tell You, “Give me more, give me more!”
You fulfil my desire.
Desire fulfilled, I tell You, Lord,
“I see You.
You want to enter into my heart.
Sorry, there is no room for You.”

111. Prabhu tomar katha

Prabhu tomar katha
Bhable amar
Bhabna rabena
Amar bhabna rabena
Apan bhabna bhebe amar
Bhabna jabena
Amar bhabna jabena


Lord, if I think of You
I can have no worries and anxieties.
By thinking of my own worries and anxieties,
I shall never be able to free myself from them.
I know this undeniable fact,
Yet helplessly or deliberately I see myself
In the grip of worries and anxieties.

112. Miche tomar sukher dali

Miche tomar sukher dali
Miche tomar dukher kali
Bhalobasa kanna hasi
Sab chhal sab chhal
Je ase aj maner dukhe
Ar je ase hiyar sukhe
Tare niyo sabai buke
Na thak chokhe jal


False is your happiness-life-tree.
False is your life of sorrowful ink.
The smile and the tear of love
Are nothing but deception.
He who comes to you today,
His mind's sorrow and his heart's joy accept.
Let there be no tears in any human heart.

113. He achena tomai ami

He achena tomai ami
Chinbo kabe
Je kareche tomai apan
Se kareche apan sabe
He ajana tomai ami
Chinbo kabe
Tomai bhule ar kato din
Thakbo bhabe


O Unknown,
When can I know You?
He who claims You as his own
Has made the entire world his own.
O Unknown,
When can I know You?
How long am I destined to live on earth,
Meaninglessly and sorrowfully,
Without You?

114. Bela hale chale jabe tari bahi

Bela hale chale jabe tari bahi
Tabe kena eli hetha giti gahi
Tomar tarani pare
Jadi kabhu nibe more
Tabu jena toma pane sada chahi
Tomar bijoy giti jena gahi


If it was decided that when the final hour strikes
You will go back sailing your boat,
Why then did you come singing to this world?
If You do not carry me in your boat, no harm.
Do grant me the boon
To invoke you always and sing your victory-song.

115. Amar bhanga ghare kalo rate

Amar bhanga ghare kalo rate
Alo hate ke ele
E je shudhu kantar ban
Hetha tomar ki pralobhan
Ki aj hate ele prabhu
Amar ghare ki pele


Who has come into my broken home
On this dark night
With a lamp in his hand?
O, I know not.
Don’t you know that this place is only
A forest of thorns?
What kind of temptation-life
Have you created for me?
With what hope have you come to me?
What have you received from my heart-room?

116. Ke oi abar bajai banshi

Ke oi abar bajai banshi
O udasi lau go asi
Praner kali dibo dhali
Alo jele kache ele
Dekhbe amar niloy khali
Mukhe shudhu ache hasi


Yonder who plays once again his flute?
Who is that God-intoxicated mendicant?
I shall offer him my life’s ignorance-ink.
Ah, I now see him approaching me
With his inner light.
His smiling face will discover my heart’s emptiness.

117. Kal ki habe ke jane

Kal ki habe ke jane
Kar mana ar ke mane
Jiban maran tanche ekhan
Bhese jabo kar pane
Lila amar purna habe
Kon debatar gopan dane


We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow.
Nobody listens to anybody.
Life and death together are calling me.
I do not know whom to accept and whom to reject,
Towards whom I shall sail my life-boat.
I do not know which cosmic god
Will fulfil my earthly sojourn.

118. Jayto chahini cheyechi shikhite

Jayto chahini cheyechi shikhite
Ki bhabe asibe joy
Janite parile tar sathe pathe
Kare neba parichoi
Sakal joyer shreshtha bijoy
Prabhu taba hathe parajoy


I have not longed for victory.
I simply wanted to learn
How I can achieve success.
Had I known the way,
I would have definitely been familiar with it.
I know the greatest of all victories
Is my defeat at the Hands of my Beloved Supreme.

119. Kal ja chila puraskar

Kal ja chila puraskar
Aj je taha tiraskar
Ami kare chari kare dhari
Apan bale baran kari
Apan jane gechi bhule
Arire ni kole tule
Je ase se tomar dyuti
Tarei namaskar


Yesterday what was the supreme reward,
Today that very thing is an object of contempt.
Whom have I to accept and whom have I to reject?
Whom shall I accept as my own?
Alas, I have forgotten my near and dear ones.
I have saluted and embraced my adversaries,
Thinking that whoever comes
Is Your emissary carrying Your Light.

120. Man daoni mani

Man daoni mani
Apaman je maner sathe
Karche tana tani
Dan daoni data
Nitya jena tomar paye
Thake amar matha
Ja diyecho na chahite
Taito tomar bani
Eso amar hriday dale
Eso hriday rani


O Queen of my heart,
You have not given me signal honour.
I know perfectly well that dishonour and honour
Are inseparable.
O Queen of my heart, they live together
And pull me towards them.
O Queen of bounty,
You have not given me Your wealth.
Nevertheless I wish to keep my head
Always at Your Feet.
Whatever You have given me
Is nothing short of Your Message-Light.
Do come into my lotus-heart and occupy it,
O Queen of my heart.

121. Rupar tarani bahiya

Rupar tarani bahiya
Oi ase oi chandiya
Akash juriya madhur gitika
Bihanga jai sudure pane
Asha guli ure chale
Disha bhuli
Bela gela ai namiya


Sailing the boat of silver light,
The moon-beauty is fast approaching me.
The sky is vibrating with sweet and melodious songs.
The birds are flying beyond the horizon
To an unknown land.
All my hopes are flying without any destination.
Slowly my life’s evening sets in.

122. He ajana tumi amar

He ajana tumi amar
Sakal kabe habe
He achena apan bale
Chinbo tomai kabe
Kabe tumi amar prane
Sthayi habe robe
Kabe amai deke tumi
Tomar mahot sabe


O Unknown,
When will You become
Everything to me?
O unfamiliar One,
When shall I know You well as my own?
When will You become true in my life-boat?
When will You call me
To attend to Your Victory’s festival supreme?

123. Hashi hase ashru hase

Hashi hase ashru hase
Tader srote jiban bhase
Maya moher jal
Manda mor kapal


My smile smiles.
My tears shed tears.
I am floating with the life-current.
Alas, mine is a deplorable fate indeed.
All around what I see
Is a strong net of illusion and delusion.

124. Kato sampad sanchito ache

Kato sampad sanchito achhe
Akashe je mor ghar
Nija hate nao diba khusi prane
Keha nahi mor par
Dharani mukti lagi ami kandi
Niyata nirantar


I have garnered teeming wealth.
My hope is in the blue welkin.
I shall give you everything that I have.
Do take it with your own hands.
To me, there is no stranger.
For the freedom of the world
I am endeavouring day in and day out.

125. Eki amar pulak lage

Eki amar pulak lage
Kahar nayan palake
Tumi ke go tumi ke
Dekha dile nij aloke
Ami ke go ami ke
Tomar amar gopan milan
Tumi chara ar gane ke


Whose beautiful Eye at every moment
Sends me a thrill of delight?
Is it You who have given me
The infinite Love of Your inner Light?
I do not know who I am.
You and I secretly meet
And exchange our hearts’ divine ideas and ideals,
Visions and mission.
Nobody else knows save and except we two.

126. Na jani ki mane kare

Na jani ki mane kare
Mukhe bhasha dile more
Rachi tale kato gan
Kari kato sudha pan
Katobar sanpi pran
Jibaner puta bhore


I do not know what compels You
To give me speech and voice.
I compose a good many songs about You
And drink nectar-delight.
How many times I have surrendered myself to You
Right from the sacred dawn of my life.

127. Ghuche geche ama nisha

Ghuche geche ama nisha
Peyechi tomar disha
Amar hriday majhe
Ki jani ki jadu ache
Charidike marubhumi
Nahi tabu mor trisha


The dark night has at last ended.
I have now seen You inside the depth of my heart.
I do not know what magic abides inside me.
Around me is the desert,
Yet I am not parched with thirst.

128. Ekla ghare nayan bhare kand

Ekla ghare nayan bhare kand
Kenare tui pari prane phand
Jatoi peli bhalobasa
Tatoi bare praner asha
Prantare tui bandh
Nayan bhare kand


Cry to your heart’s content
Remaining inside your room.
Why do you strangle yourself?
The more love you receive,
The more your life’s hope increases.
O bind your restless vital
And cry and weep incessantly.

129. Chokhe ashru mukhe hasi bhan

Chokhe ashru mukhe hasi bhan
Tabu chale hetha hasi gan
Byatha jane byatha kare bale
Byathar malya rayeche je gale
Tabu mukhe kare hasi bhan


The eyes are flooded with tears
But the heart pretends to be happy.
Suffering wears the garland of suffering.
Suffering knows what suffering is.
Yet the vital smile continues outwardly.

130. Ami eka ami chira eka

Ami eka ami chira eka
Sathe keha nai dao dekha
Prabhu tomar bhagya rekha
Nutan kariya dao dekha


I am alone, always all alone.
I have nobody to accompany me.
O Lord Supreme, change my fate.
May I be granted a new body, a fortress true.

131. Dao paran bhari dao

Dao paran bhari dao
Nao jata tumi chao
Mor pipasa mithao
Prabhu dainya ghuchao


O give me to Your Heart’s content!
Do take as much as You want.
The more You fulfil my thirst, Lord,
The more You remove my meanness, darkness
And obstacles on the way.

132. Gaibana ar kulai base

Gaibona ar kulai base
Kantha kena thakbe amar parer bashe
Mukta ami nil akashe
Ure chali tarar pashe
Apan maner harashe
Gaibona ar kulai base


I shall no longer sing inside the cage.
Why should my voice remain
Under the control of somebody else?
I want to be free in the blue sky.
I can fly to the stars and planets
At my own sweet will.
I shall no longer sing inside the cage.

133. Sabar majhe lukiye thak

Sabar majhe lukiye thak
Keu dekhbena keu janbena
Shudhu ma ma bale dak
Chinisna re asal nakal pran
Kandisna ar mayer kole thak


Inside each and every heart you hide.
Nobody is going to know you.
Nobody is going to see you.
Do only one thing:
Repeat the Mother’s Name.
Alas, you do not know the real from the unreal.
Do not cry and weep.
Just stay in the Mother’s Lap.

134. Nutan katha koi

Nutan katha koi
Sabai nutan katha koi
Amar katha sei puratan
Nutan kichui noi
Nutan dake prane jage bhoy
Nai je amar pather parichoy
Tumi amar sei puratan
Chira madhur chira madhumoy


Everybody tells something new,
But it is I who have nothing new to say.
Everything that I say is old and fruitless.
Anything that is new creates fear in my heart.
I do not know where my goal lies.
O Lord Supreme, You are eternally old to me.
You are eternally sweet and delightful.

135. Geye ja tui akaran

Geye ja tui akaran
Miche kena bhabisman
Kusum kali phute jabe
Bhabe maki kal ki kabe
Na hoi tader mato shukiye jabi
Gandha kari bitaran


You go on singing all your life unconditionally.
O mind, think not foolishly.
When the little bud comes into existence,
Does it ever think of its future?
No, never.
If necessary, let one life of yours wither away,
Spreading its fragrance all around,
Like the tiny fragrant buds.

136. Megh chaleche kon deshe

Megh chaleche kon deshe
Nana rupe nana beshe
Madhur hasi hese
Megh chaleche kon deshe
Akash balre amai bal
Amar nayan jal
Megher mata jiban khani
Karbe ki ujal
Akash balre amai bal
Megh chaleche kon deshe


The clouds are sailing towards an unknown world
Adorned with myriad beauty.
A smiling face accompanies them.
The clouds are sailing towards an unknown clime.
O sky, do tell me where the clouds are sailing.
I ask you with my tearful eyes.
O sky, will you make my life as bright
And beautiful as the clouds?
O sky, tell me where the clouds are sailing.

137. Sthayi kichu kotha ache

Sthayi kichhu kotha ache
Dudin tare
Hasi kanna prema lila
Shudhu dudin tare
Ki habe ke jane bal
Dudin pare
Ogo andhar jaogo sare
Ogo alo eso ghare
Hokna ta dudin tare


There is nothing permanent.
Transient are the lives of sorrow and joy
Founded on human love.
Nobody knows what is going to happen
In the near future,
Or even tomorrow.
O darkness, let me live alone.
O Light, do enter into my heart,
Even if it is for fleeting days.

138. Katai dekhecha

Katai dekhecha
Katai shunecha
Katai karecha pan
Tabu ki tomar
Mitheni pipasa
Bhareni khudra pran
Shunibar jaha shuneo shunani
Dekhibar jaha dekheo dekhani
Paoni atmagyan
Shudhu ghuri techa
Pathe pathe britha
Paoni patha sandhan


So many things you have seen.
So many things you have heard.
So many things you have tasted,
Yet quenchless is your thirst.
Your little life wants to see more,
Wants to hear more,
Wants to taste more.
The things worth hearing you have not heard.
The things worth seeing you have not seen.
God-realisation you have not yet achieved.
You are roaming aimlessly along the street,
No destination at all.

139. Alpa kathar manush ami

Alpa kathar manush ami
Alpa katha koy
Beshi katha balte amar
Prane kare bhoy
Beshi kathar sathe thake
Mithya parichoy
Taito ami alpa katha koy


I am a man of few words.
I speak very little.
When I talk much,
Fear captures my heart.
When I speak too much,
Utter falsehood becomes my name.
Therefore I am a man of few words.

140. Ke na jane deher parinati

Ke na jane deher parinati
Dudin pare ki habe tar gati
Dehir sathe hale parichoy
Deha gele ar karina bhoy
Deho chini dehi amar par
Shudhu deha niye taito kari ghar
Bhule thaki deher parinati
Taito amar hoina urdhagati


Who does not know the end of a human body,
What will happen to the body at long last?
When I become acquainted with the embodied soul,
I become aware of the body,
But not of what is inside the body.
Therefore, I always sport with the body
And I forget that the body will one day expire.
Therefore, I make no upward progress.

141. Priyatama eso nirabe

Priyatama eso nirabe
Andhar parane lukaye rabe
Akashe bijali sama
Dhukibe jibane mamo
Habo ami taba priyatama
Tabo baibhab amar bhabe


Beloved Supreme, come in silence,
Come in supreme silence.
You will hide in my dark heart.
Like the lightning in the sky,
Someday You will illumine my heart.
Someday You will truly become
My Beloved Supreme
And my little world will be flooded
With Your Infinite Light.

142. Tumi amai dharo

Tumi amai dharo
Ami tomai dharbona ar
Tumi amai dharo
Aro shakta kare dharo
Paran amar bhaye jara jara
Jabe ahanaj prabhu tomar
Tomar kare gare


You hold my hand.
I shall no more hold Your Hand.
You hold my hand more firmly.
My heart is assailed by fear.
My little 'i' will disappear
Only when, O Lord, You mould me
And shape me in Your own way.

143. Kare diye bhaba ghure

Kare diye bhaba ghure
Bishwa ghare dile thai
Dujan amar apan hale
Habe ki mor apan sabai
Cheye prabhu tomar charan
Sakal dukher halo maran
Ki chhai niye chilam base
Ki dhan ami chahi nai


You have made me a mendicant.
I roam day and night along Eternity’s road.
Everywhere I discover my home.
You and I have become close to each other.
We feel each other as our own, very own.
Do You think this is enough for us
To claim the entire world as our very own?
Lord Supreme, when I look at Your Feet divine,
All my sufferings come to an end.
Alas, there was a time when I wallowed
In the pleasures of ignorance-ash, dirt, filth, dust
And forgot to long for the real wealth from You.

144. Raj pathe pathe kato ghurilam

Raj pathe pathe kato ghurilam
Harainu tata jato labhilam
He mor nayan bikashini
Milila shudha mithilana khudha
Ogo santap nashini
Aji phirilam dhulai malin
Hasi nai mukhe hayechi srihin
Basibe ki ei jiban anke
Ogo pankajabasini


Far have I walked along the highway.
The more I have lost the outer world,
The more I have gained the inner world.
O Queen of my life-illumining vision,
I have discovered nectar-delight,
Yet my hunger remains the same.
O my heart’s consolation-queen,
O remover of my life’s excruciating pangs,
Today I am returning home in a beggar’s garb
With an unclean body and an unlit mind.
The smiling world has left me.
Utterly empty of beauty my life has now grown.
O Goddess Lakshmi, Queen and Mother of my heart,
Do grant me one solitary boon:
Place Yourself once and for all
Inside the crying pages of my life’s sorrowful
And closing chapter.

145. Sabai jakhan chai amare

Sabai jakhan chai amare
Takhan tomai chai ki kare
Tai bujhima daona dhara
Phirbe amar jirna ghare
Ebar jakhan dakbe tara
Ar debana tader sara
Tanbe jakhan theko amai dhare
Thakbo mago tomar paye pare


When everybody wants me,
How can I long for You?
Is it because of that, Mother, You hide from me?
You will return to my small and broken heart-room.
Mother, this time when others call me,
I shall give no response.
When they pull me to the outer world,
You hold me firm and keep me safe
In my own little aspiring world.
Mother, may my entire life breathe at Your Feet divine.

146. Ar katokal thakbe base

Ar katokal thakbe base
Amar lagi duar khule
Kato kaj se amar shire
Taito achi tomai bhule
Kanna jagao
Bhul bhenge dao
Nao amare ashesh kripa
Tomar mago kole tule


How long will You remain waiting for me,
Keeping Your door wide open?
I am involved in multifarious activities;
Therefore, I have completely forgotten You.
O Mother of mine,
Do awake the sea of tears inside my heart.
Do smash my false dream and accept me
With Your Compassion-light
And draw me towards Your Forgiveness-heart.

147. Sedin ki kabhu habe

Sedin ki kabhu habe
Sakaler mane habe mor man
Sakaler laje habe apaman
Amar amir habe bilupti
Mor abachetanar bhangbe supti
Asi nai shudhu amar lagiya
Subishal ei bhabe


Will that day ever dawn
When I shall feel honour in others’ honour,
I shall be proud in others’ glorious achievements?
Will that day ever dawn
When I shall cast a sorrowful glance
And be doomed to abysmal humiliation
And my ignorance ‘i’ will unreservedly be destroyed
By inconscience-life,
My inconscience ‘i’ will come out of inconscience-sea?
Will that day ever dawn when I shall feel
That in this vast world
I am not only for my little existence
But for all, born and yet unborn?

148. Prabhu e jiban bhar

Prabhu e jiban bhar
Bahite parina ar
Sanpibo tomar hate
Gagane badal nayane badal
Ghum nahi ankhi pate
Ogo parabar kamana amar
Milibo tomar sathe


Lord Supreme,
I can no longer bear the burden of my life.
To You I offer the heavy load
Of my burdening and burdened life.
Destruction-thunder I see in my sky,
I see in my eyes.
Sleep has left my eyes for good.
O Compassion-Ocean,
I, the little drop,
Desire to be inseparably one with You.

149. Jibaner sukh maraner dukh

Jibaner sukh maraner dukh
Micha maya kigo sakali
Hetha jato jani tato nahi jani
Tabu janibar akul pipasa
Hetha jato pai tato nahi pai
Andhar bhariya hriday akashe bijali


Is it all utterly false and illusory,
What I call happiness in life
And what I call suffering in death?
Here in this world, the more I know,
The more I do not know.
Knowledge-light and ignorance-night
Have equal hold on my life.
Yet I cherish an insatiable thirst for wisdom-light.
Here in my life, fulfilment and unfulfilment together live.
My heart-sky is all dark,
Yet I see there illumining flashes of lightning.

150. Paran bhariya dakini ma kali

Paran bhariya dakini ma Kali
Dekechi kebali mukhe
Taito tomare paini parane
Phirechi shunya buke
Nai taba dabi nai kona asha
Nahi chaha tumi sulalita bhasha
Chaha shudhu thaki sukhe
Sahanti je hai niyeche bidai
Kandi sada ami dukhe


Mother Kali, I have not invoked You
With my heart’s aspiring eagerness.
I have paid You only lip-service.
Therefore, I have failed to see You in my heart,
Which is all empty in Your absence.
You do not expect anything from me;
You make no demands whatsoever.
You do not want from my life the soulful message.
You want only one thing from me:
‘Happiness within and happiness without.’
Alas, where is peace, where is peace?
Peace has left my abode
And has made its abode elsewhere.
Here the life of sorrow and I
Now become inseparably one.

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