Illumination-song and liberation-dance, part 4

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Ami Pathhara Pathik

Ami pathhara pathik
Ami dikhara nabik
Ami kajhara shramik
Ami ashahara premik


I am a lost traveller.
I am the sailor
Who knows not where
The destination is.
I am the labourer
Who has lost his job.
I am the lover
Devoid of hope-flames.

Amrita Amrita Amrita

Amrita amrita amrita
Tumi atmar chira parichita
Amrita amrita amrita
Mor hridayer ankhi kusumita


Nectar-delight, nectar-delight, nectar-delight!
I have known you through Eternity.
Nectar-delight, nectar-delight, nectar-delight!
You are my heart’s eye fully blossomed.

Jara Jete Chai

Jara jete chai
Jete de tadere
Tora ai tora ai
Tader lagiya amar swapan
Hridayer anginai
Tora ai tora ai
Niye jabo ami tader sabare
Asimer simanai


Let them go, those who want to go;
You come, you come.
It is for you that I have
Garnered my sweet dreams
In my garden-heart.
You come, you come.
I shall, without fail,
Carry you all
To the shores
Of the infinite Beyond.

Shudhu Sei Din Dekhi Jibaner Bhor

Shudhu sei din dekhi jibaner bhor
Aj heri shudhu maraner kalo ghor
Shudhu sei din chhila mor nam asha
Aj mor nam hatasha hriday bhasha
Shudhu sei din sonali swapan sathi
Charidhare aj bastabatar rati


Only the other day I saw
My life’s hallowed dawn.
Today I see death’s tenebrous darkness.
Only the other day my name was hope.
Today I have become
A broken heart-world.
Only the other day my friend
Was a sweet and golden dream.
Today I see all-where
The reality-night.

Amar Hriday Pakhire Pushibe

Amar hriday pakhire pushibe
Amar ashru kanna rodhibe
Amar chapal parane khamibe
Amar khudhita jibane tushibe
Ogo premamoy jani ami jani
Tabu kena hai taba prane hani
Bhule jai taba sudhamoy bani
Andhiyar ghore buke mor tani


You will keep and feed
My heart-bird.
You will stop my heart’s pangs
And extinguish the tear-flames of my eyes.
You will satisfy my hungry life,
O Lord of Compassion.
I know all these and many more,
And yet, why do I torture You,
Your Heart of Compassion-Light?
I completely forget
Your Nectar-Message.
I draw into my heart
The measureless gloom of ignorance-night.

Shuno Shuno Ogo Banshidhari

Shuno shuno ogo banshidhari
Taratari karte sabi pari
Taratari tomar charan
Dharte ami pari
Dukhi dharar hiya sathe
Kandte ami pari
Sukhi nabher hasi sathe
Haste ami pari


O Lord Krishna, O Flutist Supreme,
I can accomplish everything quite fast.
I can touch Your Divinity-Feet
In the twinkling of an eye.
I can in no time cry
With the bleeding Mother-Earth.
Again, I can smile, sing and dance
With the ever-happy sky.

Ghure Amar Man

Ghure amar man
Bhul kare o bishwa prabhur
Chaina darashan
Ghure amar man
Hese khele andhar sathe
Kare alapan
Ghure amar man
Praner deshe bhalo lage
Moher parashan


My mind wanders.
Even through oversight
It does not look at the World-Lord.
My mind wanders.
It plays, sings and talks
With darkness-night.
My mind wanders.
It enjoys the restive life
Of the vital attachment.

Akash Amai Jane

Akash amai jane
Taito akash tane
Rabi amai jane
Taito rabi tane
Ami jani akash rabi
Ankbo ami tader chhabi
Mora habo Brahma Vishnu Shib
Pabe moder supta dharar jib


The sky knows me.
Therefore, it pulls me towards it.
The sun knows me.
Therefore, the sun invites me.
I know the sky and the sun.
I shall draw them,
The beautiful sky and the dutiful sun.
We shall become
The three great cosmic gods:
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.
Our very existence-life on earth
Is for the great success and
good progress of the world.

Esechhi Ei Dharai Eka

Esechhi ei dharai eka
Pete tomar charan dekha
Pabo ki hai tomai prabhu
Amar jiban bhelai kabhu
Jani ami kripai kangal
Tumi prabhu asim dayal
Ei bharasai achhi eka
Esechhi ei dharai eka


Alone have I come into the world
To see Your Lotus-Feet.
Will I ever see You, my Lord?
In my tiny life-boat, I know,
I am poor in spirit.
I know my greed knows no bounds.
Lord, You are Your infinite Compassion.
Your constant Self-Giving shows
Your real Name.
Therefore, I know I am still able to live on earth.
I came into the world all alone.

Parabo Mala Tomar Gale

Parabo mala tomar gale
Base tomar charan tale
Ekti shudhu balbo katha
Laho amar hiyar byatha


I shall place my heart’s garland of divine love,
O Lord, around Your Neck,
And then I shall sit at Your Feet Supreme.
Only one word I shall utter:
Receive my tearful life and my broken heart.

Ami Nirmam Ami Naradham

Ami nirmam
Ami naradham
Tabu magi taba sneha
Karuna plaban
Jiban sharan
Laho mor ama deha


I am ruthless.
I am the worst possible mortal on earth.
Yet I implore Your Compassion-Flood.
O Heaven of my Eternity’s soul,
Do accept my dark ignorance-body.

Ogo Amar Pather Sathi

Ogo amar pather sathi
Rupantarer sudha bhati
Ami jabo tomar deshe
Puta madhur hasi hese
Tomar kripa amar jiban
Bedan bihin jyoti swapan
Niyechho mor maran rati
Ogo amar pather sathi


O my Friend,
You and I walk along Eternity’s Road.
You have the message
Of Transformation-Light.
I shall smile a sacred smile.
Your Compassion is my life.
My life knows no suffering.
It is flooded with Your Dream-Light.
Nowhere do I see the night of death.

Mahiruha Mato

Mahiruha mato
Habo ami nato
Khama giri mato
Habo unnata
Jananir mato
Sada jagrato
Dharanir mato
Bandana rato


Like the tree I shall bow down.
Like the mountain I shall forgive
And keep my head high.
Like the mother I shall always remain awake.
Like the heart I shall always worship.

Dharar Buke Esechhilam Eka

Dharar buke esechhilam eka
Hayechhi bahu tomar peye dekha
Tumi amar jiban sathi
Tumi amar maran bhati
Ami tomar mukta shishu
Merir kole jeman Jishu


I came into the world all alone,
But now I have become many.
Do You know why?
Precisely because I have seen You.
You are my eternal Friend.
You are the Light in my death.
I am Your liberation-child.
Like Jesus in the lap of Mary,
I always stay in Your Lap.

Jiban Maran Hasi Bedan

Jiban maran
Hasi bedan
Ke janena ke janena
Ashar prabhat
Sanjher aghat
Ke janena ke janena
Moher bandhan
Mukti sadhan
Ke janena ke janena


Life and death, smiles and tears —
Who is not aware of them?
Morning hopes and evening blows —
Who is not aware of them?
The bondage of attachment
And liberation-practice —
Who is not aware of them?

Shudhu Asha Shudhu Asha

Shudhu asha shudhu asha shudhu asha
E jiban nadi mor sarba nasha
Nayan samukhe alik swapan
Pratikkhan prane shaman jatan


Hope, nothing but hope;
This life-river of mine
Is meeting with destruction.
My eyes see nothing but false dream.
My heart is tortured by ruthless death
Day in and day out.

Abichar Charidike Abichar

Abichar charidike abichar
Anyayer anirban adhikar
E dharani pashaber pashushala
Jani ami nahi habe kabhu ala


Injustice, injustice, injustice;
Injustice-night has enveloped the entire world.
This world is the playground of nothing
But animal kingdom.
I know, I know, illumination will always
Remain a far cry.

Chahi Shudhu Puta Pran

Chahi shudhu puta pran
Nahe dhan man
Chahi shudhu bodi gyan
Amrita sandhan
Habo ami tyageshwar
Udar mahan


I always long for a pure heart
And not for name and fame.
I always look for confusion-sun.
I always look for nectar-delight.
I shall only become the Lord Supreme
Of Sacrifice-Light.

Je Jibane Nahi Kono Dosh

Je jibane nahi kono dosh
Se jibane param santosh
Je jibane kalo phanki nai
Se jiban pai prabhu pade thai


The life that is empty of dark crimes
Enjoys satisfaction-delight.
The life that knows no deception-darkness
Receives the Blessing-Light
Of the Absolute Supreme.

He Mor Jiban Nadi

He mor jiban nadi
Chalo tumi nirabadhi
Maha parabar pane
Amiyer sandhane
Mithile je taba trisha
Ghuchaibe pran nisha


O my life-boat,
You always run and run
Towards the great ocean of the Unknown
For nectar-delight.
The moment your thirst is quenched,
My life of darkness will cease once and for all.

Ogo Amar Prane Durbalata

Ogo amar prane durbalata
Tumi chalo amar sathe sathe
Taito amai hane biphalata
Tumi jedin jabe amai chhere
Sedin habo purna saphalata


O my weakness-life,
You always follow me.
Therefore, frustration and failure constantly torture me.
My life will become success and glory
The day I can enjoy your absence-might.

Ami Nutan Sebak Chai

Ami nutan sebak chai
Ami nutan hriday chai
Ami nutan swapan chai
Ami nutan srishti chai
Ami nutan mukti chai
Ami nutan hasi chai


I wish to be a new servitor.
I wish to have a new heart.
I wish to be flooded with a new dream.
I wish to envision a new creation.
I long for a new liberation.
I soulfully desire a new smile.

Jyotir Sathe Thakbo Ami

Jyotir sathe thakbo ami
Timir sathe thakbona
Swapan sathe thakbo ami
Bastabatai raibona
Adhir praner maya jale
Amai je ar bandhbona


I shall stay with light
And never with darkness.
I shall stay with sweet dreams
And never with hard reality.
I shall no longer bind myself
With the restive vital.
Silence-life I shall invite.

Ekla Chalar Ananda Dheu

Ekla chalar ananda dheu
Habo ami prabhu
Maya moher timir jale
Thakbona ar kabhu
Ami habo amar hiyar
Puta swapan bhor
Dakbe amai bhalobese
Rupantarer dor


Lord Supreme, I shall become
The wave of delight
By walking all alone.
I shall no more walk along
The road of attachment-night.
I shall become the dawn of Your Heart.
With love from above,
The door of transformation beckons me.

Ami Jabo Eka Ami Jabo

Ami jabo eka ami jabo
Dekha pabo eka dekha pabo
Taba padatal mor trisha
Dure jao chale moha nisha


I shall go alone.
I shall see You alone.
Your Lotus-Feet shall quench my thirst.
O attachment-illusion-night,
Away you go.

Amar Ashar Nabhe

Amar ashar nabhe
Tomare heribo jabe
Labhibo ananda sudha
Mithibe juger khudha
Ogo anupam kotha tumi balo
Tomar karuna bale niye more chalo


I shall receive nectar-delight.
My agelong hunger will be fed
Only when I see You
In the firmament of my hope.
O Beauty unfathomable,
Do tell me where You are.
Where do You hide?
Can You not exercise Your infinite
And take me where You are?

Amar Hiyar Gan Nahi Habe Abashan

Amar hiyar gan
Nahi habe abashan
Tomar kripar ban
Nahi habe abashan
Chetanar abhijan
Nahi habe abashan


The songs of my heart
Will never come to an end.
The flood of Your Compassion
Will never stop.
The journey of consciousness-light
Will never come to an end.

Andhiyar Charidike Andhiyar

Andhiyar charidike andhiyar
Nahi heri hasi pran sushamar
Abasad hiya bane abasad
Madhu khama nahi shudhu aparadh
Ami ar byatha pran dui bhai
Swarge martye amader nahi thai


Darkness all around, darkness.
I see not the life of beauty anywhere.
A heart of frustration-night tortures me.
Sweet forgiveness nowhere exists.
I see only a mountain of mistakes
And a sea of punishment.
A heart of sorrow and I are two brothers.
Neither Heaven nor earth
Cares to grant us a little shelter.

Ashar Jibane Krandan

Ashar jibane krandan
Swapane parane bandhan
Jibaner bhore maran
Charidike nache bedan


The life of hope
Is tortured by bitter tears.
The life of dream
Is devoured by wondrous night.
At the dawn of life
Is the stark frown of death.
Destruction-blows are dancing all around.

Bhagaban Niye Jao Mor Shata Abhiman

Bhagaban bhagaban bhagaban
Niye jao mor shata abhiman
Bhagaban bhagaban bhagaban
Dao more taba nil tarikhan
Bhagaban bhagaban bhagaban
Kripa karo udar mahan


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Do take away my sulking nature.
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Do grant me Your blue Boat.
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Your Compassion-Light
I soulfully desire.

Bhalobese Hasi Mukhe

Bhalobese hasi mukhe
Daki ami jare
Se je nahi kabhu ase
Mor hiya dare
Bhalobese puta prane
Jare ami chai
Chhute chale jai dure
Tare nahi pai


From whomever I call with a smile,
“Come to me,”
I always get a strong refusal.
My heart’s door remains sad and lonely.
Whenever I write “welcome” with a pure heart,
I meet with a strong refusal.
That person runs away.

Ghor Basana Hane Amar Pran

Ghor basana hane amar pran
Akuti bhor kande aphuran
Timir jatan base amai bhalo
Ashar brishti dhalo
Prabhu dhalo


Dark desires torture my life.
The dawn of aspiration is bitterly
And ceaselessly crying.
A darkness-life loves me.
O Lord, do grant me a hope-deluge.

Hriday Tale Bhasbo Nayane Jale

Hriday tale basbo nayane jale
Dibarati ashesh kanna bale
Tomar kripa pabo ami pabo
Moher deshe jedin nahi jabo


With a life of tears I shall sit
Inside my heart.
I shall cry and cry all day and night.
I shall receive Your Compassion-Blessings
When I do not visit the clime of attachment-night.

Jwalo Amar Hiyar Nibir Andhare

Jwalo jwalo jwalo
Amar hiyar nibir andhare
Heri jena taba shaman bijayi alo
Jwalo jwalo jwalo
Kanu priya banshi swapaner hasi
Amare basibe bhalo


O, kindle the flame of aspiration
Inside the depth of my darkness-heart.
I long for the Light that is
The conqueror of death.
O, kindle the flame of dream-smile
And grant me the flute of my beloved Krishna.
I need the Love divine.

Jani Prabhu Ami Jani

Jani prabhu ami jani
Ami barai abhimani
Jani prabhu ami jani
Maha dhangser aj sandhani


My Lord, I know, I know
I always sulk without any reason whatsoever.
My Lord, I know, I know
I am looking for the great destruction-night.

Jante Chaha Kothai Ami Jai

Jante chaha kothai ami jai
Jante chaha kothai amar thai
Jante chaha amar hiyar rup
Jante chaha kothai premer dhup
Barai thikna tomar prashna ban
Taito ami rahi mriyaman


You want to know where I go.
You want to know where I stay.
You want to know how much beauty
My heart has.
You want to know where I keep
My love-incense-purity.
Your questions are arrows of destruction
Hurled at me.
As a last resort, I am compelled to lead
The life of a lifeless soul.

Karbona Bhoi Karbona

Karbona bhoi karbona
Bandhbona ar bandhbona
Mithya mohe dakbona
Jiban juddhe harbona


I shall not fear.
I shall not fear.
I shall not bind.
I shall not bind.
I shall not welcome attachment-forces.
I shall not lose on the battlefield of life.

Kemane Janabo Pranati

Kemane janabo pranati
Jadi nahi dao bhakati
Kemane janabo bhakati
Jadi nahi dao akuti
Kemane labhibo akuti
Jadi nahi dao shakati


How am I going to bow to You
If You do not give me devotion?
How am I going to show You my devotion
If You do not give me aspiration?
How am I going to offer aspiration
If You do not give me inner strength?

Maha Satyer Anusandhan

Maha satyer anusandhan
Parama mukti amrita pan
Ghor mithyar chira abashan
Jachichhe amar trishita paran


My life of eternal thirst I have become.
I desire only three things:
The discovery of highest Truth,
The taste of the highest Liberation,
The immediate extinction of falsehood-life.

Nupur Baje Nupur Baje

Nupur baje nupur baje
Khudra hiyar ankhi majhe
Kahar nupur kahar nupur
Amar prabhur amar prabhur
Nirabatar madhubane
Atmatyager putagane


Ankle bells ring, ankle bells ring
Inside the vision-eye of my tiny heart.
Whose ankle bells are these, whose?
My Lord’s, my Beloved Lord’s.
And now my Lord and I
Are in the nectar-forest of silence.
He is teaching me the songs
Of sacred self-giving.

Sanga Habe Jiban Khela

Sanga habe jiban khela
Tai heri aj alor bhela
Sanga habe jiban khela
Ami kritagyatar mela
Sanga habe jiban khela


My earth-pilgrimage is at its end.
Therefore, today I see
The golden boat of light and delight.
My earth-pilgrimage will before long stop.
I have become today
Nothing but a humble gratitude-fair.
My earth-pilgrimage is fast terminating.

Tomar Khamata Jenechhi

Tomar khamata jenechhi
Tomar mamata peyechhi
Tomar hriday henechhi
Tomar charan bendhechhi


I have seen, Lord, Your infinite Bower.
I have received, Lord,
Your Compassion-Affection infinite.
Countless times I have hurt
Your Forgiveness-Heart,
And then I have bound
Your Divinity’s Immortality-Feet.

Swarga Duare Taba Madhu Bani

Swarga duare taba madhu bani shunechhi
Martyer ghare taba ankhi duti dekhechhi
Swarge balechhi ami shudhu toma lagiya
Martye ekhano uthi nai ami jagiya


I have heard Your ambrosial Message
At Heaven’s door.
I have seen Your Feet divine
In earth’s home.
In Heaven I told You that
I was only for You.
Alas, on earth I am still
Enjoying imponderable

Tomar Karuna Amar Kamana

Tomar karuna amar kamana
Taba paye mor hiyar jatana
Taba sudha hasi amar sadhana
Mukti nritya amar eshana
Amare pheliya jeona jeona
Bhaba guha ghore amare rekhona


I long for Your Compassion.
I place my heart’s sorrowful pangs
At Your divine Feet.
I meditate to watch
And to implore Your Liberation.
Do grant me Your Liberation-Dance.
Do not go away
Leaving me here alone.
Do not leave me
Inside the tiny earth-cage.

Tomar Lagi Ratri Jagi

Tomar lagi ratri jagi
Daki tomai daki
Phanki tomai deina kabhu
Amar paran ankhi
Tabu kena thako dure
Balbe ki hai more
Bandhbe kabe hiya amar
Asim kripar dore


I keep late hours for You at night.
You I call upon.
My heart’s eye
Will never deceive You.
Why do You remain away
At the farthest corner of the globe?
When will You bind my heart
With Your infinite Compassion-Light?

Tara Amai Dake

Tara amai dake
Tara amai tader shire rakhe
Tara amai tane
Puta hiyai ashru bhara gane
Jabo ami jabo
Tader sathe dur nilimai
Shanti sudha khabo


They call me.
They place me on their heads.
They draw me towards them
With their tearful songs,
Their sacred hearts.
I shall go with them
To the farthest blue
And enjoy with them
Boundless Nectar-Peace.

Tomar Dekha Pabar Lagi

Tomar dekha pabar lagi
Sanpi nayan jale
Tomar paye basbo ami
Tomar kripar bale
Tumi amar chira apan
Tumi amar mukti swapan
Barek ese baso prabhu
Amar hriday dale


I offer my tears to You
Only to see You once.
I shall place myself at Your Feet
Only on the strength
Of Your Compassion-Light.
You are eternally mine.
You are my liberation-dream.
O Lord Supreme, do descend
Into my lotus heart.

Tumi Aso Tumi Haso

Tumi aso tumi haso
Mor hiya bane
Khama tumi karo prabhu
Mor achetane
Ami kandi dibanishi
Taba pada lagi
Taba madhu barabhoy
Ami sada jagi


You come and You smile
Inside my heart-forest.
O Lord Supreme, You forgive me
Even when I am totally unaware
Of Your Forgiveness.
I cry all day and night to see Your Feet.
I am always awake to receive
Your Compassion-Blessing.

Rakhal Raja Tomar Smriti Tomar Priti

Rakhal raja
Tomar smriti tomar priti
Jage mane jage
Tomai aji
Basbo bhalo hriday diye
Barai anurage


O King of the cowherds,
Your sweet reminiscences,
Your divine Love-Light,
are sporting in my mind.
I shall love You today
with my heart’s oneness-joy.
To You, I shall offer my life’s
inner eagerness-cry.

Bahudur Hate Esechhi

Bahudur hate esechhi
Bahu asha buke rekhechhi
Hatashar prane henechhi
Muktir lagi chalechhi


I have come from afar.
In my heart I have collected
Countless hope-flowers.
I have struck the life of wild despair.
I am running to see the shore
Of liberation-delight.

Bandhu Amar Ghor Abhiman

Bandhu amar ghor abhiman
Bandhu amar baddha paran
Bandhu amar mithya pahar
Chaudike mor shaman andhar


A sulking life has become my true friend.
A narrow and tight life has become my friend.
A false mountain has become my friend.
Within and without, I see the darkness of death.

Prabhur Bijoy Habe

Prabhur bijoy habe
Jadio janina kabe
Mor parajoy habe
Jadio janina kabe
Dharani dhanya habe
Jadio janina kabe
Madhumoy sab habe
Jadio janina kabe


My Lord’s Victory will take place,
Although I know not when.
My defeat will take place,
Although I know not when.
This world will one day be blessed and fulfilled,
Although I know not when.
Everything will be sweet and ambrosial,
Although I know not when.

Puta Hese Basbo Ese

Puta hese basbo ese
Tomar padatale
Madhur prate dekhbo nathe
Atmahutir bale


I shall smile purity’s smile
And then sit at Your Lotus-Feet.
I shall see You, my Lord,
In the golden dawn of sweetness-light
On the strength of my constant self-giving.

Sabai Amar Bhai

Sabai amar bhai
Mukti giti dibas rate
Amra sabai gai
Sabai amar mita
Amra nachi alor gane
Hase bishwa pita


Everyone is my brother.
We sing the song of liberation together
All day and night.
All are my friends.
We dance the dance of light.
The Lord Supreme of the creation vast
Smiles at us.

Tomar Sathe Tomar Pathe Chalbo

Tomar sathe tomar pathe chalbo
Tomar paye matha nata karbo
Swapan hiyai bandhbo tomai bandhbo
Chira apan kare tomai rakhbo


I shall walk with You along the road.
I shall bow down only to You.
With my dream-heart I shall bind You.
I shall keep You eternally as my own, very own.

Tomare Ami Chharibona

Tomare ami chharibona
Basana ghare rahibona
Simar dake chalibona
Dinatar sathe kandibona


I shall not leave You.
I shall not remain inside the room
Of darkness-desire.
I shall not respond to the call of the finite.
I shall not cry with poverty, inner or outer.