Jago jago hiya pakhi

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Maran Dehe Gahi Mora

Maran dehe gahi mora
Amaratar gan

In a Mortal Body

In a mortal body
We sing the songs of Immortality.

Ashesh Jatana Bhitare Bahire

Ashesh jatana bhitare bahire
Sabar jibane

Each Life, Inner and Outer

Each life, inner and outer,
Is full of suffering.

Ashar Swapan Habena Shesh

Ashar swapan habena shesh
Taito ami nachi

My Hope-Dreams

My hope-dreams shall never end.
Therefore, I dance.

Akuti Dwar Khulte Giye

Akuti dwar khulte giye basana dwar khulechi

I Have Opened the Desire-Door

I have opened the desire-door
While opening the aspiration-door.

Keman Kare Sahi Balo

Keman kare sahi balo
Oishi shaktir parajoy

The Defeat of the Divine Force

How can I tolerate
The defeat of the divine force?

Rupantarer Bani Niye

Rupantarer bani niye
Dharai mora esechi

Into the World We Came

Into the world we came
With the message of transformation.

Andhiyar Deshe Ghuriya Berai

Andhiyar deshe ghuriya berai
Aloker sandhane

We Roam In the Darkness-Night

We roam in the darkness-night
While searching for the Light divine.

Shanta Habe Ashanta Man

Shanta habe ashanta man
Ei barashai achi

My Restless Mind

My restless mind will become peaceful.
With this hope I am still alive.

Bhakti Bina Shakti Plaban

Bhakti bina shakti plaban
Pabena keu jani

I Know Nobody Can Achieve Power-Flood

I know nobody can achieve power-flood
Without devotion.

Pete Chahi Paran Bhare

Pete chahi paran bhare
Bhakti aphuran

With All My Heart

With all my heart,
I desire to taste
Limitless devotion.

Jago Jago Hiya Pakhi

Jago jago hiya pakhi
Ar katokal raibe ghumiye

Awake, Awake, O My Soul-Bird

Awake, awake, O my soul-bird.
How long will you remain fast asleep?

Dibarati Debasurer Juddhe

Dibarati debasurer juddhe
Heri amar atmajoye buddhe

Day and Night, During the Fight

Day and night, during the fight
Between the forces divine and undivine,
I remain my self-conqueror,
Lord Buddha.

Jogyata Nai

Jogyata nai taito kandi
Tomar kripa lagi

Capacity, I Have None

Capacity, I have none.
Therefore, I cry for Your Grace.

Ati Twara Ati Twara Jete

Ati twara ati twara jete
Habe hiya pure

My Heart-Citadel

Very fast, very fast,
I must enter into my heart-citadel.

Pujite Tomar Charana Kamal

Pujite tomar charana kamal
Dao more ekbar bhakati

Do Give Me Once Devotion

O my Lord Supreme, do give me once
Devotion, to worship Your Lotus-Feet.

Chander Deshe Jete Habe

Chander deshe jete habe
Puta mane phulla chite

I Must Go to the Moon-Land

I must go to the moon-land
With a purity-mind,
With a cheerfulness-heart.

Saphal Habe Sabar Hiyar

Saphal habe sabar hiyar
Madhur swapan saphal habe

All Sweet Dreams

All sweet dreams
Of all human hearts
Will be fulfilled.

Basana Duar Khulechi

Basana durar khulechi
Baliya dukher simana nai

I Have Kept Open My Desire-Door

I have kept open my desire-door.
Therefore, my sufferings have no bounds.

Chinta Jagate Ghuriya Berai

Chinta jagate ghuriya berai
Tai nahi pai shanti

I Roam in the Thought-World

I roam in the thought-world.
Therefore, no peace have I.

Bedanai Bhara Subishal Dhara

Bedanai bhara subishal dhara jani ami jani

This Vast World of Ours

I know, I know
This vast world of ours
Is full of suffering.

Aghat Karo Nikhut Karo

Aghat karo nikhut karo
Prabhu amai aghat karo

Strike Me, My Lord, Strike Me

Strike me, my Lord, strike me.
Make me perfect.

Katha Bane Heri

Katha bane heri amar malin man

I See My Impure Mind

I see my impure mind
Inside the thought-jungle.

Tyager Jiban Baran Karo

Tyager jiban baran karo
Jadi chaho jete amar sathe

Accept the Life of Renunciation

Accept the life of renunciation
If you want to accompany me.

Dyuloke Bhuloke Abhinna Pran

Dyuloke bhuloke abhinna pran
Karibo srijan ami

I Shall Create a Oneness-Heart

I shall create a oneness-heart
Between earth and Heaven.

Asha Debi Kothai Thako

Asha debi kothai thako
Balo amai balo

O Hope-Goddess

O Hope-Goddess,
Do tell me where you live.

Hiyar Gahane Nutan Chetane

Hiyar gahane nutan chetane
Tomare pujibo bidhata

In the Depths of My Heart I Shall Worship You

My Lord Supreme, in the depths of my heart,
I shall worship You with a new consciousness.

Sukher Dine Tomai Jena

Sukher dine tomai jena
Nahi bhule jai

In the Days of Joy and Bliss

In the days of joy and bliss,
My Lord Supreme,
Do grant me the boon
That I do not forget Thee.

Pratiti Dibase Kritagya Chite

Pratiti dibase kritagya chite
Rakhibo amare tomar charana kamale

Every Day I Shall Place

Every day
I shall place my gratitude-heart
At Your Lotus-Feet.

Avatar Name Dharanir Buke

Avatar name dharanir buke
Nabin chetana danite

Avatar, God-Representative

Avatar, God-representative,
Enters into the heart of the world
With a consciousness new.

Prabhu Amar Prabhu

Prabhu amar prabhu
Tomar katha balte giye
Nahi jena thami

Lord, My Lord, When I Speak of You

Lord, my Lord,
When I speak of You,
I never want to stop.

Pratiti Jiban Amarata Bani

Pratiti jiban amarata bani
Bahan kariya chale

Each Human Life

Each human life carries
The message of Immortality.

Chahi Ami Dibanishi Maner Rupantar

Chahi ami dibanishi maner rupantar

Day and Night I Long

Day and night
I long for the transformation
Of my mind.

Jiban Britha Maran Britha

Jiban britha maran britha
Nahi pele atma gyan

Useless Is Life

Useless is life, useless is death,
If you do not have God-realisation.

Karunamoyi Basundara Kritagyatar

Karunamoyi basundara kritagyatar
Giti geye bidai nibo

O Mother Earth of Compassion-Ocean

O Mother Earth of Compassion-Ocean,
Before I leave You, I shall offer gratitude-song.

Nijere Khunjite

Nijere khunjite nijere khulite
Esechi dharar buke

For Self-Discovery and for Self-Opening

For self-discovery
And for self-opening,
Into the world I came.